Let's all jump at once

I was having a conversation with a coworker about ethnic identity. Having suckled at the teat of television for most of his life, he argued that we should all simply forget our ethnic affiliations and become one, loving, human race. I reminded him that non-whites are in no hurry to do so; it’s only whites who strive to eliminate themselves. I also referred to the following Pearls Before Swine comic, which had just come out:
pearls before swine2
The jumping penguin, of course, represents the white race.

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  1. countenance says:

    we should all simply forget our ethnic affiliations and become one, loving, human race
    And rainbows should be seen every day, dogs shouldn’t chase cats, cats shouldn’t chase mice, the ocean shouldn’t rush onto the beach, tornadoes shouldn’t destroy towns, etc.
    The only kind of people who believe this tripe are white people. Therefore, that message is promulgated by the disparate forces that have a vested interest in white people either disappearing, or becoming impotent, or in not being racially or ethnically aware.

  2. Anonymous2 says:

    Tell these leftists that you believe that all humans already are the same race, but that certain “enrichers” haven’t gotten the message, and you need to come up with your own group to defend yourself. They’ll get it eventually.
    I suspect the excessive altruism, lack of kinship loyalty, and “true believer” personality that pops up among American whites is from collateral damage. It’s a Puritan tendency that was turned up too loud in the mid 20th century.
    Clannish, freshly immigrated Jews wanted to assimilate and become as American as anyone else, and made media to aid in this, but it was too potent and over the top for individualist gentiles. Thus, many Jews do end up successfully assimilating, but they assimilate into a demographic death culture. They learn to play poker, and find out the game has changed to bridge.
    We see the next generation of Jews being most successful as separate, the ultra-orthodox. The following generation, the neo-reform movement that will inevitably emerge much later, will keep much of its assimilation media away from gentiles who would take it far too seriously. They won’t make the same mistake twice, if only because the WASP ruling elite is history and there are no fellow immigrant Euroethnics to work with. No one is going to envy the WASP in 20 years.

    • Janon says:

      Why do you expect a neo-Reform movement to arise among the ultra-Orthodox? They are much better at holding on to their adherents now than they were 100 years ago. They limit secular education opportunities (which limits job opportunities) for the young, marry their children off young and encourage them to have enormous families that suck up all of their time and resources.. Also, there is no new goldene medina across the ocean to which potential freiers can escape.

  3. jmf says:

    Social cohesion (solidarity, loyalty) is not necessarily the result of a simple formula, but there are some prevalent factors. One of the most prominent is shared hardship, which tends to instill a sense of value and appreciation for one’s peers, who understand one’s own situation and are likely to be in a position to help, if only in small ways. Prior to the Second World War, this was not a prosperous bourgeois society. My parents generation endured that, but only after going through the Great Depression. Large scale decadence began to occur after the war with the explosion of the upwardly mobile middle class. A person does not need to be concerned about long term relationships because the general level of social turnover will continually bring contact with a new set of people to whom one’s selfishness and treachery will be unknown. Earlier they would have opened their doors but several generations of hashing have made them too callous for that, but at least now they will be indifferent and there are no particular bad consequences for having been a snake. The mobility aspect of contemporary culture especially enables this.
    There are many other factors, but the point is that as long as the ground is fertile for self-absorbed couch potatoes, that is what is going to sprout. The tenor of a wholesome social fabric comes at some cost, financial, emotional, and moral. Why pay it if you don’t have to? In an environment such as we now have, those who try will likely experience discouraging results. The structure will rot until it collapses.
    This is not to say that one should not try to address the issues. However, it is likely that success will be limited. It is a time for learning, preparation, and strategy. The leadership of the next nation should begin to find each other and come together.

  4. Zimriel says:

    And in the long term, the other two penguins *don’t* get off the floe; they’ll get eaten too.

  5. Khorsabandi Ghoroodish says:

    Hello, mr. Jew. My name is Khorsabandi Ghoroodish. I am an iranian politician. Can I please know your position on iran and iranians?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Dear Mr. Gharoodish,
      As to my feelings on Iran, I would love to visit there some day. Iran has a tremendous amount of history and beautiful natural places. As for the people, from what I’ve heard, most of them are very agreeable.
      Are atrocities committed by the Iranian government? Obviously they are – but all governments are guilty of atrocities. The U.S. government more than most. Iran would do well to improve its track record on the rights of women and homosexuals – but without feminizing itself or glorifying the homosexual lifestyle.
      Regarding your second post, I think it would be great if Iran started a eugenics program. In reality though, all a government needs to do is refrain from funding the breeding of less intelligent people. It should simply let nature take its course. If it does that, eugenics will happen on its own.
      I would not consider Iran an enemy of the Jews, though it goes without saying that some Iranians would disagree. Like whites in general, Jews are our own worst enemy. Hope this helps.

      • SFG says:

        The mullahs certainly are. I don’t think Iranians themselves are all that bad–shoot, Persian Jews are still naming their kids Cyrus.

  6. Khorsabandi Ghoroodish says:

    I am sure you have heard and celebrate the low IQ of populaiton of Iran (according to Lynn, 85)
    I am currently thinking of a government plan to increase the IQ of iran, by contacting western professional biologists to build eugenic fertility clinics and genetic engineering facilities for the population. So that when our oil runs out we can create and export high-quality technical goods and financial services.
    This is not a threat. I am just saying for you not to consider iran as enemy of jews. There are people among us who read your blog, and olave d’estiane, and other racialist hbd blogs, and they say mean things about iran: brown, ugly, savages. We are spurred to action by such things. I thank them for this.

    • SFG says:

      They’re afraid of the Muslims thronging Europe, I think. Muslims are doing some pretty bad things to Jews (and gentile whites!) in Europe. I’m not so sure they’ll wipe out Europe, but they at least seem to be forming an African-American-style racial underclass.
      Most of the Iranians I knew were fairly secular. The dudes really hated religion. Of course, those are the ones who came here. I do actually think it has the potential to become at least as civilized as Turkey–unlike many Muslim countries, there actually is a culture outside Islam (dating back quite a while in Persia/Iran), but you’d have to get rid of the mullahs first.
      BTW, most white nationalists hate Jews (I can name about 2 that don’t), largely due to the large role of Jewish liberalism. I know this can be hard to see due to America’s support of Israel, and you’re thinking, ‘Wait, aren’t they on the same side?’ The only thing to really add is that societies that seem monolithically hostile from outside often have their own divisions from inside.

      • jmf says:

        “BTW, most white nationalists hate Jews (I can name about 2 that don’t), largely due to the large role of Jewish liberalism.”
        Maybe it’s off topic, but white nationalists have every reason to hate liberal Jews, It may not be right or fair for them to hate all Jews, but it is understandable, since there really do not appear to be that many non-liberal Jews. You have to look pretty hard to see them, in comparison to the absolutely conspicuous presence of Jews in liberal politics, news media, Hollywood, and anti-white organizations like the SPLC. And there’s George Soros. Jews are not the entirety of the left, but there is no question that they are drivers and leaders.
        Coming to a website like this, and to some of its links, I see there are Jews who are white nationalists. But I am totally surprised. I was not expecting to discover that. And it appears there are Jews who hate the liberal Jews just as much as the other white nationalists. Who knew? Oculus talks about the Red Jews and the Blue Jews, here’s a link – http://issuu.com/robertoculusiii/docs/the_white_book?e=6928306/2596085. He says there where Jews at the very core of the Confederacy, not a well known fact.
        Is there anything to do about that? White nationalism is in the position where it needs all the friends it can get. I would guess that non-liberal Jews are in the same position. Isn’t there some effort that could be made to reconcile the two groups?

      • SFG says:

        I pretty much said that, though not in so many words. 😉 thanks for the link, though.
        Thing is, due to the historical bad blood, *which I completely understand now* (though I will say that Communism was at least partially an understandable Russian response to the tyranny of the czar), I can’t feel safe associating with any WN group, just because I’m afraid the neo-Nazis will gain power and try to kill me.
        Of course, I don’t like what the NAMs are doing to the USA either, so all I can do is do what mainstream Republicans do and advocate for stronger borders, etc. I bear the white race no ill will–heck, I thought I was *part* of it until a few years ago–but WN scares me.

      • MontU says:

        I’m not a WN, but I am a white goy, and as such I feel free to point out that whatever damage Jews may have done to white or formerly white societies, we have done worse to yours.
        Without the Holocaust, the Jewish population would be as many as 30 million, not the 18 million it is presently. Has Jewish influence been such that, without you guys, our population would be approximately 2 billion instead of approximately 1 billion? Of course not.
        I’m not a self-loathing white person and I don’t think whites living today should be made to feel guilty about the Holocaust. But come on. If you guys can forgive *that*, I think we can forgive your support of socialism or what have you.

        • jewamongyou says:

          It seems Jewish support for communism was partly to blame for the Holocaust in the first place. As for Jewish support for genocidal policies against whites, we’re dooming ourselves through such policies as well.

      • MontU says:

        My point was simply that we have done more damage to you than you have done to us. Regardless, it is better for both sides to bury the hatchet and stop engaging in what is essentially internecine fighting.

  7. Yankee Echo says:

    The other two penguins definetely do not represent blacks. If they did, instead of the one saying “I feel kinda bad about that”, they’d both be doubled over in laughter at what just happened to the other penguin.

    • SFG says:

      I always figured the one who said ‘I feel kinda bad about that’ was the Asians.
      Of course, I really, really doubt the writer of the comic had any of this in mind!

    • jmf says:

      The penguins are all white people. The jumper is White Pride, the other two are gawking and covering their asses, watching to see what will happen (cowards). The bear is the liberal beast and its pc army.

  8. jmf says:

    Tried to reply above but could not.
    I understand your caution, have misgivings myself. But recalling the recent federal ammo purchase makes me think maybe the Nazis have already taken over.

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