A picture is worth a thousand words


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  1. JAY, you should read and review this book if this is a subject that interests you.

  2. countenance says:

    I know how this happened: She probably had a decent job, but she spent every last penny she earned on the babydaddy’s Escalade, bling, chrome spinners, bail, and ditto for every friend and relative of his that sponged their way into her pocket.

  3. WeadGuhrtl says:

    I saw a group of four adults yesterday at an amusement arcade, two white women, one white man, and one black woman. One white woman was holding a mixed-race baby, but it seemed as though it was the child of the black woman and the white man, who were sitting next to each other.

    • destructure says:

      That’s a perfect lead in to one of my favorite stories. My mother was telling me a story about a salt and pepper couple she knew of, The white husband was a mechanic and the black wife was a decent, hardworking professional. The night the wife was in the hospital delivering his kid he was busted for trying to pick up a prostitute. When my mother told me about it I said, “I guess that’s what she gets for marrying white trash.” There was a long, stunned pause and then my mom finally says, “That’s the same thing your father said.” The moral of the story is — there may be some decent blacks. But anyone who would marry one is still white trash.

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