A nice video about black flash theft

The Washington Times has an article/video about a “non-flash mob.”
They say “Don’t call it a flash mob.” But whether it’s a mob or theft, it’s bad news when large numbers of “youth” get together. Make sure to watch the video. Those “people” are dangerous vermin.

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3 Responses to A nice video about black flash theft

  1. Sad as it is, we can be grateful that at least those people don’t commit acts of violence and mayhem.
    Interesting that there is not one word about the race of the perpetrators.
    Can you comment about a theory I heard a couple of times. It is not my theory, I am not defending it, though I must admit it makes a bit of sense.
    People say that the race-cover-up is a conspiracy of the Jewish dominated press and politics. They say Jews have an interest in destabilizing society, in getting multi-culturalism the norm, so mainstream culture is weak, and tolerant, so no culture will be persecuted. Thus Jews will not be persecuted.
    They say Jews don’t owe allegiance to the society they live in, rather to some international Jewish conspiracy or whatever. They say they are parasites in the society they live in, not members of the society.
    I understand Jews are orderly, high IQ, disciplined creative people. So I never understood why the same Nazi people that defend White people against low IQ high violence Black criminals also are opposed to high IQ low physical violence Jews.
    It seems true that Jews dominate the press, Hollywood movies, and politics. And, to put it mildly, it seems they don’t make efforts to expose the truth of racial crime statistics.
    I heard you before that you don’t condone policies of some organized Jewish organizations.
    So I am not writing as a proponent of these theories, but as a party interested in finding out the truth.
    I hope I am not being too provocative.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve already written about these ideas. If you search through my earlier posts on Jews and Judaism you’ll find a few posts on this. In a nutshell, there is no Jewish conspiracy, though there definitely is a wider conspiracy that involves a lot of powerful Jews. It also involves a lot of powerful non-Jews.

      • Atheist Race Realist says:

        Best summary ever!
        Honestly, I’m getting real sick of hearing about Jews. AmRen is always a nice break from Jew talk, since they delete most comments about them.
        Let other sites obsess over Jew mind rays I say.

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