19 dead firefighters

It appears that all 19 of the firefighters, who died recently in an Arizona blaze, were white men. Given the aggressive push to get more women and non-whites into fire departments, we might have expected somebody to complain that there should be more faces of color among the dead. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, nobody is so complaining.
Had there been a recruitment billboard for Arizona firefighters featuring those who died on that fateful June day, we would never hear the end of how “racist” and “bigoted” that billboard is. There would be demands for the resignation of whoever designed or authorized it. The billboard would be held up as evidence of how backward and narrow minded Arizona is. We would be reminded that this is the state that tried to enforce our border with Mexico and make life difficult for those who enter illegally.
But this is not a recruitment billboard. It’s an image of 19 white men who  tragically lost their lives. A google search for “dead firefighters” and “white” yields results that mention the “White House” and the “white van” that took away the bodies. Nobody seems to pay attention, or care, that all the victims were white. Diversity is the national religion of America, but its followers show apathy when there is no diversity among the dead. It wouldn’t surprise me if certain Afro-centric, and Latino, groups are privately rejoicing. For them, the white man is a demon, and no amount of heroism can erase the sin of his white skin.
Mother nature was to blame for those 19 deaths, but the silence surrounding the race of the victims shows a certain measure of acquiescence. Had they been 19 black men, they would have been doubly mourned: Once for having died as young heroes, and again for having died as black men. Blacks would have mourned the loss of their young black men, and whites would have joined in.
Incidentally, when people die in a conflagration, it’s called a “holocaust”.

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  1. countenance says:

    Not far to the southeast lies a city (Phoenix) that doesn’t want white lifeguards at its city swimming pools.
    When it comes to risky firefighting work in rural northwestern-north central Arizona, I doubt they’ll find anyone but white men that want to do it.

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing in the “faces of the dead” on the nytimes and of course, the emergency response to 9/11 who died. Mostly white. No one ever talks about it though. It seems people are willing to accept the protection of white men, but they don’t want to acknowledge it to the extent of admitting that maybe they aren’t so evil and oppressive after all

    • kittyamerica says:

      In a twisted way, I think because the 9-11 firefighters were giant American heroes, Alberto Gonzales was extremely jealous.

  3. ebengale says:

    It reminds me of all the black commenters, celebrating when whites die, they think when all whites are dead, paradise will ensue. Who then will do all the dangerous and necessary things to keep civilization afloat?

  4. Anonymous2 says:

    “Incidentally, when people die in a conflagration, it’s called a “holocaust”.”
    One can only hope they died by suffocation, the usual cause of death in a fire. Actually burning to death might be the worst way to die.

  5. rjp says:

    There would be demands for the resignation of whoever designed or authorized it.
    Whites are the only people who have the intelligence and desire for outdoor excitement that allows them to take such a job.
    Other races want jobs whites have generally held in the past that hold similar status, but little risk.

  6. destructure says:

    I haven’t heard much from the feminists on this one, either.

  7. me says:

    There are men of all kinds out there on the fires. That are all heros! To bring in race is unfare.

  8. Tad says:

    It’s very relevant to bring race into this. Very good observation, Jew.
    This work is dangerous and requires extraordinary commitment, hard work, physical fitness, willingness to “camp out” and live in the wilderness, and an extremely high level of perseverance. All for relatively low pay, very long work hours, and it’s only seasonal. By contrast, the big city fire department pays much better, has union representation, is full-time and secure, and, although it also requires hard work, after a 48-hour shift you go home for the rest of the week.
    Which type of job are people going to fight to get? Exactly, the big city job. And any place with desirable government jobs is subject to the racial shake-down by our friends such as Jackson, Sharpton, etc…
    Besides, blacks don’t like the wild.

  9. Daniel says:

    The racial situation closely mirrors the sex-equality situation: everyone wants White men to create this fragile world of higher standard of living, lower mortality and higher life expectancy, but a coalition of the post-modern revisionists conspires to erase the White-Maleness from the equation, even while supporting it.
    I saw Tim Wise on CNN this morning, and as always, he inspired laughs and groans — the only thing Wise and his ilk can offer is insight into Tim Wise and people who think similarly — but actually very few people are as similarly genocidal as Wise. Few will admit, but most understand, that a world without White men would be savage, and life would return to being short, brutish, and cruel.
    Most people just want to create the fantasy that White men are not creating the overwhelmingly vast-hard-to-overstate amount of *value* in the world.

  10. OH, I did not even notice the color of the dead
    I mentioned that there were no female fire fighters, that the dead were actuall FIRE MEN
    This message was mercilessly downvoted by reddit.com/r/mensrights
    Now you mention they wer not only male, but white males
    What an injustice. Quotas are needed.
    Did you read my article about quotas in fire departments?
    Dangerously incompetent fire fighters, weakened by gender quotas, dumbed by racial quota nonsense

  11. JEW AMONG YOU says:

    There’s a JEW AMONG YOU (ps it’s me lol)

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