When peace is war

Not long ago I received a request from Avaaz.com to sign a petition for a Palestinian activist.  The petition states:

Days ago I went to Hebron in the occupied West Bank and met Issa Amro, a soft-spoken, Gandhi-quoting Palestinian. The Israeli government considers him a dangerous man.
So dangerous that he was locked up in March for joining Israeli and Palestinian women to peacefully protest a segregationist policy that bars most Palestinians from even walking down the main market street of Hebron, a Palestinian city. And this month, just as I arrived to meet him, he was taken away in handcuffs by Israeli soldiers and when he was released he was laid out on a stretcher, beaten and bruised.
Issa is dangerous because he’s committed to a dangerous idea: growing a powerful nonviolent movement for freedom that’s reviving hope in Palestine. And he isn’t alone. I met inspiring Palestinians across the West Bank who are standing up and choosing the path of nonviolence. But precisely because of their potential power, they are being attacked and imprisoned on spurious legal charges and they need our help.

The Israeli versus Palestinian conflict is a complex one and there are no simple answers. But let’s assume that Issa Amro’s goal is to set up a political situation that would threaten the existence of the State of Israel. I would expect Israelis to be alarmed about this even though Amro had renounced violence. Though he has thrown down his weapons, Amro is still very much at war.
To put things into perspective, let’s envision a world where black on white crime doesn’t exist, where Hispanic immigrants are as docile as sheep and where Islam really is the “religion of peace.” In such a world, should whites feel any better about being eradicated through superior birthrates and demographic dilution? Any white with a healthy sense of identity would still want to put an end to Hispanic immigration. He would still want to segregate himself from blacks and Muslims so that his children and grandchildren would carry on his genes and heritage.
Genocide is genocide, whether it’s achieved through mass executions or through “bedroom genocide.” On my previous post, baaltanit commented:

Thank you for your good work. We at wnthinktank are formally renouncing anti-Semitism. We still may not agree on many things, perhaps not even the definition of anti-Semitism, but we appreciate what you’re doing and would be interested in knowing your thoughts on how to bring the White Jewish and gentile communities more into accord. This is an olive branch for any Jews who wish to accept. If not, good luck in all of your endeavors. We wish you no harm, only the best.

Baaltanit’s original post on this matter, called “Love Panzer,” was reblogged by Mindweapons in Ragnarok.  I suspect that this idea will get some traction in the blogosphere, but I doubt many white nationalists would go so far as to marry Jews for this purpose, or convert to become rabbis.
Like the Israeli versus Palestinian conflict, this relationship is a complex one. Those who know me would not be surprised to learn that I feel a deep connection with the Palestinian people and Arabs in general. While most Jews have ceased being Semites in any meaningful way, the Arabs have retained some of our ancient traits – and even had the audacity to impose them on others. Yet I have no love for those who wish to kill me, and I have no affection for those who wish to destroy my people.
Of course I’ll accept the olive branch. This was never in doubt, since I was never at war with white nationalists to begin with. We can work together for the advancement of white people. But I have always condemned intermarriage and I’m used to being shouted down for this by liberals. If a few white nationalists join the chorus, then so be it.
What do I hope will come of this? I hope that baaltanit’s message spreads enough in the blogosphere that the outside world takes notice. I would be pleased to see newspaper headlines that read: “Neo-nazis* now encourage intermarriage with Jews in order to assimilate them to death.” This may get some young Jews to think about the consequences of marrying out. In other words, I hope it backfires. Is anybody surprised?
*Not a slur on my part; this is how the media would present it.

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  1. sigmatika says:

    “Neo-nazis* now encourage intermarriage with Jews in order to assimilate them to death.”This may get some young Jews to think about the consequences of marrying out.
    I would love to see that, because it might get young Gentiles to think about the consequences of marrying out.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I believe the original article is correct in that Jews (especially of my phenotype) are too few in number to make any impact on the white population. Intermarriage between Jews and gentiles, in the big picture, only hurts Jews.

      • sigmatika says:

        Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt us gentiles, what with the IQ disparity, but I meant my comment in a more general sense: people (at least whites) do not yet see the promotion of miscegenation as genocidal. If it is revealed that ‘racists’ are using it as a weapon of genocide, it could potentially make whites more aware.

  2. White Supremacists, Neo-nazis, etc. I hope you’re not talking about the Europeans and European Americans that would like to have their varied heritages preserved and have a homeland to themselves? There is no reason that Nationalism should be reserved for Japan, China, Israel, Zimbabwe, and other non-White populations and not for the various White races and cultures. The worst of the worst ‘leaders’ for pushing mass-importation of Third World, anti-White racists just happen to be NON-GOYS. While I support the Jews to have Israel as a homeland, I also support the idea that everyone of every race and culture should have an exclusive homeland–even people of European ancestry. England should be for the English, not for some violent Muslim anti-British. France should be for the French. Sweden should be for the Swedes. ETC. ‘Diversity’ is being wiped off the face of the earth by the ‘progressives’ who are pushing for assimilation of all races, but just in predominately White created, maintained, and inhabited countries–in the name of ‘diversity’.
    Anti-Semitism will not be cured by mass immigration into White countries. Muslims, for example, are going to be at the forefront of anti-Jewish sentiment.

    • Anonymous2 says:

      This woman is from Wisconsin and NYC, and went to Columbia, according to Wikipedia. Swedes are far left too. Modern Jews are increasingly conservative just because of demographic gaps; she is from a disappearing group/era.

      • SFG says:

        Not yet; they still love Obama. A few of them will plump for the Republicans because of Israel, but the fear of the Christian Right is too strong.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        SFG, 40 percent of NYC Jews are Orthodox, but 74 percent of Jewish children in NYC are Orthodox. Deeper religious connections, the decline of America’s status, and the declining power of Christianity as a potential “threat” will drive Jews away from the left within a couple generations.
        Republicans will eventually throw in the towel on economic conservatism; it has too many technological and demographic headwinds. Social conservatives who actually bother to reproduce are going to define future politics.
        Racism will also come back as sincere anti-racists destroy themselves by intermarriage. They took it too far.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        Given birthrate and intermarriage trends, my guess is that, if Orthodox Jews keep up their support for Republicans, the stereotypical Jewish political identification may flip solely due to demographics.

    • Aeloini says:

      I don’t see noting jewish interest in self-service ala neo-conservatism speaking in any significant way in regards to shifting ideological trends. The old guard of social and economic progressives are still social and economic progressives; juxtaposition with the progressives of the modern era does not objectively shift their politics right-wards. Ideologically, I think it is pretty clear that the jews you are noting would vote for the party labeled ‘Israeli fan-club’ whose platform otherwise opposed every fundamental tenet of healthy domestic society.
      The pervasive perspective regarding jews as a self-serving, insular group with ideologies that are explicitly harmful to gentiles while promoting their own interests will not be alleviated by a demographic shift to neo-conservatism. If the modern republican party were to become extinct as has happened time immemorial in our march towards social ‘progression’; what possibilities do you see for preservation of jewish interests in American politics? We are operating on the current axiom that a party in America will always exist that is friendly to Israe; do you see proof for this claim, with the increasing irrelevancy of the Republican party, propagation of leftist values outside of the Jewish community, and increasing belligerence towards Israel? I basically don’t see the trajectory of the current ideological and demographic shift of the Jewish community as changing popular sentiment towards jews in any significant way; I believe Jewish interests will always be Jewish interests.
      I want to make clear that I am not railing against ethnic separation, and I am not railing against any concept of zionism or jewish identity. If you bandy such terms loosely (or see them as valid), I would separate myself voluntarily from your caricature of an ‘anti-semite’. What I am railing against are concepts of jewish identity at the expense of remainder white European groups as Jewish politics continue to imply. You can be mad at me, but I am truly simply trying to contribute to the discussion. I have long wrestled with the function of Ashkenazi jews in European society, and well-written blogs like this serve my morbid curiosity in a very positive way.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    When I aired a year ago the idea that Gentile men could marry Jewish women, but not the other way around, Mindweapons in Ragnarok, freaked out, and banned me from his blog. Now he wants even Jewish men to marry Gentile women. Weird.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      Never quite understood that. While I understand that, technically, having a Jewish mother is what makes one Jewish, the four mixed-ethnicity Jewish people I’ve met who identified primarily as Jews had Jewish fathers, and their mothers converted to Judaism. The two I’ve met who had Jewish mothers were a Christian and an atheist, neither of whom identified strongly with their Jewish side.

      • SFG says:

        It’s the last name thing, I think. If you have a Jewish last name, people will tend to think you’re Jewish. If you don’t, they won’t.

  4. SFG says:

    Amusingly, I always thought I *was* white growing up in NYC; I don’t look that far off from an Italian, and while Israel is technically in Asia, I sure don’t look Chinese. I had figured the Klan’s dislike for Jews was more of a general particularism–they weren’t too fond of Catholics either for a while. It was only after reading all this WN stuff I began to have any doubts, and even then I’m still pretty pale.
    As for Western culture, well, who wrote the Old Testament, the Germans? What was Jesus’ ethnic background?

    • “As for Western culture, well, who wrote the Old Testament, the Germans? What was Jesus’ ethnic background?”
      This is indeed the dilemma for many antisemitic Christians. You see it a lot in End Times or conspiracy discussions: the “Jewish cabal,” “synagogue of Satan” etc.. But trust in Jesus (a Jew!) and you will be saved. The irony is lost on them. There are even some Russian Orthodox apologists who try to explain that Jesus was not in fact Jewish but a member of a long lost Russian tribe (lol)… likewise some Greek Orthodox (admittedly fringe people) will say he was Greek, since he spoke Greek. The Nazis were backed into a similar corner which might in part explain the contemporaneous theosophist trends in Nazi Germany.

  5. Uooomeka says:

    I thought that the Jews campaigned against white nationalists and especially against the neo Nazis who speak unkind things as holodomor, Jewish calendar, ops, liberal, for homosexuality, mass immigration, miscegenation and white guilt, all these movements born Jewish thinkers …
    Glad you opened my eyes. Thanks buddy!!

    • Janon says:

      Liberalism, pro-homosexuality, mass immigration and miscegenation aren’t the work of Jews alone. Certainly there was economic leftism before Marx (e.g. Robert Owen), and mass immigration to the U.S. was encouraged by some wings of business and government long before Jews made up any significant share of either, their goal being cheap labor. Even before that, there was importation of black slaves that may ultimately doom the whole enterprise of the New World with all of the problems it has caused. Again, the goal was cheap labor. But if the slaves had not been imported, there would of course be much less threat of miscegenation, no? And third-world immigration to Western Europe is more complicated, too. Adenauer’s government, with ex-Nazis in his cabinet, invited foreign guest workers into Germany. The immigration problems of Britain and France trace back to their third-world empires and the desire of the more elite locals to leverage the connection with the West for better lives. Sure, British “New Labor” party policy made things much worse, but there were already loads of Indians, Pakistanis and Caribbeans in the UK by the late ’60’s, and to a lesser extent members of these groups all had some presence there by the late 19th century. It makes you feel better to blame the Jews for the ills of the modern world, but it’s lazy and not the full truth.

    • SFG says:

      Jews were in bed with the left for a long, long time. The European monarchist and clerical right was anti-Semitic; the American story’s more complicated, seems to have started with FDR, and I don’t completely understand it even though I live here. FWIW, during my time in NYC I voted Republican because I feared crime.
      The immigration thing’s actually kind of a bad example, as the business lobbies (even in relatively goyish industries), the Catholic Church, and lots of other people are in on it too.

      • nebbish says:

        I know darned well that Jews are disproportionately leftist, but there was a European Left even before Jewish emancipation, After all, how important was the Jewish contribution to the French Revolution? The poster to whom I was responding, is intellectually lazy and wants to pin everything on Jews.

  6. Zimriel says:

    The whole WNThinkTank blog is gone, and that blog entry by Mindweapons has been deleted too.

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