Jewish domination of the slave trade

I just watched the following Youtube video by David Duke:
I couldn’t find part two, but I had a few quick thoughts on the matter I wanted to share with y’all.
First of all, nobody alive today should be apologizing for American slavery. Just as whites needn’t apologize for the long-ago actions of a few, so too should Jews not have to.
Taking Duke’s statistics at face value, I can think of two reasons that slave ownership would have been higher among Jews:
1) Jews were wealthier and more of them could afford slaves
2) Jews have a moral defect that persists to this day
I think it’s a combination of these two factors. Speaking from personal experience and my own observations, the Jewish moral defect is actually two defects. The first is a more general moral defect that afflicts religious people of all faiths. When people are given a code to live their lives by, over time they equate adherence to that code as “morality” and violation of that code as “immorality.” That is to say, any action would surely have been prohibited by God if it were truly immoral. The fact that Scripture endorses slavery must mean that there is nothing wrong with it. In this worldview, there is little room for moral scruples outside of what has already been condemned by the word of God. We find a similar attitude in today’s America regarding the law. So many new laws have been passed that there is often an assumption that anything that is legal must also be moral. If it were truly immoral, “they” would surely have already passed a law against it. In either case, it’s a childish way to live one’s life. I think this is the moral defect that was at work in the times of slavery.
Some rabbis recognized this problem and tried to address it. The result was the Musar movement in 19th century Eastern Europe. Books of musar are studied in yeshivas to this day. In a sense, they serve as an artificial conscience and I think they are helpful. I don’t think they can make a bad person good, but they do serve to remind those on the edge that there is a wider morality. Had the musar movement taken root among the wealthy Sephardic Jews of early America, it’s likely that they would have been less active in the slave trade.
The second Jewish moral defect is more relevant today. Judaism served as our moral compass for many centuries. When that compass was taken away, but the moral compass of the dominant, Christian, majority had not yet had time to take root, it created a moral void. This is one reason Jews have been so prominent in the more trashy aspects of Western culture, including the movie industry. We often find ourselves living in a moral no-man’s land. The first half of the 20th century saw millions of Jews being estranged from their ancestral culture. This is also the time when secular Jewish debauchery reached its peak, with those who had reached leadership positions lingering to this day. Today, even though the root cause of the darkness has diminished, we still suffer from a new status quo that it created. Liberalism has imposed its own infantile form of morality upon society, a “morality” that brings more harm than good. Meanwhile, traditional morality feebly struggles to find its footing again. Hopefully, a meaningful moral code, other than Islam, will assert itself before the damage is too great.
By the way, the text displayed on Duke’s video is from the Book of Esther. I’m not sure how that pertains to slavery; he should have used something more pertinent in my opinion – unless he’s equating himself with Haman (which would be rather funny).

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  1. DiverCity says:


  2. You should tell the same to the Germans.
    First of all, nobody alive today should be apologizing for American slavery. Just as whites needn’t apologize for the long-ago actions of a few, so too should Jews not have to.
    Germany will go bankrupt because they felt obliged to ditch the German Mark, and now to bail out all other countries in Europe, because of guilt feelings regarding the holocaust.
    While Turks have no such feelings towards the Armenian holocaust, nor do the Russians constantly feel guilt for Stalin’s misdeeds.
    Out of this guilt, Germany also accepts unqualified immigrants and Asylum seekers from all over the world.

    • SFG says:

      JAY has come out as saying Germans have the right to be German, as I recall.
      First of all, the Russians were the victims of Stalin’s misdeeds as well as the perpetrators, so the analogy doesn’t quite hold.
      Secondly, while guilt *does* play a role, let’s not forget the Germans are surrounded by their former victims–France, Poland, Holland, and so on. Priority #1 for them is going to be making sure everyone knows they’re not coming over their borders with 10,000 soldiers again.

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  4. sebastianprinsloo says:

    The evidence of this moral void has always been before our eyes, however nobody has dared address it, because it is inexorably entwined with liberalism and anti-semitism. I dare say that this is the same moral void that pervades the liberal psyche and drives Soetero and his cabal. It is endorsed from and by Hollywood and here is the link to Jews.I would venture that this is also an American phenomenon, because nowhere else would a puppet like Barry have ever been elected.

  5. irishsavant says:

    first is a more general moral defect that afflicts religious people of all faiths. When people are given a code to live their lives by, over time they equate adherence to that code as “morality” and violation of that code as “immorality.”
    Exactly. And that’s what p*sses me off with all organised religions. You perform whatever rituals are prescribed and this absolves you from being a decent human being. I know. I’m from Ireland.

  6. Zimriel says:

    According to Arabian Nights – “I’ll sell you to a Jew!” was the Oriental equivalent to “I’ll sell you to the Gypsies!”. So it was an open secret that the Jews were big in the slave-trade. Also see Jacob Mann, “The Responsa of the Babylonian Geonim as a Source of Jewish History”, II.144f.
    [Mann points out that not very many responsa deal with slavery. Most Jews didn’t touch the stuff. There were laws against keeping a slave too long, for instance, unless the slave converted to Judaism. Of course traders believed themselves exempted, I suppose on the excuse that they weren’t keeping the slaves for their own use.]
    Here’s a (3), take it as you will: Jews were often not allowed landed property, and where they were allowed to settle they were always at risk of being shaken down for cash. (In Islam as well as in Europe, note.) But if the property was in moveable property, it gave the trader an excuse to stay on the move. Slaves are like cattle in this respect.

  7. destructure says:

    First of all, nobody alive today should be apologizing for American slavery. Just as whites needn’t apologize for the long-ago actions of a few, so too should Jews not have to.
    I agree. I see people on all sides using history as a weapon. I’ve seen some use slavery to attack whites, nazism to attack gentiles and communism to attack jews. Occasionally there are legitimate concerns. Usually, they’re only concern is justifying their own bigotry and infecting others with it. I won’t say I’ve never done it. And a couple of times unfairly. Now I try not to do it first. Mostly defensive to shut someone else up.
    WW2 ended a long time ago and we should be more concerned about future risks than past grudges. But people get angry and can’t move on. I figure that’s what’s really bugging Duke. He doesn’t really care if Jews owned slaves. If he were merely pushing back against others’ abuses then I could kind of understand. But I get the feeling he enjoys it too much.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes. It occurred to me to question Duke’s motivation. But this is what leftists do. When faced with an uncomfortable fact, instead of approaching it head on, they’ll accuse the messenger of sinful motivations and avoid addressing the actual issue.

      • destructure says:

        Most people have sinful (or at least emotionally derived) motivations. At least at one time or another. I think it best to examine both the argument and the motive, albeit separately. Neither disqualifies (or justifies) the other. But understanding the merits of an argument as well as the motives for making it gives one deeper insight into an issue. You’re definitely right about the dangers of focusing on motives, though. It’s too easy to use motive as an excuse to avoid the issue.

  8. Anonymous2 says:

    “When people are given a code to live their lives by, over time they equate adherence to that code as “morality” and violation of that code as “immorality.” That is to say, any action would surely have been prohibited by God if it were truly immoral. The fact that Scripture endorses slavery must mean that there is nothing wrong with it.”
    This belief usually culminates in acceptance of abortion, with predictable consequences. Some obvious issues seem to be left to man to figure out, to weed out the morally bankrupt every few generations.
    But, apologizing for slavery hasn’t ever done any good for those who used to do it. See how no one cares about Arab slavery. They don’t apologize for it, or for anything else. Apologies and forgiveness are concepts meant for an in-group.

  9. MT Isa MIner says:

    In your second last paragraph you say that Jews lost their moral compass. Why? How did it happen? Did it happen everywhere at once?
    I am ignorant of history ( just starting out) and asking because most Jews in most places except Israel ( maybe even most Jews there) seem to be Left wing so they seem to have replaced it with socialism/communism?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, exactly. They’ve replaced the religion of Judaism with the religion of liberalism. At least liberalism gives them some sort of moral code to live by – but it’s an extremely immature one and often counterproductive. But a lot of Jews never replaced their ancestral religion with anything. Instead, they became money-hungry hedonists.

      • SFG says:

        I suppose, though there were plenty of gentile and Arab slavers too. I think the role of Jews in crappy modern media (which is more important as it continues today, whereas Duke is just stirring up resentment over something that happened 200 years ago) is more interesting–a resentment of traditional Christian ethics without hewing to traditional Jewish ethics (which would probably prohibit the crap they’re churning out now) is more believable there.

  10. MT Isa MIner says:

    Thanks for your reply, JAY, it’s hard to find anyone that talks about this. Even though as you say this group are one if not THE main drivers of western societies now. Most of us have no idea how it happened that we lost our leadership or our way and so we have so hope of regaining it, even if we want to. Not touching the Q of whether we deserve to- having given it up without a fight.

  11. Stogumber says:

    Interesting stuff, and I will follow your link to the musar literature in a moment. But don’t you think that Jewish racism plays a part in that slavery matter – some Jews feeling that they are something else than the slaves and that moral rules which apply to Jews wouldn’t apply to them?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course they did, but so did practically everybody else in that era. People naturally view other races as “something else”. If you have time, you should read “On Genetic Interests” by Frank Salter.

  12. Justme says:

    When you say that Jews “lost their moral compass, what exactly do you mean? I have had the impression that one of the aspects that has been effective in keeping diaspora Jews “together” regardless of where they are in the world is their strict adherence to Judaism and its traditions. Is this not so?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I was referring mainly to secular Jews, and in recent times. There’s actually some ancient rabbinical literature, though I can’t cite it for you since I can’t remember where I saw it, that warns about Jews who have forsaken Judaism. It says that such Jews are a scourge to the world.

  13. Alexandra says:

    One thing that frustrates me about white nationalism is the “Jews are to blame for everything” crowd. I can be a white nationalist (though I’m part Cherokee, I hope…just a tiny fraction) and not be an anti-Semite.
    I highly recommend the Vatican Assassins site at The site owner is a race realist and a Christian, and he doesn’t pull the “blame everything on the Jews” nonsense.
    I post on AmRen btw…you should recognize my name. 🙂

    • Shooter says:

      I, too, am frustrated with the “Jews did everything” crowd because it provokes more questions than answers and makes the world so simple; simple, and if it really were that easy I think the problem could be solved lickety-split. Not so.
      As for Judaism, I am genuinely curious in its history. Of course, in the WN eye, it’s a Jewish plot, Christianity is a Jewish plot…you get the picture. In this way, they’re not right-wingers but leftists, because leftists really do believe this.

  14. Robert Marchenoir says:

    You need to be commended for tackling this issue, JAY. However, David Duke is not a reliable source. He’s an authentic “anti-Semite”, if, by this, we mean “a person with an irrational hate of Jews not founded on fact”.
    There are several factual errors in this video.
    David Duke says that 7 to 10 million Africans died in the transatlantic slave trade. This seems totally outlandish, and no source is mentioned.
    The transatlantic slave trade is very well documented. One reliable academic on the African slave trade is the Frenchman Olivier Pétré-Grenouilleau. In Les traites négrières, Gallimard (2004), he says the most likely figures are those compiled by David Eltis : 11 062 000 deported from Africa and 9 599 000 brought into the Americas, between 1519 and 1867 (The Volume and Structure of the Transatlantic Slave Trade : a Reassessment, in The William and Mary Quarterly, January 2001).
    Notice how those figures are precise down to the thousands, spanning three and a half centuries. That would make for 1 463 000 deaths during the crossing.
    Philip D. Curtin was the first to publish a detailed study on the issue, in 1969, with The Atlantic Slave Trade : a Census. His figures were less precise, but similar : 11 million deported, 9,5 million delivered.
    Other authors have reached similar conclusions for the number of slaves deported : Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch in 1985 (11 698 000), Joseph Inikori in 2002 (12 700 000).
    Where did David Duke pluck his 7 to 10 million dead from ?
    He pretends that the transatlantic slave trade was “the most cruel and murderous of this period”. Although what period he alludes to is not clear to me, this is misleading at best.
    Not once in the whole video does he mention the Muslim trade in African slaves, which was massive and spanned a much longer period. Whereas the French and British traded Africans for 150 years, the Muslims did so for 1 200 years… and counting.
    Western nations have abolished slavery, and used their military might to enforce the ban. Islam mandates slavery, and Muslims have never abolished it completely.
    Although figures are much more scarce on the Muslim side of the trade, its sheer duration makes it very unlikely that Muslims took less Africans than Westerners did.
    Also, the Muslim way was arguably much more cruel than the Christian way (even if we factor in Jewish merchants). Muslims routinely castrated male slaves before selling them, and did so with a special Muslim twist : they cut off all the genitalia. Unsurprisingly, 80 % of the victims perished.
    This was done deliberately in order to prevent miscegenation. The ploy succeeded. Despite 1 200 years of trading African slaves into North Africa and the Middle-East, there is no discernible Black community in those Muslim countries today. And no “Black problem”, either. Compare that with the United States, South America or the West Indies…
    David Duke, therefore, shows some phenomenal chutzpah when quoting a book by Nation of Islam as a reliable source on the issue. Of course extremist, violent American Blacks belonging to a Muslim sect would emphasize the role of Jews as slave traders ! And keep mum on Muslim slave traders. Or black African slave traders, for that matter.
    Here’s another dirty little secret that you’ll never hear from the PC, neo-Marxist brigade : African chiefs and kings were, themselves, major slave traders. Black Africans were bought and sold as slaves by black Africans to other black Africans, long before the Jews, Americans, French or English did so.
    In fact, it was because Africans were already traded as a commodity within Africa, by Africans themselves, that European merchants took the idea one step further and sold them into America. The transatlantic trade was essentially done from the sea ports. Whites (and Jews) did not venture into the continent. That part of the slave trade was operated by the natives. African kings got very wealthy selling other Africans into slavery.
    Finally, David Duke pretends that Jews dominated the slave trade worldwide during the last 2000 years. This is certainly a wide exaggeration. Jews were over-represented in many commercial ventures ; the slave trade may have been but one of them (it certainly was for the transatlantic slave trade ; I don’t think anybody disputes this).
    But it is disingenuous to present things that way. Jews, to the extent that they took part in this market, were only middle-men. Many nations, peoples and races have practiced the slave trade in the last 2000 years. This was considered as normal. It is stupid to pass moral judgement on past deeds based on today’s criteria.
    Of course, it’s justified to expose the lies of leftist Jews who support mass Third-World immigration into the West by exploiting white guilt, while sweeping the Jewish role in black slavery under the rug.
    But blaming it all on the Jews is dishonest and historically false.

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