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Is "growth" a good thing?

From a young age we are conditioned to assume that growth is a good thing. As we mature from childhood into adulthood, our parents measure our growth and celebrate every inch. Some parents even mark our height increments on a … Continue reading

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Does stating the obvious make me a racist?

It looks like some of my posts have been getting attention from people who object to some of my views. That’s great; maybe some of them will start to think for themselves a bit more. Here’s a typical comment, which … Continue reading

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Moche art and other wonders of Peru

One of the highlights of my Peru vacation was my visit to the Larco Museum in Lima. It is a private museum and houses the largest collection of pre-columbian art in the world. It’s unusual in that visitors have access … Continue reading

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My cultural demands strike close to home

As a true fan of diversity, I love to travel and experience the various cultures the world has to offer. Even if I’m not adventurous enough to actually eat the more exotic foods I encounter, I still enjoy watching other … Continue reading

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Jewamongyou you has been busy…

I’ve  been toiling obsessively over the photos I took in Peru. They number in the thousands and some of them are destined to grace the pages of this blog. Also, I’m still fighting the cold I got over there. Those … Continue reading

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General thoughts on Peru

Before leaving for Peru I’d read numerous reports of highway bandits, kidnappings, robbers and camera-snatchers. I was concerned enough to have devised a special strap for my camera, to insure my valuables and even get pants with special hard-to-pick pockets. … Continue reading

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Quechua and Aymara in Peru

Some Americans are under the impression that there are vast regions, in Peru, where Spanish is not spoken. Where indigenous languages reign supreme. From what I’ve seen, this is not the case. While in Cusco, in the heart of the … Continue reading

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Age-appropriate toys

As I sit in my hotel room in Mollendo, I think back to my nights in the Amazon jungle. One of the highlights of my Peru trip, that I had been looking forward to, was to listen to the sounds … Continue reading

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Chased by clouds in Peru

I come from Portland, Oregon. So one of my goals, in arranging this vacation, was to escape the clouds, rain and cold that hang over Portland more often than not. In choosing Peru as my destination, I was interested not … Continue reading

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Over the counter medications in Peru

After my jungle adventure, my feet were in agony from the numerous mosquito bites that populated them. I sought relief in various ways and finally decided to get some anti-itch cream. Apparently you can’t get simple, over the counter, medications … Continue reading

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