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Just a cool video I took in Chile

I found this street puppeteer at the mall in Arica, Chile. Enjoy! [youtube]

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The Portland Mercury promoting the corporate agenda

There was a time, decades ago, when one could argue that images of black men with white women were considered shocking, controversial or even taboo. But those days are gone. As a matter of fact, such depictions have been a … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Why has Jewamongyou not been posting? But don’t worry; I’ll get around to it!

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My two cents on gays and religion

I still get emails from, even though they banned me a long time ago. Sometimes their petitions amuse me. Sometimes I actually agree with them. I did find the following petition rather curious: My name is Nicholas Coppola. I’m … Continue reading

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Gum control

As sugar has been phased out of chewing gum, various artificial sweeteners have moved in to take its place. Each sweetener has its proponents and foes, but the most controversial of all seems to be Aspartame. Depending on who you … Continue reading

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What are they REALLY trying to tell us?

I was perusing the current edition of Willamette Week, a local leftist rag that supplies a steady diet of blatant and subliminal propaganda to the gullible citizens of Portland. I found this tidbit: I was reading it at work during … Continue reading

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The 2013 Amren conference: A missed opportunity for yours truly

I’m eating my heart out for having missed this latest conference. It’s true that by the time the announcement was officially made, I had already committed to my Peruvian adventure. It’s true that I was not in a position, financially, … Continue reading

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Who attacked Wilfred de Bruijn?

I happened to come across a Yahoo news piece concerning a gay couple that was beaten in Paris recently. Reading the article, one gets the impression that Wilfred de Bruijn was beaten by actual Frenchmen. There is no hint, in … Continue reading

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An interview with HBD chick

I found a recent interview with HBD chick at The Hoover Hog. I had bookmarked it a while ago and it might be old news for some but it’s definitely worth reading. we love you hbd chick!

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