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Estonia versus Liberia

Estonian politician Martin Helme recently made international headlines when he opined that Estonia should be a white country. According to the International Business Times: An outspoken Estonian politician has a message for would-be immigrants: “If you’re black, go back.” Martin … Continue reading

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Liberians need to learn from Americans

In America, academic tests are considered “racist” if not enough blacks pass them. Therefore, in America, our rulers see no problem with dumbing down the tests so that enough blacks pass them. This is routine procedure and has been for … Continue reading

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Muslim teaching his son paranoia

While in downtown Portland today, a man walked up to me and gave me a small flyer. This is what is says: We are American citizens. The government is trying to kill us. We are being tortured, insulted, humiliated (e.g. … Continue reading

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When peace is war

Not long ago I received a request from to sign a petition for a Palestinian activist.  The petition states: Days ago I went to Hebron in the occupied West Bank and met Issa Amro, a soft-spoken, Gandhi-quoting Palestinian. The … Continue reading

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How important is physical strength?

How important is physical strength in violent confrontations? I’ve heard women say that a man’s superior brute strength is not such a big deal, that it’s useful mainly for opening jars. Among primitive humans, those who could not open jars … Continue reading

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Jamaican intolerance toward homosexuals

When I saw the headline on “In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob,” I wasn’t surprised. Black societies, no matter where they are located, are infamous for their intolerance toward sexual minorities. MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (AP) — Dwayne Jones … Continue reading

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A white flash mob

I know some of y’all have been wondering about me. Yes, I’m still alive – but it’s SUMMER! In any event, here’s what happens when white people get together for a flash mob.

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