The Portland Mercury promoting the corporate agenda

There was a time, decades ago, when one could argue that images of black men with white women were considered shocking, controversial or even taboo. But those days are gone. As a matter of fact, such depictions have been a requirement, within corporate media, for quite some time. I was recently surprised when, upon visiting a local mall, I noticed that the wall-art showed only whites. I was so impressed that I even photographed it:
Other images at that mall give it the impression of being a white-friendly place to be. In fact, it’s a very pleasant mall to visit. I hope the yoofs don’t get wind of it and start tweeting day bruthas in da hood.
But back to that filthy rag called “The Mercury”. Here’s the cover art they featured in their latest issue:
mercury disgusting
As I stated in my previous post, a picture is worth a thousand words. For all the ink the Mercury spills over corporate privilege, all the griping they do over the status quo and however much they view themselves as opponents of propaganda, they epitomize big government/corporate propaganda. They’re sending out the same messages we find on television commercials, in government literature and in corporate advertizing.
The above image shows what they promote. Now scroll down to my previous post to see the results.

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3 Responses to The Portland Mercury promoting the corporate agenda

  1. WeadGuhrtl says:

    Images of black men having sex with white women are all over the internet on pornography websites.
    Are magazine covers like that apeing interracial pornography?
    Is all advertising that portrays black men with white women doing the same?
    Are there any answers?
    By the way, I was dating a girl recently and she effectively said she found dark-skinned men very unattractive.
    But then again, I live in Scotland, where such relationships are relatively uncommon. Maybe it’s different in America?

    • destructure says:

      @ WeadGuhrtl
      Who better to ask than an online dating site? Not only do they study the stats because their business depends on it they also have the best data because they’re tracking it. According to their analysis, women reply better to white men overall. White women only reply well to white men. Asian and hispanic women reply to white men more than their own and even more than white women do.
      However, a couple of economists have written a series of books called Freakonomics that uses economics to explain all kinds of weird and interesting things. One of their books has a small section on online dating. Apparently, most white women say they’d be open to mixed dating in their online profiles. But when you look at the reply rates few replied to men of other races. Freakonimics’ conclusion is that the women said they’d be open into mixed dating because they didn’t want to look racist. But they really weren’t interested.

      • WeadGuhrtl says:

        I use an online dating site and I’ve only seen two girls, out of the hundreds of profiles I’ve viewed, explicitly state in their profiles they have an attraction to black guys.
        I’ve also seen at least one profile that stated that the girl was only interested in white guys.
        The vast majority of the profiles say nothing about race.
        In my area, the vast majority of the females that seem to use the dating site seem to be white. There are a few non-white females that use it in my area but I wouldn’t say they make up more than about 2% of the total.

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