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The gay pride parade in Portland

A buddy of mine called me and said, “Let’s go to the Thai parade Sunday.” I thought, “Oh cool! A Thai parade. There will be Thai dancers in exotic costumes, interesting music and food. Count me in!” Except that my … Continue reading

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Concerned citizens paint their own crosswalks

According to Opposing Views, a group of concerned citizens in Tacoma, Washington, are taking pedestrian safety into their own hands. A frustrated group of citizens in Tacoma, Wash., is putting down “rogue crosswalks” as concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety … Continue reading

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Dutch football player kicked to death

A Dutch football player has been kicked to death by Moroccan football players. According to Reuters: A Dutch court found six teenage footballers and a player’s father guilty on Monday of beating an amateur linesman to death, an incident that … Continue reading

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University of Washington to require diversity course for graduation

The Seattle Times recently reported: Saying it has an obligation to prepare students for a more global society, the University of Washington will require undergrads to complete a course in some area of diversity — economic, cultural or political — … Continue reading

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A nice video about black flash theft

The Washington Times has an article/video about a “non-flash mob.” They say “Don’t call it a flash mob.” But whether it’s a mob or theft, it’s bad news when large numbers of “youth” get together. Make sure to watch the … Continue reading

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OKC memorial

In a somewhat seedy section of Oklahoma City, near the bus station, stand the Oklahoma City Memorial and museum. The Alfred P. Murrah building, according to Wikipedia… … contained regional offices for the Social Security Administration, the United States Secret … Continue reading

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White men need not apply

I saw this sign at the airport in Dallas. They made sure to depict two black men, oddly enough without a white woman beside either one. Instead, they placed her between two Hispanics. In the racially conscious world we now … Continue reading

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Looting in Oklahoma

According to Wikipedia, Moore, Oklahoma is over 84% white. Yet there have been reports of looting there following last week’s devastating tornadoes. Are we witnessing the transformation of whites into unprincipled savages? I’m sure that some of the looters were … Continue reading

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Les Miserables

These last few weeks I’ve been traveling around the country visiting various family members. That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting. But last night I watched the movie “Les Miserables” with my daughter. I think the movie deserves a … Continue reading

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