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The Homeland Bad English Administration

It seems the Homeland Security Administration has outsourced its signage operations to China. At least that’s the impression I got yesterday while driving along the Oregon coast with some friends. One of us wanted to stop for coffee, so we … Continue reading

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Packs of "young people" cause chaos in Hollywood

It seems those raceless, colorless, “youths” are at it again. This time they chose to bring their enrichment to Hollywood. According to the Afro-centric rag, USA Today: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Packs of young people rampaged through Hollywood, knocked down … Continue reading

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My advice to George Zimmerman

Now that George Zimmerman’s criminal trial is over, and he has been found not-guilty, he will discover that his woes have only just begun. There is already clamoring, from the usual sources, for the Department of Justice (sic) to pursue … Continue reading

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An excellent video about female privilege

Here’s an excellent video, by girlwriteswhat, about female privilege and the relationship between rights and duties when it comes to gender: [youtube=]

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19 dead firefighters

It appears that all 19 of the firefighters, who died recently in an Arizona blaze, were white men. Given the aggressive push to get more women and non-whites into fire departments, we might have expected somebody to complain that there … Continue reading

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Humans can't transcend bullshit

While perusing Mangan’s blog recently, I followed his link to an article titled “Is Wine Bullshit?” In the article, Alex Mayyasi illustrates what many of us already know: That much of what we think we know about wine is smoke … Continue reading

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