What are they REALLY trying to tell us?

I was perusing the current edition of Willamette Week, a local leftist rag that supplies a steady diet of blatant and subliminal propaganda to the gullible citizens of Portland. I found this tidbit:
small pox
I was reading it at work during break. So I handed it to a coworker and asked him, “what is this REALLY trying to tell us?” He smiled knowingly. Sometimes all you have to do is point to it and ask the obvious question. Nothing more needs to be said. The ad is ostensibly about Smallpox, but the powers that be used it to piggyback their own virus: The “negro-is-holier-than-thou” virus. I wish we could come up with a vaccine against that.

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  1. WeadGuhrtl says:

    Indeed, there is some awful propaganda in advertising.
    I do feel that the idea of having black people over-represented in advertising is used to target women’s minds particularly.

    • sigmatika says:

      I, for one, agree wholeheartedly with this statement and it needs to be more widely known: women are significantly more open to suggestion and slightly more susceptible to herdmind. Once the women of a nation believe something, the men very quickly fall in line. No amount of leftist legerdemain is going to change this simply observable social mechanism.

  2. countenance says:

    “What are they really trying to tell us?”
    One black and his entire concubine.
    Because…diversity. And also…LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    I think Dr Aric Sigman mentions the ridiculous overrepresentation of that group in Guardian newspaper reports, despite being 2% of the UK population. I also have noticed on Coronation Street in the background at the bar they always have someone from that group sitting in the background as an extra. Subtle propaganda, but once it’s pointed out you quickly start noticing it everywhere.
    I often provide this link when discussing birth control shots, but check out the photo as well 🙂

  4. destructure says:

    Forgive my shameless self promotion. I took inspiration from your post and made a similar one I think is hilarious. Then, again, I have a twisted sense of humour. Check it out.

  5. A New, Happy America says:

    “. The ad is ostensibly about Smallpox, but the powers that be used it to piggyback their own virus: The “negro-is-holier-than-thou” virus.”
    Exactly how did the ad do this? I don’t get it.

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