Does stating the obvious make me a racist?

It looks like some of my posts have been getting attention from people who object to some of my views. That’s great; maybe some of them will start to think for themselves a bit more. Here’s a typical comment, which I did not approve:

I red your post on Chinese men and Ethiopian woman and you made me feel to throw up. If you consider yourself not being racist then I don’t know what you think a racist is. You fulfill all the criteria. Shame on you!

I delete such comments fairly frequently because they lack content and are composed entirely of insults. Or at least the posters believe that calling somebody a “racist” is an insult. I’m not convinced of that.
But let’s examine the post in question. I’m assuming she’s upset that I wrote:

There is, of course, a natural barrier to Chinese men marrying black African women:  The Ugly Gap.  East Asian men are among the least sought after males in the world and black African women among the least sought after females in the world…

Yes, I stated my opinion bluntly – but does anyone actually dispute my point?  Do we really need a scientific analysis to demonstrate that Asian women are sought after far more frequently than black women? Does it take a genius to figure out that Asian men are at a disadvantage in the dating game? If we compare how many black men seek white women to how many white men seek black women, would anybody not living in a cave actually expect the proportions to be equal? For heaven’s sake people, look around you!
If a person is not attractive to the opposite sex, a crude way of describing that person would be “ugly” and yes, I used that word. I used it in order to compensate for all those delusional people who refuse to recognize that the emperor has no clothes. They’re afraid to even think the obvious, let alone speak it or write it. When confronted with somebody who freely discusses it, they recoil with horror and become offended.
It’s people who call themselves “liberals” who provide the evidence for my above analysis. They’re the ones (for the most part) who practice race-mixing and promote it. They’re the ones who provide the consistently lopsided ratios mentioned above. They’re providing the evidence through their behavior – and then they have the nerve to attack me because I notice it.
Do rats complain when scientists reach scientific conclusions based upon their behavior? Of course not. Along those lines I say to those of y’all who are offended by my opinions: Either say something useful or shut up. Calling me a “racist” or an “idiot” is not useful – except for the fact that it might provide fodder for a new post such as this one.

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  1. DatRaycissYo says:

    Oh My God!!! Das Rayciss!!!!! Hey butthurt PC accuser-gay; “racist” means whatever the user of the word wants it to, it is a word without meaning.

  2. BAF says:

    Liberals see racism in just about everything. The fact that they see it so much means they are projecting their own racism on to others. If they weren’t racist, they wouldn’t be thinking about it so much.
    Maybe, some psychoanalysis would help them recognize it in themselves.
    First, they need to call on Webster to learn the accurate meaning of ‘racist.’
    The word ‘racist’ to them means any kind of perceived discrimination and imagined slights, whether it be race, religion, sexual preferences, ethnicity, immigrant, employment, and the list goes on. They need to examine their own prejudices before accusing others who actually aren’t at all what they describe.
    They use the word racist to shut you up. Don’t fall for it. Say what you want and ignore their hostility.

  3. BAF says:

    You’re right about the race-mixing. Evidently, besides being racists themselves, they have little respect for their own race. Race-mixing is racial genocide. They must really hate themselves that they would want to annihilate their own race.

  4. Yes. “Racist” is merely a name given to those that break the taboo against uttering opinions that could be interpreted as showing animosity toward any of the non-white races. As there are numerous contradictory standards by which one could interpret a thought as showing animosity, any racial generalization, regardless of truth, can be grounds for declaring racism.
    But you know all this. Why let a slur that marks the accuser as one who willingly clouds his own vision affect you?

  5. Georgian says:

    Cries of “racist!” are reaching frantic levels lately among the fashionably anti-racist SWPLs. If you were to say that there are genetic differences between the races and that these genetic differences lead to varying levels of intelligence, they will howl at you and bite their knuckles and scream that race does not exist.
    And yet any gym rat or young man who lifts weights will understand the meaning of having “good genetics” for musculature. It’s become ingrained in the foundations of the bodybuilding community that certain people are genetically better at building muscle. Same goes with height, eye color, skin color etc.
    So why does it become racist to notice human differences?
    I don’t really understand why white people are offended by the scientific “racist” evidence or even OBVIOUS differences between groups of people? It’s not like it is hurting them. Why do they hate the truth so much? I wish I knew.

  6. James says:

    Just stating the obvious doesn’t make you a racist. But if you have nothing positive to add other than stating the obvious, then you are. Ok, so black women and asian men are at a disadvantage. What can you suggest to fix that? If you don’t have any good answers to that question, you’re racist!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Part of the reason those two groups are at a disadvantage is because of media propaganda. The media aggressively pushes black male/white female coupling. So does government and all large corporations. If not for this pervasive propaganda, it probably wouldn’t be an issue. By raising awareness of this propaganda, I hope to help put an end to it.
      A person can be unattractive to the opposite sex (ugly) for various reasons. Large women would be viewed more favorably if not for the pervasive propaganda promoting thin women for example. There are powerful forces at work trying to put an end to this anti-heavy women propaganda. But the only forces trying to put an end to the anti-white (and anti-Asian male) propaganda are so-called “hate groups” and “racists”.

      • BAF says:

        “But the only forces trying to put an end to the anti-white (and anti-Asian male) propaganda are so-called “hate groups” and “racists”.”
        Not all groups trying to put an end to anti-white racism are hate groups and racists. Yes, there are a few fringe Nazi groups, but many Whites do think they are being discriminated against, not only by minorities, but also by the government. Affirmative Action is a good example of government discrimination against Whites, particularly, White males. Another example is minority benefits Whites do not receive (low interest business loans).
        This is not propaganda. Take a close look at the ‘White Privilege Conference.’
        Below excerpts from their promotional materials and a comment made by one of the professors.
        “Surely they can’t sue us. We had all our personnel undergo Craniosacral Therapy and Global Somatics body work to eradicate the evil that is deep inside Whites—so deep it has to be eradicated from both body and mind.”
        “As we commit ourselves to dismantling racism and white privilege”
        “Participants will work on case studies to increase their skills for identifying white culture and thinking of ways to intervene.”

  7. Ben says:

    When you’re called a name, this means you won the argument on the rational level. Also, if race is real (it is) then being racist is completely rational. In fact, “racist” is an imaginary club of guilt used by nonwhites who think it has power. It has zero power against me. In fact, it makes me laugh more than anything, because I think you’d have to be a nut to think all ethnic groups are the same. Cultures and behavior patterns vary far too much for that. We all know this at least unconsciously, and have a solid appreciation for reality on some level.

    • Merrimacke says:

      Only twins & the like are the same race. And it’s not only used by nonwhites. While I don’t like some cultures, the person born in it I will not automatically dislike so see as lower or different.

  8. Jehu says:

    You are not anti-white and not an idiot. You are not in denial of reality or the evidence of your senses.
    Therefore you are a racist. Period, end of story, no appeal. Don’t trust anyone who isn’t a racist.

  9. Jay :
    Please reserve a few moments in this excellent blog, to the memory of Lawrence Auster, 1949 – 2013.
    I am a little surprised by how deeply news of his death saddened me – after all he was a stranger to me, and me especially to him.
    But sometimes I have such a visceral, emotional connection with all things Spenglerian related to the decline of the West. I literally weep when I see the rare display of Western soildarity, no matter how indirect, for example that recent Izod commercial feature zero percent diversity.
    Anyway, I know you must be affected by Auster’s death, too. You both shared some things, some traits.
    I would love to read your thoughts on Auster’s body of work.
    – Arturo

  10. jewamongyou says:

    Re: BAF,
    That’s why I put “hate groups” and “racists” in quotation marks.

  11. EW says:

    Reminds me about watching in TV something about young Chinese men working in Africa (and getting paid better than in homeland). One of them was asked if he could consider a marriage with a local woman, taking into account the shortage of girls in China.
    He was shocked and said that his mother would never forgive him such a thing.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Whenever I hear about Chinese mothers having this attitude I can’t help but wonder how many female fetuses they themselves aborted. If they’re not willing to bear Chinese daughters themselves, they have no business demanding that their sons marry Chinese women.

  12. canspeccy says:

    I’m not sure that your perception of human beauty is universal. Also, I suspect your perception is affected by familiarity with the people of the US. Thus, whites are more likely to be middle or upper class than blacks, and thus tend to be both healthier and better groomed and dressed. Asians tend to be even better off than whites and so Asian women are more often even that whites to be beautifully dressed and made-up, confident in demeanor and generally attractive.
    But if you look beyond the influence of economics and if you take account of the influence of familiarity on what is most appealing, I think most people will find many examples of African beauty. Here, for example are a couple of girls, as black as black could be, and just as lovely.
    But Africans are the most diverse of the main racial families and so inevitably, there will be some African types that do not appeal to all Western sensibilities.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Definitely. There are many layers, definitions and nuances to attractiveness. But I’m not sure your explanation, which definitely has merit, explains the preference for black men prevalent in some circles and aggressively pursued by the media.

    • EW says:

      Only some African types?
      Just returned from South Africa. I have seen there a lot of black Africans but I can remember only about 1 male and 3-4 females I would be able to call good looking people.
      And don’t start me on their desperate attempts to get straight hair… One of these pretty females had just a small afro style and it suited her well and looked natural and neat.

      • Paul Rain says:

        Yeah- you have to believe that most female hair sculpture attempts are aimed at other women.
        Sure.. if you’re a lady with long straight mousey hair, and you dye it blond, maybe that’ll do something for men. But I can’t see where most other fiddling women do with their hair (particularly when African-American women bleach their hair.. amazing that anyone ever thought that was a good idea) has anything to do with attractiveness.

  13. Attila says:

    My life is one continuing story of expressing what I see- and of driving people over the edge (or so I hear) for saying unpopular “truths”. The first thing one I learned was to drop the fear of losing “friends”—once you realize that they really aren’t – it’s liberating.

  14. WeadGuhrtl says:

    I’m not sure about this whole “preference for black men” thing. Where I come from (I’m not American) most white women prefer white men.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Most white women do prefer white men, but a lot of them don’t. Meanwhile, very few black women prefer white men. Therefore, overall, black men have an advantage.

  15. WeadGuhrtl says:

    “Most white women do prefer white men, but a lot of them don’t.”
    Is it just me, or does that sentence contradict itself?
    It’s also a major oversimplification to view race as consisting merely of white people and black people, and nothing else. But don’t get me wrong: I’m not a race denialist, like many leftists are. Race exists; you can see it in human morphological features as being the byproduct of the existence of different ‘breeds’ of human – it’s easy as pie.
    It’s very obvious that race exists in a biological sense, and attempts to deny that it does exist are similar to believing that two plus two equals five, just because it feels nice to believe it. What significance race has to humans, however, is less clear.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the insightful reply. There is no contradiction in what I wrote. If 20% of white women prefer black men, but only 2% of black women (hypothetical numbers here) prefer white men, then clearly black men have an advantage. Their pool of females includes almost all black women plus some 20% of white women. At the same time, 80% of white women prefer white men. “Many” is not the same thing as “most”.
      Of course things are not so simple in real life and there are many other groups besides blacks and white. I left them out of the discussion for the sake of simplicity. If 2% of white women prefer Asian men, and another 4% prefer Hispanic men, this does not change the situation regarding the advantage of black men.

      • WeadGuhrtl says:

        That would seem to contradict the position held by leftists (such as Tim Wise, Robert Jensen and similar types) who hold that white men in particular have privilege over the rest of society! Of course, leftists never seem to take into account sexual appeal as a privilege for some reason…
        So your estimate is that 20% (1 in 5) white women in America prefer black men?
        That’s a pretty huge number. Where I live there is absolutely no way that 1 in 5 white women prefer black men.

  16. WeadGuhrtl says:

    I’d also like to ask you a few things.
    If you are Jewish, then having “race realist” views must be difficult. Most Jews have chosen to identify with the political left. They would choose Boasian anthropology over “race realism” for example, because “race realism” seems just one step away from neo-Nazism. That being said there are some Jews who are more right-wing (I’m not really talking about neoconservatives here, more about people further to the right than that) such as the late Lawrence Auster, Henry Makow (more of a conspiracy theory type but being anti-feminist seems pretty right-wing), and so on.
    What is to be made of the claim that Jews see non-Jews as “goyim” (cattle) who are worthy only of being exploited to serve Jews? Is this just total nonsense? If it is total nonsense, then why do people talk about it as if it has truth?
    What is to be made of the claims that the Talmud contains derogatory statements about non-Jews? Again, is it total nonsense? If it is, then why do people talk about it?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve addressed all these issues before in other posts. I’ll try to dig them up for you when I have more time. But no, it’s not difficult at all to be both Jewish and race-realist. I believe whatever self-evident truth leads me to believe. That’s the easiest path.

  17. WeadGuhrtl says:

    The neo-Nazi James von Brunn for example, made the claim that Jews believe that “all the best gentiles should be killed”.
    What is to be made of this claim? If even some Jews believed such a thing, would it explain to any extent some of the hostility towards Jews?

  18. A defence to defamation is that the statement is true, and free speech is more important than the easily offended feelings of women and the effeminate.

  19. BAF says:

    “claim that Jews believe that “all the best gentiles should be killed”.
    I know nothing about von Brunn or neo-Nazi’s; however, words have been spoken by a few Jews to that effect.
    It’s claimed that there are a few powerful, influential, wealthy Jews fearful of another holocaust and would like to see White European-Americans a minority where they’d have little or no influence. They’d also like to see Christianity gone along with European culture. They want nothing where European-Americans can flourish. For some reason they think European-Americans might turn on them. While, if they truly think this way, it is foolish, because nowhere in the world have Jews been more welcomed than in the U.S.
    Because of this fear, they actively promote immigration from Third-World countries using lobbyists. The more immigrants, the merrier. The more immigrants, more intermarrying, fewer European-Americans. Some of those few even went as far as attempting to form an alliance with Muslims. They encourage Muslims to come here even though Muslims hate Jews. It’s a bit irrational. Their fear is totally unwarranted.
    While they encourage more immigration from Third-World countries, intermarrying, etc., they, themselves teach their children to only marry other Jews. Alan Dershowitz openly called for all Jews to stick together. No intermarrying because they want to preserve their ‘race.’ That is hypocritical when Jews in power call for more non-Whites to come to the country and European-Americans are not permitted to preserve their race. That promises the end of Whites with European ancestry. Proof of that end can be seen in American Blacks. Eighty-five percent of them have some White ancestry. The White gene is recessive meaning if a Black and a White have children; features of the children will mostly be Black. See Obama.
    See the 1965 Immigration Law designed by five Jews.
    Although, they really don’t like Blacks, they allied with them and fund NAACP to create a racist feud with European-Americans, i.e., blaming all Black woes, slavery, poor performance in schools, poverty, jobs, etc., on Whites and constantly calling them racist. It’s a plan to weaken and shut European-Americans up because they know most Europeans don’t like to be called racist; therefore won’t be resistant.
    The ACLU, SPLC, and ADL are all run and financed by Jews. ACLU is the most prominent in destroying Christian symbols throughout the U.S. Jews also fund atheist and homosexual organizations. If you notice, atheists are constantly complaining about Christianity; however, we hear no complaints about Judaism or Islam.
    Promoting atheism, homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortions are part of their plan for tearing down Christianity.
    Therefore, yes, a few Jews have been outspoken about ridding the world of Whites with European ancestry. Watching entertainment and news media run by Jews, our educational system, government agencies, our legislators, activist organizations, and others provide evidence. No one is permitted to discuss anything about White discrimination or be against immigration, atheism, homosexuality or gay marriage. Watching what these Jews do provides clues as to how they work behind the scenes and pull the strings.
    Now, not all Jews are involved. There is no conspiracy. Some have no idea and would be quite shocked to hear this and it would be wrong to dislike all Jews. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to generalize. A few Jews might be involved, but all Jews are accused.
    I was shocked at first when I heard about all of this and felt betrayed because I saw Jews as Americans, not Jews. These particular Jews see themselves as Jews, not necessarily Americans. They think of themselves as separate, distinctly Jewish, and superior to all other Americans, particularly European-Americans.
    I began studying the subject and familiarizing myself with the Jews involved. There are names. Again, putting everything together, there does appear to be obvious evidence.
    There is so much more than can be provided here. It’s all on the internet.
    Personally, I’d like to confront them with this; however, it’s been said they will not talk.
    There is one important thing they must understand. If they are intentionally doing what they have been accused of, then European-Americans will have a good reason to be very angry. Some are very, very angry.
    These Jews must know how their actions can be instrumental in creating widespread anti-Semitism in this country. They won’t get away with pointing fingers at European-Americans as the cause. They will be exposed.
    I encourage everyone to study this subject and decide for yourselves if it’s true or not. You need to do a thorough study. It’s quite involved.

  20. WeadGuhrtl says:

    Are you yourself Jewish?
    I’m not American and your post refers to the situation in the USA.
    Therefore it’s not easy for me to say whether all of this is true or not, only having visited the USA twice.
    In Europe there are a lot less Jews than in the USA. The UK and France have not insignifcant numbers but outside of those countries the numbers of Jews are quite small in Europe.
    Even countries that have very few Jews (for example Norway or Ireland) there is still a lot of third world immigration and anti-white, leftist political policies being pushed.

  21. BAF says:

    No, I am not Jewish. I come here for the interesting content and comments.
    The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Labour Party and Tony Blair are responsible for Third-World immigration and multiculturalism in Great Britain. Comments made online by some British claim Jews are at the helm. Tony Blair is no longer in office, but immigration continues.
    I have heard this from Australians, as well.
    Haven’t researched other European countries; however, a few have said Jews are involved in France, as well.
    Claims of seven million Jews in the U.S. is a small percentage of the over three hundred million U.S. population, but some of them inordinately control the media, entertainment, our government, banks, and universities. The Federal Reserve is run by Jews. They have a lot of money and influence.
    It could be said that they dominate these areas because of their talents and intelligence; however, there are European-Americans with equal and higher intelligence and talents. It’s that when these Jews hold high positions, they make sure open positions are filled with other Jews and probably why there are so many Jews in those organizations. It’s discrimination that others could not get away with. In the U.S., it’s against the law.
    There are a large number of Jewish students in our universities, many more than the percentage of our population. It’s thought the reason is because our universities are Jewish run and controlled; therefore, giving preference to their own kind, particularly the Ivy Leagues like Harvard and Yale. They also prefer foreigners from Third-World countries over European-American students. This can easily be validated by looking it up on the internet. It does cause us to question.
    You know, there are bad guys in every race and ethnicity. Jews are no different than any other in that respect.
    I can’t say this enough. The majority of Jews are not involved and we must not accuse them.
    It would be the same if we called all Italians members of the mafia. We know that’s not true.
    Where do you live?

    • WeadGuhrtl says:

      Where do I live?
      Aberdeen, Scotland.
      A northern and, apparently, ‘backward’ city.
      Much of what is written on the internet about society is about America.
      True, there is some material online written about the UK but less about Scotland and less still about Northern Scotland.
      You could get more backward than this though… try visiting Huntly, Keith or Buckie.
      And if that doesn’t do it for you, try visiting Wick in Caithness.

      Basically what I’m trying to say is that when people have discussions online there are a lot of Americans discussing the situation where they live, and although there are some people from the UK that comment, very, very few people on these types of blogs are from Northern Scotland.
      So when people start talking about Jews, or about African Americans or Hispanics, or whatever, it doesn’t really have much at all to do with the people that I see in the place around me. It’s also relatively uncommon for us to talk of ourselves as being ‘white’ – we understand what it means but it’s not a term we would be likely to use, and it sounds almost like an American borrowing.

  22. jewamongyou says:

    Re: WeadGuhrtl,
    I wrote “hypothetical” for the numbers – but I wouldn’t be surprised if, in some places, they are accurate.

    • BAF says:

      England, Germany, France, Italy, and other European countries complain mostly about Muslim immigrants. We not only have Muslims, but Hispanics, Asians, and foreign Blacks. However, if you just think non-White Third-World immigrants, all of our countries are similar. White countries are being inundated with non-White Third-World foreigners. We can include into Australia and Canada, too.
      The problem is Africa for Africans, Asians for Asia, Hispanics for Hispanic countries, White countries for everyone. Whites are not permitted to have their own country. They are not even permitted to say they want their own country without being called all kinds of nasty names.
      When countries had been predominantly White for so long, there was no need to think about being White. Now, that complacent mentality prevents Whites from fully comprehending the seriousness of the predicament they are in caused by massive numbers of Third-World immigrants in recent years. White Europeans are now only 9% of the world’s population. You’d think someone would take notice and offer protections, but minorities hate Whites here and would have a hissy fit, accompanied by violence, if Whites were seen as protected. When Whites become a minority, will we see a South Africa situation where, not only are Blacks involved, but Hispanics and Muslims, as well?
      The U.S. places an obscure beetle on the endangered species list, but doesn’t consider the human race worthy of protection from extinction, specifically the White human race.
      American Jews are in the same situation as White Europeans. Their birthrates are below replacement level and about 50% of them have been marrying members of other races and ethnicities. Some Jews are very concerned about the exploding Third-World demographics, destruction of American culture, Third-World government influences, and Hispanics will replace them in government positions. Unfortunately, these concerned Jews have had little influence over those Jews who promote it, those with influence, wealth, and liberal.
      American Blacks are at a 2.1% replacement level and below Hispanics in population number. Generally, they are concerned about Third-Worlders, as well. As a result, there have been increasing problems with Blacks. They don’t like Hispanics or Asians, including Muslims of which some are Black Africans. Hispanics are taking over Black neighborhoods, pushing Blacks out, not to mention taking their jobs. Then there are Hispanic, Korean, Vietnamese, Muslim, and other Asian gangs fighting each other and against Black gangs. They are expressing normal racial and ethnic conflict, as a result, of dissimilar races, ethnicities, and cultures thrown together.
      We’re all familiar that territoriality and survival of the species is highly involved in animals of which the human race is one. Even, many times, to color of the animal. A simple elementary lesson and example of that is a group of white swans swimming in a lake began exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior, screaming at a group of black swans attempting to enter the lake. There was no difference between the swans except color. Since the white swans were occupying the lake, they obviously were defending their territory. To them, the black swans were invaders where they might take over and mate with white swans destroying, not only their territory, but also their white color. That’s ‘survival of the species.’ It could have been the other way around. Black swans in the lake defending their territory from white swans. Not racist at all. Normal behavior. It also could have been the white swans sneaked into the lake while the black swans were away; however, only the white swans were showing overly aggressive behavior. If the black swans were upset about white swans invading their territory, they didn’t show it; therefore, one can conclude the black swans were invading the territory of the white swans. If only our legislators would understand this normal behavior. Human beings, unlike swans, can tell themselves we need to share, be made to feel guilty, blah, blah, but it would not extinguish their angst and disapproval because survival is innate.
      Liberals felt sorry for the black swans, saying the poor things only needed a drink of water, a few fish, and to bathe their feathers, then, they will voluntarily move on. That’s naïve. They called the white swans racist.
      Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, including Muslims, see themselves as distinctly separate, concerned mainly about their own groups, which is normal behavior in the animal kingdom. What’s best for them, not what’s best for everyone and the country. For some Whites, it’s finally sinking in. They must begin defending their territory and preserving their race, too. If they want to keep that territory, have representation in their government, and maintain their culture, they better wake up. They are being replaced by non-White Third-Worlders.
      American Jews and Europeans were called non-Hispanic Whites on the U.S. 2010 census. A clear indication of what our government thinks of us. At one time, there was designation of origin countries, such as England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, etc. Now they are insultingly called, not even European and Jewish Whites, but non-Hispanic Whites.
      Very dissimilar races, ethnicities, and cultures thrown together, produce racial and ethnic conflict. Our government permits them to maintain their own cultures producing mini-foreign countries within the U.S. They aren’t even reprimanded for maintaining loyalty to their native countries. Hispanics carry Mexican flags in protest against our government. There is little patriotism towards the United States. History and common sense confirm failure. Third-Worlders, preferring their own cultures because ours is so ‘foreign,’ replicate their own. Consequently, they trash our neighborhoods, towns, and cities turning them into Third-World centers that were at one time beautiful. Los Angeles, for example, is a sad state of affairs. It might be to our benefit to give California to Mexico. It’s too late for that one time beautiful state.
      We can learn from other countries how not to make the same mistakes. Some of us watch England closely for our future. France and Germany, as well. Although, Germany’s, Merkel, and France’s, Sarkozy, public statements, “Multiculturalism doesn’t work,” were splattered all over world news, our government ignored them.
      Consider yourself fortunate, but sleep with one eye open. It is probably coming to your area.

  23. jamzw says:

    Permit me to defend cavemen. I suspect they would be more likely to agree with your position on beauty, not less. In scientific studies we even see a ruthless objectivity about beauty in the opinions of infants, no less. And, in my experience, black women have fewer illusions about beauty than liberals.

  24. jamzw says:

    Also, who is a racist–is he person who sees, like Darwin, Orwell,Tocqueville, or Walter Williams, that races are notably, and sometimes amusingly different; or is a racist someone who is horrified that races are different?

  25. A New, Happy America says:

    Well, considering you interpreted a poster with just 1 black person in it amongst 7 whites as … “The ad is ostensibly about Smallpox, but the powers that be used it to piggyback their own virus: The “negro-is-holier-than-thou” virus.”…..
    Perhaps you could explain?
    ” There is, of course, a natural barrier to Chinese men marrying black African women: The Ugly Gap. East Asian men are among the least sought after males in the world and black African women among the least sought after females in the world…
    …If a person is not attractive to the opposite sex, a crude way of describing that person would be “ugly” and yes, I used that word.”
    There is no ugly gap. Ugly people marry each other all the time. Just look around you right here in the US.
    Now, is there a gorgeous-ugly gap? Of course. We rarely, if ever, see a gorgeous person married to an ugly person.
    But ugly couples? Common.
    Average looking couples? Common.
    A gorgeous person with an average spouse? That happens too.
    But assortive mating is by far the norm.

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