Entire country of Liberia to relocate to Washington State

Emmanuel and Oretha Roberts, blind refugees from Liberia, are conducting a singing campaign in order to have their loved ones join them from Liberia. A headline from The Columbian reads “Survivors sing to help others escape.” The article, describing the horrors the Roberts had endured in Liberia, concludes:

“America is a good place, a wonderful country,” said Emmanuel, who took the test and the oath and became an American citizen last year. What he likes best about it, he said, are the programs and services for disabled and blind people like himself. It’s a humane government that provides such opportunities — as well as food for the poor, he added. Emmanuel is hoping to become a radio broadcaster, he said, so he can continue sending the gospel of hope out to listeners who don’t need sight to get the picture.

Yes, America is a good place – and Liberia is a shitty place. So why not help all those unfortunate Liberians escape that shitty place and come here. There are just shy of 4 million people in Liberia and the state of Washington is considerably larger. It can easily accommodate those extra people. Also, since Liberia is practically 100% African American, it would bring much needed diversity to the State of Washington. With a fertility rate of about 5 children per woman, it wouldn’t be long before the State of Washington was 100% diverse.
Yes, the State of Washington can now look forward to a rosy future. As for the people of Liberia, they will no longer have to deal with the shortcomings of their homeland. They will no longer have to endure beaches covered with human waste, rampant AIDS and drug use, out of control crime, cannibalism or torture – because they’ll all be Americans.

They took the test and the oath – and they’re smiling, so what could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Great post.
    It is great to be humanitarian, and it is great to help others in distress.
    It took me a long time to understand that our Western politically correct way of helping carries the extreme cost of self-destruction. I needed deprogramming my politically correct education (indoctrination)
    Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the "all races are equal" dogma.  || Richard Lynn: The Global Bell Curve. GDP (national wealth) related to skin color, intelligence of Nations
    People like you don’t even object aiding Liberians in Liberia (though aid does not seem to help)
    I understand that most of the political asylum movement stems from the unfortunate historic experience of Switzerland turning back Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany.
    Unfortunately, turning back elite Ashkenazi with IQ = 112, fleeing temporary undeserved persecution, is not the same as turning back Africans fleeing a permanent unsolvable disaster in Africa.
    Goodness without limits is self-destruction.

  2. BAF says:

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  3. countenance says:

    Because America is suffering for a lack of blacks.

  4. DanTheAgnostic says:

    “… 100% diverse.” Open borders for people and money are a means for equalizing opportunity for all. People and money flow to where the opportunities are above average. Life-boat ethics is environmental sanity. Equal opportunity is environmental insanity. Steve Jobs’s widow is an example of a rich person who wants the people of Mexico and the people of the U.S,A. to have totally equal opportunities. The Gresham’s law of currency is that unsound money circulates while sound money is hoarded. With a welfare state and with open borders, the financially irresponsible run riot while the financially responsible suffer. The crystal ball seems clouded by 100% diversity.

  5. Californian says:

    The irony being that Liberia was created in the 19th century to settle freed American slaves.
    Anyway, here’s a thought: for every black African the USA accepts as an immigrant, we ship one disingenuous white liberal (DWL) to Liberia. This way Africa can experience all the joys of diversity. And living in a black-majority-rule country, DWLs can finally be freed of the terrible legacy of racism in America.

  6. refocus says:

    In the airport the other day I overheard two black Africans talking in a strange tongue. I asked what it was and the one closest to me replied its was the native language of Eritrae a little country near Somalia. He said it was the worst place in the world and the poorest.
    I asked how he got to America if it was so poor.
    He said he and his friend were granted World Bank and UN Fellowships to study in America.
    They came here thirty years ago and settled in Boulder Colorado.
    They stayed in some apartments owned by the Coors family. Really nice people.
    Major oil companies also covered their living and traveling expenses.
    I asked if they had jobs… No, they had never worked, they were students.
    They like America, its a good country.

  7. A New, Happy America says:

    Hi JAU! Its been a while since I’ve been ’round these parts. Just wondering a few things;
    “Jewamongyou’s Blog
    Race realism, libertarianism and Jewry”
    That above statement combined with your appearant dislike of “multiculturalism” does this mean you want to see Jewry become the default religio-culture of the US?
    If not everyone converted to Judaism, at least considering themselves “friends of Jews” – I guess something like the Christians who are getting into learning Hebrew and reading the Torah or something? So would you like to see American Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Wiccans, etc, doing the same?
    Wouldn’t this, if that is indeed your vision, be something akin to the video you made combining different ice creams in the blender which you said didn’t taste good, but eaten separately the do taste good?
    That seem to be an argument FOR multiculturalism, because it is monoculturalism that seeks to blend all cultures into one.
    In short, I don’t get it and am asking for clarification.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I like the existence of multiple cultures, but I don’t believe people should be forced to live/learn/work together. I’m happy with America being a predominantly Christian country and I don’t have a problem with the existence of minorities within it – as long as those minorities don’t threaten to alter the ethnic composition of the country. There have always been minorities in America, but only recently were they rubbed into our faces on a regular basis.

  8. A New, Happy America says:

    “I’m happy with America being a predominantly Christian country”
    The US is no longer a Protestant majority country.
    The fastest growing religion here is Buddhism.
    The fastest growing “belief demographic” is actually non-belief.
    This category includes;
    3.the spiritual but not religious (there is some sort of belief in a higher power there but it is not tied to any tradition or practice)
    4. and those that DO have a practice but do not affiliate themselves formally with any organized religion

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