Liberians need to learn from Americans

In America, academic tests are considered “racist” if not enough blacks pass them. Therefore, in America, our rulers see no problem with dumbing down the tests so that enough blacks pass them. This is routine procedure and has been for some time.
But it appears that Liberia has not yet received the memo; they still expect their students to adhere to old-fashioned academic standards. How quaint! So we read, on Yahoo news:

A class of none: Students go 0 for 25,000 on University of Liberia entrance exam

The failure by even a single student to gain admission underscores the difficulties still facing Liberia 10 years after its civil war ended.

The math was alarmingly simple. Nearly 25,000 students took the entrance exam for the University of Liberia this year, and every one of those nearly 25,000 failed.
In a sheepish press conference last week, the university announced that not a single applicant received a passing mark to attend one of the West African country’s flagship institutions, and that they would be required to lower their standards in order to populate a new freshman class…

To be honest, even as one who recognizes the importance of H.B.D. (human biodiversity), I suspect more is going on here than just dumb students. Surely there are some Liberians who are bright enough to pass the entrance exam. My guess is that, for some reason (cultural or political), these bright students have chosen to skip the exam. Perhaps all the bright ones are already so well off that they see no reason to pursue admission to university. Why work hard when you already have everything you need and your privileged station in life is assured?
As for that last question, it doesn’t apply to Western societies or Asian societies. In advanced societies, people seek knowledge, and self-improvement, even if they are already comfortable in life. In many cases, even more so. Do intelligent Africans lack the drive to improve themselves for no material benefit?
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7 Responses to Liberians need to learn from Americans

  1. Matt says:

    A degree from U. Liberia isn’t exactly a ticket to a job, even in Liberia. From what my single Nigerian friend has told me, most West Africans with the intelligence and/or ambition to succeed either try to emigrate to the US or Europe and work in the service industry. If you have the brains to go to college, you’re probably smart enough to realize that going to college in Liberia will do nothing for you.

  2. Zimriel says:

    Even with an average IQ of “terrible” that fabled Bell Curve still allows for a Talented Tenth. Even 1% of 25000 would net 250 people.
    Good L-rd, you’d think that even 25000 robots putting answers down at random would have yielded a few entries by chance. Something is seriously wrong here.
    I’m going to guess that the educational system there was so disrupted, that even the 1% (let’s be as racistly ungenerous as possible) of high-IQ Liberians didn’t get to prepare themselves for this.

  3. aisaac says:

    If you read the article, it says they have rigorous new standards to encourage meritocracy and reduce corruption (admitting connected students rather than bright ones). Not a bad idea, but it appears they overdid it.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Even if those standards were kept, they’re not intended to keep connected students out, only to prevent them from having an unfair advantage over unconnected students. If connected students, of their own free will, choose to skip the exam, who’s to stop them?

  4. AKAHorace says:

    I think that this actually says something positive about Liberia. It shows that the exam system is uncorrupted, this would not happen in a lot of other countries.

  5. Roger says:

    Meanwhile, it is this country that is one of the highest senders our immigration to our country relative to their population.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Your comment is more relevant to the following post. Whites are not allowed to be citizens of Liberia, so why should a majority white country take them in as citizens?

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