An interview with HBD chick

I found a recent interview with HBD chick at The Hoover Hog. I had bookmarked it a while ago and it might be old news for some but it’s definitely worth reading.
we love you hbd chick!

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  1. camp says:

    great interview. def deserves to get bumped every few months for new readers.

  2. WeadGuhrtl says:

    Yeah, interesting. Very nice interview.
    I’ve read her blog before and what she was posting seemed reasonably good.
    Why is “human biodiversity” seen as bad? Amongst white lower class people in the UK for example, “human biodiversity” wouldn’t be seen as bad because they wouldn’t have the intelligence to understand it, or even have a clue about what it is. The sort of people who don’t know that their iPhones are made in China and that their clothes are made in Bangladesh. Seriously – I don’t think you know what it’s like.
    Academically inclined leftists however can distinguish it clearly as being “right-wing” relative to non-biological, purely cultural explanations of human differences that are found in mainstream anthropology, sociology and similar disciplines. They tend for this reason to be deeply suspicious of things like “human biodiversity” as it falls within the category of “biological essentialism” and doesn’t meet their standards of treating every human being as an individual, and the belief that every individual is the same in ability and quality. For these leftists, it is leaning in the direction of racism and Nazism.
    There is a discussion in the interview about why “human biodiversity” doesn’t attract many women. Generally, relative to men, with some exceptions, women are:
    More politically correct
    More conformist to social norms
    More eager to accept social change
    More guided by their emotions rather than reason
    More likely to reject the truth if it is ‘nasty’
    Less interested in ‘weird stuff’ and that which is on the fringes of social acceptability
    So on average, women are more left-wing than men. That being said, you do get quite a considerable number of men whose views are strongly left-wing.
    Even ones that would be horrified if you were to suggest that black people might have a lower average intelligence than white people, or that interbreeding between different races might be a negative thing, or that having a society consisting only of white people might be a good thing.
    So this HBD chick seems quite a unique individual, indeed. Few women, and especially young white women, support ‘racist’ ideas. Those women that do support ‘racist’ ideas are usually older, often with children of their own. Even they are still a small minority.
    ‘Racism’ is NOT in vogue amongst women! I’m not even saying that HBD chick supports racism, but she does seem to support the idea that there are biological differences between human races. This alone is enough to get many leftists worked up and angry.
    As far as I’m concerned, the real reason why racism exists is sexual competition, and not the capitalist system, false consciousness, oppression, or anything else. Hence, most racists are men.
    I’ve also watched the Norwegian documentary series ‘Brainwash’ – it’s available on YouTube. It’s very interesting and it seems to demolish the leftist equalitarian dogma – all that blank slate, standard social science model stuff, the idea that all humans are inherently equal in ability, nature, intelligence, and so on – that permeates the politically correct thinking prevalent in the West today.
    The observations about nurses and engineers being heavily skewed towards women and men respectively is what you would expect. It actually causes social harm to attempt to guide men and women into professions usually done by the opposite gender. The people who promote this are lunatics, blinded by their fanatical belief in equality. You could produce examples of jobs that would be even more heavily skewed in gender ratio than nurses and engineers – for example, you could compare the gender imbalance between office receptionists and construction labourers.
    Those who complain about ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and the like are blind to reality.

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