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Let's all jump at once

I was having a conversation with a coworker about ethnic identity. Having suckled at the teat of television for most of his life, he argued that we should all simply forget our ethnic affiliations and become one, loving, human race. … Continue reading

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Lipitor and Viagra

Here is a rule I generally follow: If an issue is too complex to wring the truth out of in a reasonable amount of time and effort, go with your gut feeling. Hence, when I was told that my cholesterol … Continue reading

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Immigration hurts secessionist movements

Localism is a good thing. Greater autonomy for distinct regions generally leads to more liberty. Even if specific regions trample upon human rights, their smaller geographical area makes it easier for those who feel oppressed to move to another region. … Continue reading

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Three whites bully a black boy…

… and then the black boy gets rescued by a former marine. My initial impression is that there is more to this story than we’re being told. ABC news reports: Jones’ instinct to protect kicked into overdrive when he stumbled … Continue reading

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Breaking news: George Zimmerman eats 3-egg omelet

George Zimmerman has eaten a three egg omelet sources say. According to his estranged wife, Shelly Zimmerman, George used to eat only two-egg omelets. This can only mean one thing, explains psychologist Dr. Dale Archer, “Zimmerman, wracked by guilt over … Continue reading

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From Africa: A cure for AIDS (and writer's block)

An easy blog post fell into my lap a couple of days ago. It came in the form of a spam email. It’s good for a chuckle: MY NAME IS MARIAM BAURICE FROM SOUTH AFRICA…I SAW THIS COMMENT ON POSITIVE … Continue reading

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A new blog has come online

It is with great satisfaction that I announce the publication, by a good friend of mine, of a new blog. This parody blog is called Diversity Chronicle and I think its author has a lot of talent. Here is one … Continue reading

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