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Entire country of Liberia to relocate to Washington State

Emmanuel and Oretha Roberts, blind refugees from Liberia, are conducting a singing campaign in order to have their loved ones join them from Liberia. A headline from The Columbian reads “Survivors sing to help others escape.” The article, describing the … Continue reading

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The plastic recycling crisis

Via blogragu, I found this article about China’s recent refusal to accept American plastics for recycling. According to Quartz: The drop-off in Chinese demand, and the lack of immediately accessible alternatives, could hit American cities hard, says Quartz’s contact in … Continue reading

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We pay for diversity with our freedom

Tom Cushing is up in arms because Sgt. Ed Mullins of the NYPD has opined that we must prove we’re innocent or be presumed guilty, and that this is the price we pay to live in a free society. Cushing … Continue reading

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Reactionary posters…

… by Radish Magazine. Formerly known as Unamusement Park. Good work Radish! Click here.

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Background checks for tasers? Bad idea

Portland has its share of crazies; it has a visible undertow of drug addicts, including meth addicts, that blights the downtown area. It also has many homeless people whose mental health is dubious. Add diversity to the mix and the … Continue reading

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Cobwebs, change of state and Aspergers

Lately I’ve been thinking about an incident that occurred years ago. I was attending a college course and the professor, who we were told was very qualified for his position, was explaining the solid, liquid and gas states of various … Continue reading

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How brazen can the multi-cult be?

A friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent me this photo he took: If it’s now a tradition to portray black males with white females, wouldn’t that mean that academia is “conservative?”

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