Looting in Oklahoma

According to Wikipedia, Moore, Oklahoma is over 84% white. Yet there have been reports of looting there following last week’s devastating tornadoes. Are we witnessing the transformation of whites into unprincipled savages?
I’m sure that some of the looters were white, but I just got back from Oklahoma. I spoke with a friend of mine, who is in the National Guard and helped with security in the disaster zone. He told me that many, if not most, of the looters were from out of state. Mexicans were noticeably overrepresented.
“How low can you go?” I asked him. Normal people, when they hear of a disaster far away, would like to travel there so they can help. What can we say about people who travel to such places in order to loot and God knows what else? It makes me want to cut off some hands. To go Sharia on them.
I got back from Oklahoma last night at 11:30 PM and had to get up at 5:00 AM for work. After a long shift, I had to do some shopping. Approaching the checkout counters, my tired mind made a wrong decision: Instead of getting behind the white woman with dozens of items, I got behind a Mexican woman with only one item. Sure enough, her husband and child reunited with her and added more items after I had already placed my items on the counter. Then she proceeded to separate them – one group for her EBT card and the other for cash. On top of this, she didn’t know how to use the card scanner and had to be shown by the cashier. The white woman’s line had already advanced to 2 or 3 people behind her by the time my turn came up. She, and her family, are probably in this country illegally. They’re using my money to support themselves and some of their cousins may be in Oklahoma looting. I thought about this and didn’t feel very “enriched.”

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  1. Gorbachev says:

    We’re not given permission by our masters to have an ethnic identity unless it’s approved and even so you’re not allowed to think this way.

  2. I’ve read stories about negroes robbing car accident victims before the authorities arrived, about them rifling the pockets of jet crash victims and tons of other stuff. Nothing they do surprises me anymore.

  3. @rollingwriter: this must be very traumatic: you are injured in a car accident and get robbed
    Additionally, if they rob your ID, credit card and insurance papers, this will seriously jeopardize your medical treatment
    Similarly, if you had a natural disaster and get robbed and looted, what a shock.
    The Japanese Tsunami and the New Orleans flood are a good example of different attitudes of populations after natural disaster

  4. countenance says:

    OKC is fast filling up with Hispanics.

  5. ebengale says:

    I live in Oklahoma, during the live broadcast of the storm, right after the tornado went through, they showed about 8 large blacks lumbering toward the carnage. I thought it looked eerie; they never showed that image again, even though they were on air 24/7 for days.
    The news media in Okla. has become some of the most pc I’ve ever seen. They’ve only mentioned looting once, then to only warn those affected that they would be arrested if they shot at looters.

    • Rob Smith says:

      The above couldn’t be any farther from the truth: I doubt you really live in Oklahoma, and if you do, then your comment is purposefully misleading, which makes you a liar, either way. As easy as it is to propagate misinformation on the internet, it is even easier to debunk them.
      A lot of people just went through hell, and are still literally trying to pickup pieces of their lives together, with the help of the friends, relatives and non-related citizens (including the media,) and all you feel can do to help is castigating them and spreading cow manure about the disaster … it is a shame.

      • ebengale says:

        I have lived in Oklahoma all my life. Not one word I said above is a lie. At no point did I castigate the victims of Moore. Do you live in Oklahoma? Tell me what happened with the two blacks who were finally caught after robbing 8-12 banks and Savings & Loans. Why hasn’t the unbiased media shown us their mug shots, released their names, told us about how much money they made off with, or how much money was recovered?

  6. Anon says:

    I thought about this and didn’t feel very “enriched.”
    JAY, it’s obviously time for you to visit a re-education camp.

  7. A New, Happy America says:

    JAY, here’s why I was surprised to find racists on faux-HBD sites.
    As someone who grew up all over the world, travelled to over 20 countries, live in 5. I grew up with human-bio-diversity all around me. I saw the good, bad, beautiful and ugly of every “peoples”, or culture. This caused me to appreciate the good and celebrate the differences of everyone.
    HBD as a science its not racist and it also celebrates difference.
    What these non-scientific blogs do however is use their non-scientific and inexperienced yahoo news bite understanding of so called “HBD” as an excuse for racism.
    They also seem to be under the impression that exposure to other peoples would naturally make one want to shun them and “stick with their own” when the reality is that the opposite is often true.
    The more one is exposed to the diversity of humans, the more we gain an appreciation for the differences, often to the extent of dating and marrying those differences. Or rather, being attracted to someone because of their difference.
    Having lived intimately amongst dozens of cultures world wide, I certainly developed a taste for some more than others. Again it comes down to appreciating difference, which is congruent with HBD.

    • nickgherz says:

      If you visited more “diverse” areas, I think you will not appreciate the “differences” you experience. I’m confident that your survival instincts will reawaken and you might learn something about the “diversity” that you currently embrace.
      Walk through Long Beach, Compton, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Chicago . .
      Perhaps you will notice the lack of “Cosby Kids” heading to the library to meet and study with Steve Urkel.
      Just a guess.

      • A New, Happy America says:

        “If you visited more “diverse” areas, I think you will not appreciate the “differences” you experience.”
        I don’t know what you mean. I’ve been all over the world and this planet is very diverse, so I appreciate the differences!
        (And no, I am not a wealthy tourist who stays in expensive hotels with other people just like me, if that is what you are getting at).

    • Gorbachev says:

      It’s one thing to appreciate difference. It’s another to want to live side by side with everyone.
      I’ve traveled likely more than you, I’ve seen slave markets in Sudan, mountain temples in china, slums in India, crazy preachers selling genocide in Egypt, and racists of all stripes.
      You can call it culture or genes or some combination of both. But the reason Japan, say, works as it does has to do quite a bit with the people who live there.
      im pretty sure Ecuador and Ghana aren’t going to be replicating Japan any time soon.
      There’s a reason beyond mere culture why the Anglo colonies were successful on a scale the Spanish weren’t. The angles were willing to replace other populations in toto through either war, massive overwhelming or aggressive pushing aside. The Spanish wanted slaves and an easy life.
      It was brutal . For everyone. But the Anglo colonial societies that emerged were, basically, Northern European . Even in Australia. Ecuador wasn’t.
      Had we used people from Nigeria to do this ( as with the Bantu migrations – much the same effect in Africa, mass death and replacement ), then North America would look like Nigeria.
      Humans are animals.
      Little more.
      Had homo erectus or Neanderthalensis or some others survived, we wouldn’t think ourselves so special. We’d have the spaces between us and other species filled in. As it happens, unsurprisingly, all the potential competition has been exterminated.
      We don’t have to follow these res – I’m not a fan of extirpation and murder- but there’s a reason societies are so different. Some of its cultural. Some isn’t.
      Our brutal past shows this experiment in action.

      • A New, Happy America says:

        I’ve been too all the countries you’ve mentioned, and more. I’m pretty sure I’ve travelled more than you and I appreciate the differences.
        There is good, bad, beautiful and ugly everywhere.
        Out of curiousity, what are your top 10 favorite places?
        Mine are;
        1.Sri Lanka
        2.Kerala (southernmost state in India)
        4.Manipur (state in eastern India)
        5.West Bengal (another Indian state)
        11. Maui (Island in USA)
        I currently divide most of my time between Thailand and Maui.
        I’ve been to Bali once and have to say that was the most beautiful, sweetest place ever, but my stay was so short that I cannot include it in favorites because my favorites are where I have stayed a longer time and acculturated to the point of knowing whether they are favorites or not.
        I plan to stay 6 full months in Bali next year and if its as wonderful as its first impression, I think I will relocate and stay since I am looking for a place to settle down.
        Culture, a dharmic view of life, beautiful natural environment and friendliness of people are most important to me now.
        Bali is rich with all four, I think!

  8. jewamongyou says:

    Re: A New, Happy America,
    I couldn’t help but notice that NONE of your favorite places are majority black.

    • A New, Happy America says:

      Ha! I knew you’d say something like that.
      Those countries are still in my top 20. One particularly I loved but my memory of it is wrapped up in some personal emotional tragedy so my psyche is still “colored” 😉 by that so I knocked it of my top 10 for now.
      Plus, there’s tons of black Africans in Morocco and Egypt.
      South Asian people are often blacker than Africans and South Asian regions rank in my top five.
      Plus the folks in Maui I set up base with are black and mixed race.
      I’ve got nothing against black folk and don’t get offended by seeing one in an ad, like you JAY.

  9. Gorb says:

    Slave markets in Sudan; Moroccans beating blacks in El Aiun; three months in Pakistan watching women get publicly beaten for defying tribal leaders.
    South Africa: A sociological nightmare of catastrophic proportions.
    I spent time in Malawi, a place that is, by any stretch of the imagination, ungovernable.
    ZImbabwe. I say it again: Zimbabwe. Despite Mugabe’s claims, all of ZImabwe’s problems are home grown. They are also intractable, vicious and crippling.
    I’ve seen things throughout the Muslim world and in Africa that would make a liberal a conservative in half an hour. Oddly, all of the problems are consistent.
    Its remarkable how deep this goes: Culture or nature, who cares.
    It’s pretty deep.
    The idea of inviting masses of people to live with you and not importing all the flotsam and jetsam of their culture (or biology – irrelevant) is insane.
    If you bring in millions of Mexicans, you will get what you see in Mexico.

  10. Georgia Resident says:

    Reading the empirical parts of Putnam’s “Bowling Alone”, one is left with the inescapable impression that diversity almost inevitably makes life worse, at least within the US, his attempts to spin his findings into a conclusion acceptable to the multicult notwithstanding. I’ll take hard data over single individual impressions nine times out of ten. When a lot of individuals’ impressions, on the other hand, tend to line up with the data, they are mutually reinforcing. Most of the individual impressions I’ve read about India, for example, even the favorable ones, tend to admit that most civil institutions there work very poorly, and that this seems to correlate with diversity. This lines up with what the data tells us. So although I’ve never visited India personally, I can speak with a high degree of confidence on the probable effects of the country’s ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity on its civil institutions and their efficacy.
    “As someone who grew up all over the world, travelled to over 20 countries, live in 5.”
    I personally find it extremely irritating when people say “don’t talk to me about diversity, because I’ve traveled more than you.” It smacks of the sort of class snobbery that has always pissed me off, coming from a semi-prole background. It essentially boils down to “You can quote statistics and empirical studies and everything you’ve read, but you can never hope to speak with the same authority as I who have traveled to these places you speak of.” Tell me what unique fact you learned in your travels that invalidates the observations your opponent has cited, and perhaps you will have a point. If not, then you’re just blowing hot air.

    • A New, Happy America says:

      “Tell me what unique fact you learned in your travels that invalidates the observations your opponent has cited, and perhaps you will have a point.”
      Who’s my “opponent” here and what “facts” is she presenting?
      I simply shared MY OWN observations, appreciation of the differences between various ethno-cultures and listed my current top ten fave places and my plans to move (yet again) to Bali.

  11. roots says:

    Happy, My ancestors pioneered this country, fought for this country and bleed for this country. They lived through the ups and downs of the Nation and remained as attached to it as they were to there families. Asking me to feel for foriegners as I do for my own, is like asking me to feel for your mother as i feel for mine. Having folks like you here is as about as apealing as marrying a whore, you’l be here as long as they’s something to be had and no longer. Loyolty counts for something Happy, the rats are alwaya the first off a sinking ship your no differant thr a rat, i oubt a mexican is any differant then a rat but mine own, we’ll be going down with the ship. loyolty counts.

    • A New, Happy America says:

      ” Asking me to feel for foriegners as I do for my own”
      I’m not asking you to to do anything.
      I simply stated HBD is human bio DIVERSITY.
      A knowledge of it, or a direct experience of it (such as mine), leads to an appreciation of diversity and a celebration of differences.

  12. Ilovemyrace says:

    The worse mistake you can make when shopping is to go the the check-out line manned by an African. You will be there forever. I always pick a White cashier, and thus save 10 min each shopping trip.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      That’s why I stopped going to my local Wal-Mart: The checkout counter staff demographics roughly mirror the demographics of Detroit, and they work about as efficiently.

    • rjp says:

      The number of blacks in front of you will also determine the time spent in line at the supermarket.
      I changed banks some time ago because of the number of black customers they had acquired. Every black in line meant 5 minutes minimum. Ten blacks meant 50 minutes wait to transact. Same problem over and over for every one of them ….. fees because their account was negative.

  13. A New, Happy America says:

    I think y’all have not grokked what I communicated. That or my communication on this medium is not the best.
    I’ll try again.
    When you travel the world and live amongst various peoples you begin to take keen interest in the differences. You start to notice patterns such as;
    “men from X area of the world have fitter, hotter physiques than guys from other areas”
    “women from Y area of the world have the hottest bods”
    “babies born in Z area of the world have the most cute-as-a-button noses and cheeks”
    “people from A area of the world have the thickest, most luxurious hair”
    “people from B area have the strongest, most regal noses”
    “people from C area have the largest, most languid, doe, lost in-a-seamesmerization-when-you-look-at-them eyes”
    And based on these differences you might start to develop romantic partner “types”.
    The ideal fantasy is to take the traits you find the most attractive from each region and combine them into one person. I said “fantasy”. 😉
    So that is what I meant by “appreciating bio diversity or biological difference”.
    When we get into culture it is pretty much the same. Having grown up all over the world I have taken the best of all the cultures that moved me or influenced me most, leaving behind their bad since I do not wish to cultivate negativity.
    As far as art, music, literature, dance, philosophy, spirituality and food I take most of my inspiration from South Asia, sprinkled with some elements of all the other cultures I’ve lived in as well.
    In short, I look for good and beauty everywhere. No need to look for the bad, it will show up whether you want it to or not.

    • Annoyed says:

      This is completely retarded, human bio diversity is about recognizing genetic differences in populations and using that knowledge for your own benefit or scientific interest.
      Such as predicting black criminality,

  14. I Forgot says:

    We had the same problem in south Mississippi with out-of-towners, all of them black or Mexican, coming in looting after Katrina.

  15. deltapolis says:

    @ A New Happy America –
    so you’ve only travelled to 20 countries and you boast about that? According to the Century Travel Club there are more than 320 designated countries and territories so you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

    • A New, Happy America says:

      I know. I said OVER 20 countries because its closer to 3o. I only counted countries that I stayed at least one week in. If I count the countries where I had lay overs and a few nights in hotels or with a host family, then 40 ish.
      I DO have a lot of catching up to do, but I like to stay at least 3 months in each country to really do it justice.
      But I plan on settling in Bali for at least 2 years and establishing a new base there so I don’t think I’ll be going outside of Indonesia for that period anyway.
      I’m looking at 2016 before I do anyone hardcore globe trotting again, once I make the shift to Bali and settle in, building a farm.

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