Jewamongyou is far from home

I’ve been far from home these last few days. Internet service has been sporadic. It’s a good thing I’d been working out prior to this trip; otherwise my legs would have given out a while ago. As for my Spanish, it’s lousy but at least I can usually get my point across and understand most of what people are saying. It’s cloudy and chilly where I am now. A hot tub would be really nice – but no such luck.
Sorry about the lack of substance in this post. I just wanted to let y’all know I’m alright. I won’t reveal my whereabouts just yet, but you’re welcome to guess!

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13 Responses to Jewamongyou is far from home

  1. Nyk says:

    Chilly, you say? Did a certain British naturalist travel around your general location in the past 200 years?
    Or maybe you’re just laughing at our guesses and relaxing in a hotel in the Spanish Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada.

  2. WmarkW says:

    Hope your having a good time, vacating the most miserable month of the year.
    Although, I’ve been scouring the web for stimulation more than usual.

  3. Lonely Jew says:

    Let’s see… you spoke about things Colombian, you are practicing your Spanish, its cold and the amenities are missing. Just a guess but I would say Altiplano South America, maybe Bolivia? Will I ever find out if I’m right?
    Lonely Jew

  4. jewamongyou says:

    British naturalist? Not in this particular area. Bolivia/Altiplano? No. That’s two questions. Y’all only have 19 more.

  5. Hello Jay :
    Greetings from New Orleans. I hope you have a nice trip.
    We’ll miss your regular posts though WS kind of hoping to get your take on the Chris Dorner affair, especially the “manifesto”.
    – Arturo

  6. AKAHorace says:

    Hablan chipchombiano alla ?

  7. AKAHorace says:

    Y la gente alla se llaman rolos ?

  8. SFG says:

    Gauchos? There’s actually a reasonable Jewish population in Argentina and its smaller cousin, Uruguay.

  9. Zimriel says:

    My first thought was Andalusia – but our host might not be one to “moan like an owl for the town of Lucena”. (There is, after all, no point.)

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