Jewamongyou is ready for his next exotic adventure

I love to travel whenever I can. I sometimes do so even when I can’t, or rather, when I “shouldn’t.” I’ll be leaving for  a mysterious and interesting land a week from today, and I’ll be gone for a month. Of course I’ll post now and then even while abroad. But I’ll let readers guess where I am based on hints I’ll leave here and there.
If all goes well, I’ll have some interesting stories and photos to share upon my return, when I’ll reveal the destination. To those of y’all who know me personally, don’t spoil it for the others; that’s cheating and you might thereby incur the dreaded curse of jewamongyou.
This is one reason my posts have been sparse recently; I’ve been preparing for my trip. Another reason is just plain laziness or lack of inspiration. Those sort of things come and go according to their own schedule. It’s nothing to worry about. Yet another reason is I’ve been reading “Future Human Evolution” by Prof. John Glad. I may post of review of this short, but valuable, book before my departure.

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  1. terrio says:

    Bon voyage JewAmonYou! Good luck and keep your wits about you.

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