How did I know it was a black man?

When I saw this headline earlier today, but was not able to read the details, I assumed the culprit was a ghetto black (a nigger). The story appeared on Opposing Views:

Video: Blind Man Beaten in Broad Daylight While No One Helps

Philadelphia police are looking for a man who pushed a blind man over, punched him, kicked him repeatedly and then stole his bag, according to the Daily Mail. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.
Cameras also caught at least two people who were there and did nothing during the attack.
The 33-year-old victim is shown walking past a deli in Germantown, Philadelphia just after noon on Oct. 2 before being pushed over from behind. The attacker punches the victim twice and kicks him numerous times. The attacker then goes to a shop, taking the man’s backpack with him…
Police described the attacker as a 20-year-old black man wearing a tan baseball cap, tan shirt and khaki pants.

I could have been wrong; whites have been known to do horrible things too – but this sort of behavior has “nigger” written all over it.  Actually, it’s insulting to even call such a being a “man” at all. If I were black, I would not want him to be called a “black man.” I’d much rather call him a “nigger” in order to distinguish between decent black folk and the likes of him.

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10 Responses to How did I know it was a black man?

  1. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Enough already ship these animals back to Afryca!

  2. countenance says:

    How did you know it was an ook?
    Because you parted with the extra $500 and upgraded to the higher quality nigdar.

  3. Georgia Resident says:

    Generally, if a crime stands out for its senseless cruelty and brutality, the probability of it being a nigger increases dramatically. What makes black violence disturbing to whites is not just how widespread it is, but also how casually blacks can inflict heinous cruelty on complete strangers. While one occasionally finds, among the most sociopathic whites, cruelty that equals that of blacks, the average white criminal doesn’t go out of his way to harm his victim like the negro criminal does.

    • Stealth says:

      Correct. Beatings administered by white people generally don’t involve five or more offenders and don’t result in brain damage and broken eye sockets.

  4. It probably requires special low intelligence to commit acts of violence in front of a known surveillance camera.
    Here it was not so obvious, but adolescents beating a colleague in front of the school bus camera, that is dumb.
    Often they commit the violence and then post it on (?)

  5. “Police described the attacker as a 20-year-old black man wearing a tan baseball cap, tan shirt and khaki pants.”
    surprising they mentioned race (which does not exist). Furthermore it is racist. Police should arrest a few Asians as suspects, too.

  6. countenance says:

    OTOH, this is going to create an interesting intersectionality. Physically disabled victim, black doer. What’s a good lib to do?

  7. peppermint says:

    Usually when Whites are cruel, it’s out of considered malice. With niggers, cruelty just seems to be instinctual.
    The reason for this qualitative difference in behavior has to be evolutionary.
    It appears that, from examining the cultures niggers naturally form, especially in their natura habitat, niggers had to be the most impressive specimen around, and then they would breed all the nigger sows. Ostentatious displays of cruelty would have been a way for them to display dominance.

  8. TNB keeps lowering the bar. A BLIND man? Really?! The nigger has no soul! If I were a Black man, I would DEMAND stiffer penalties for these animals, in order to get these scum off the streets. ‘Snitching’ should be mandatory, if the entire Black race doesn’t want to be seen like this. Screw Black ‘solidarity’! These niggers make all Black people look bad.

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