The gay pride parade in Portland

A buddy of mine called me and said, “Let’s go to the Thai parade Sunday.” I thought, “Oh cool! A Thai parade. There will be Thai dancers in exotic costumes, interesting music and food. Count me in!”
Except that my sense of hearing must be getting dull with age. He said “gay pride parade,” not “Thai parade.” So this is how I ended up at Portland’s gay pride parade, just as a spectator mind you.
Practically every corporation known to man had a presence at the parade. All sorts of banks, retail chains, schools and private organizations were represented. The mayor and his wife were there – along with tens of thousands of people, all cheering for love, tolerance, inclusion and gays.
Can an abomination and a denomination coexist? See for yourself:
pride parade1pride parade2pride parade6pride parade8
Here’s the mayor and his wife:
pride parade4
There was no dissent. Nobody dared question the gay lifestyle, or the appropriateness of declaring one’s pride in what, arguably, should be a private matter. As men in leather had mock sex in the street, thousands of Portlanders cheered them on.
So it struck me as rather odd that a prevailing theme in the parade was that gays are persecuted. That they are marginalized in today’s society. Many wore buttons and t-shirts that said “legalize gay.” Seriously?
A young man approached me to sign a petition. He was outraged that, in some states, it’s legal to fire somebody for being homosexual. I told him it should be legal. That a private company should be allowed to hire, or fire, people as it sees fit and for any reason. That discrimination is perfectly acceptable. I told him that consumers would punish companies that made bad hiring decisions. I definitely got him thinking; he looked confused after that encounter.
Noticeably absent from the parade were Muslim groups of any kind. I didn’t see anybody holding signs that read “Allah loves gays too” or “Shiites for marriage equality.” Hmm… Must have been an oversight.

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  1. Cablinasian Coward says:

    Today’s Liberal society is becoming very accepting and open-minded. Diversity is viewed as positive, whether it is racial diversity or diversity of sexual orientation.

  2. “Jesus said ‘Love Everyone'”
    Since when does love mean “to enable (someone) in self-destructive acts”?
    If you love a drug addict, you may take relatively brutal methods to help them get clean, or even cut off all contact with them until they decide they want to get help, but it’s not loving to give them endless money and second chances so they can go out and get high and live in a state of sin and oblivion.
    If you love a schizophrenic, you would not say “Oh sure, go out and live on the street in below-freezing weather while you think that aliens are attacking you and you can’t even take care of your personal hygiene, that’s your freedom, who am I to interfere.” I’m not trying to romanticize forced incarceration, some of those programs really can be abominable, but let’s not act like someone screaming at pigeons on the side of the road is just an eccentric free spirit.
    Or my least favorite line, “Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors maaaan.” Yes, He hung out with them because He wanted to help them. He never said what they were doing was right, only that it could be forgiven!
    Love is not about accepting and helping someone to destroy themselves and others, if that was love then civilization could not exist.

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    Yet it is whites who are a vast majority of these marches. I wonder how many of these young idealists have ever been literally screwed over for a promotion by the gay power bloc where they work. The religious groups especially are working against their own interests.

  4. Tad says:

    Where do they come from? I mean, they don’t breed, so how do their (non-survival oriented) genes get passed on?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Not everything is genetic. Some traits, even though they’re congenital, are environmentally caused.

      • Atheist Race Realist says:

        Yeah it’s definitely not genes. But environment is a stretch also, especially when you see the correlation between the “gay voice” in males and homosexuality. By environment, I just mean social environment.
        HBD chick had a link to an article about homosexuality being caused by a virus.
        For narcolepsy from the wiki:
        “Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder. It is not caused by mental illness or psychological problems. It is most likely affected by a number of genetic mutations and abnormalities that affect specific biologic factors in the brain, combined with an environmental trigger during the brain’s development, such as a virus.”
        Homosexuality could be caused along the same lines as narcolepsy.
        The sad thing is because of political correctness we will never know. Any study beyond “they are born like that” will never get studied.
        But the ramifications are HUGE and fun to think about. Would you support getting rid of the virus? Things like that are fun to think about.

    • Rob says:

      My theory is that there are certain genes that individually are advantageous to fertility/survival, but which together may produce a predisposition to homosexuality when they happen coincide within the same individual.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    What’s funny is that the leftists will absolutely deny that intelligence has any genetic component, even though the evidence of its relatively high heritability is nigh-indisputable, but they will insist that homosexuality is completely genetic, which is laughable, since both studies of the heritability of homosexuality, and simple math on how homosexuality affects reproductive fitness, both put the kibosh on the idea that homosexuality is primarily genetic in origin.

  6. viking says:

    dear mr jew,It seems there are quite a few alt right Jewish bloggers is this accurate can you list them [ I know you guys keep track of that kind of stuff LOL],and tell whether it might be at all possible to win the majority over. i would not have thought so you guys are sooo liberal, but this PC thing seems to have gotten away from the Jews perhaps they are starting to rethink. My plan is tp have you guys change public opinion then we can have a night of the long knives with the lads at stormfront, sad really but oh well its business.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I wish I had half as much power and influence, as a Jew, as some would ascribe to me. But I use the meager means at my disposal to try to change public opinion, as you say. It’s difficult when the Church of the Left has unlimited money, power and influence. If they thought people like me posed any serious challenge to their hegemony, they’d quickly make us disappear or squash us like gnats. The very fact that we’re still alive, and that we haven’t been silenced, is testimony to the minimal effect we’re having. Still, with any luck, this effect will snowball.

      • destructure says:

        The very fact that we’re still alive, and that we haven’t been silenced, is testimony to the minimal effect we’re having.
        They don’t have enough power to round people up yet.

  7. viking says:

    yeah im watching the hate speech issue closely. I juust thought if Jews could see how the left is throwing them under the bus for arabs and secularism and I must say it seems even anti Semitic sometimes, they might wise up and start fighting back against liberalism. it seems the NYTs is starting to take the same tone about jewish isues it does with catholics

  8. cipher says:

    You ask: “Can an abomination and a denomination coexist?”
    In his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians, Paul describes it as the “falling away” that must take place before the son of perdition is revealed as he “who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God…”
    “Falling away” is translated from apostasia in the Greek. It means to defect. To transfer one’s love and loyalty (fidelity).
    PS – your subtle framing of “coexist”, thereby revealing its true aim or purpose, is very well done. Good job!

  9. rjp says:

    Chicago’s Pride Parade is tomorrow. Boystown will be a festive place with lots of bare male asses being displayed and plenty of debauchery and public drunkenness. I will not go near that part of town tomorrow.
    There will be hundreds of thousands there to cheer them on, it would be a beautiful day to see the top two figures on the totem pole of diversity intersect.

  10. Anon says:

    As has been alluded to, it is crucial to understand the fact that observant Muslims do not (in fact absolutely cannot, and never will) support gay “rights.”
    This strange paradox, whereby gullible,middle-aged sucker-type whites are propagandized into celebrating floridly open porno-fests, while at the same time blindly advocating for the opening of their societies to mass immigration from highly conservative Muslims, is a huge and egregious example of cognitive dissonance.
    Yet so few people remark on it.
    It points, IMHO, to a clear manipulation of the public discourse. It is quite obvious in Europe, eg, that social intolerance is a hallmark of the increasingly powerful Sharia lobby, and it is an absolute guaranteed fact that there will be the most awful sort of trouble as gay “rights” increasingly conflicts with Islamic sensitivities (to say nothing about Jewish safety and feminism).
    Somebody is clearly driving this to a head, in the full knowledge of what is going to happen. Yet the general public seems oblivious, even to the contradiction-in-principle. It cannot be resolved.

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