Jamaican intolerance toward homosexuals

When I saw the headline on yahoo.com: “In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob,” I wasn’t surprised. Black societies, no matter where they are located, are infamous for their intolerance toward sexual minorities.

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (AP) — Dwayne Jones was relentlessly teased in high school for being effeminate until he dropped out. His father not only kicked him out of the house at the age of 14 but also helped jeering neighbors push the youngster from the rough Jamaican slum where he grew up.

By age 16, the teenager was dead — beaten, stabbed, shot and run over by a car when he showed up at a street party dressed as a woman. His mistake: confiding to a friend that he was attending a “straight” party as a girl for the first time in his life…

International advocacy groups often portray this Caribbean island as the most hostile country in the Western Hemisphere for gay and transgender people. After two prominent gay rights activists were murdered, a researcher with the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch in 2006 called the environment in Jamaica for such groups “the worst any of us has ever seen.”

I’ll venture a guess that Haiti is every bit as bad as Jamaica, but the abuse is less documented. If you’re wondering where the “evil white man” fits into all this, you needn’t wonder any longer. The article goes on to say:

Some say the hostility partly stems from the legacy of slavery when black men were sometimes sodomized as punishment or humiliation. Some historians believe that practice carried over into a general dread of homosexuality.

But of course. The “legacy of slavery”. Is the “legacy of slavery” also to blame for Jamaica’s anti-snitching culture?

Police spokesman Steve Brown said detectives working the case are struggling to overcome a chronic problem: a strong anti-informant culture that makes eyewitnesses to murders and other crimes too afraid or simply unwilling to come forward.
Even though some 300 people were at the dance party in the small riverside community of Irwin, police have yet to make a single arrest in Dwayne’s murder. Police say witnesses have said they couldn’t see the attackers’ faces.

Sounds a lot like Detroit to me, and Detroit sounds a lot like Jamaica in its attitudes toward homosexuals. Come to think of it, so does Uganda. That “legacy of slavery” sure gets around.

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  1. Anon says:

    The MultiKult Left has an obvious problem, in that the various causes it espouses (Islam, blacks, Gays, Feminists) do not like each other. When “incidents” occur, the fallback position of the Media satrapy is try to find some excuse to blame whites, which becomes increasingly ludicrous and far-fetched.
    The adoption by the Left of such an internally inconsistent set of positions seems mysterious, until one realizes that the one consistent theme is that all of these favored groups are hostile to the white nuclear family. For the Left, the inconsistencies and hatreds amongst them are just irrelevant; they just hope we won’t notice them.
    The corollary is that pointing them out will not change their minds, since lying and deception are the basic toolkit of the “Cultural” Left. .

    • “white nuclear family”
      Yes, and another common thread between the groups is antisemitism/ anti-zionism.
      As far as the legacy of slavery… is that to blame for so many black men being on the down low?

      • Anonymous2 says:

        Israel just has to hold on for another couple generations until “it has always existed”, just like the experiment that is America. When the world eventually accepts a hard-right nation-state as viable and thriving, even if not inevitable, you’ll see enough “reactionary” models after it.

  2. Yarilo says:

    “It’s white people’s fault” in this kind of situation is essentially the equivalent of saying “A witch did it” in a scientific argument. Maybe one day people will see that they’re both equally ludicrous.

  3. Daniel Schmuhl says:

    The widespread homophobia in Africa doesn’t the fit whole slavery narrative, but I suppose that you could just blame it on colonialism.
    I don’t want to be an IQ reductionist but lower IQ people tend to be more socially conservative and economically liberal (not in the classical sense). As a libertarian I find this to be the worst of both worlds.

  4. icareviews says:

    The same societal “legacy” argument is made in an otherwise fine documentary I saw recently, Tell Me and I Will Forget, which chronicles mostly white emergency medics working in the dystopian hell of South Africa. The film makes perfectly clear what it’s like to live in South Africa and exactly why it’s become such an absurdly dangerous place; and yet the filmmakers felt the need to insert some half-baked crap analysis about how all of the savagery was a “legacy of Apartheid”.

  5. I’m waiting for the day when the ‘progressives’ blame inclement weather on the sinister voodoo of the White man. Raining on your picnic? It’s Whitey’s fault! (Although there IS quite a lack of ‘diversity’ in the profession of television weather forecaster….)

    • Robert Marchenoir says:

      No need to wait. Inclement weather is because of “climate change”, and climate change is the fault of… you know who.

  6. Anon says:

    Token phraseology such as “the legacy of apartheid” (sub in “legacy of slavery” or “legacy of colonialism”) has become the figleaf for serious people to make crypto-right wing analyses of previously off-limit topics (aka telling the truth).
    Look for more of the same from analysts trying to convey the increasingly unacceptable truth about a whole range of issues. Some people earn a living from within the Cathedral and have to be oblique. Our job is to see it, then see through it, in order to distinguish those subverting the leftwing status quo, from the hack leftwing propagandists and apologists.
    Once one get’s the hang of it, it’s not too difficult. Witness District 9, for instance.

  7. perfectchild says:

    Black societies, no matter where they are located, are infamous for their intolerance toward sexual minorities.
    I wouldn’t say ‘wherever Black people are’, because If you put all the Black workers in local government in the West into an African Government, they’d be Diversity singing in the churches.
    So I’d say any people, of any color of low intelligence raised without fathers will use their heterosexuality to define themselves – and are shocked when others use homo-sexuality to define themselves.
    For those other kids, are the brightest amongst them. It takes intelligence to turn resentment for their mother away from jacking-around and making her life a misery as penis-waving M*th*rF*k*rs; when you can make her life totally irrelevant to become a Muther Replacement. Now that… is one cool dude. Complete hatred for women now with a smile on your face. The pain has gone.
    Now the pistol-jiving jackasses are pretty upset with this, for their manhood hung on a thread as the ugly reflection of womanhood. The meaner they became, the more macho they’d appear. And if a real man came along, calm, caring, protective – not identified by women or their clothing – well, they’d pretend he was gay or somethin’. But an invert shows them the real path they are on – and that is the scariest of hell – because there’s a submission of the soul to get to that stage, for when overcome and that woman’s in your face 24/7 there’s, a Born Again experience to occur and St Paul hears a voice calling, where Desmond-Penis Envied rationalizes his rejection into becomes a new creation – a Socialist wet-dream of a New Creation into their Religion – (marvelous creature humans, could almost walk around being Jewish and get away with it) – and their world is inverted and white is black and black is white and the Angels of Protection are looking down and pleased.
    Black societies, no matter where they are located, are infamous for their intolerance toward sexual minorities.
    No. I just think they feel it tugging.

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