The Perils of an Ideological Approach

Men’s rights spokesman Karen Straughan has a mastery of the English language that few can rival. Her powers of analysis are also impressive. Here we see this astute woman exposing the flawed mindset of the feminist movement.
Watch the video here.
A lot of what she says applies equally to racial issues. If she avoids racial issues, it would probably be because of the “non-overlapping camp effect”. In other words, she would alienate some of her men’s rights supporters, and weaken her clout, by weighing in on other controversial issues. Each controversial issue a person takes on will diminish his influence within other camps. They say, “I don’t associate with so and so, because he supports this or that and it would tarnish our image.”
She’s smart enough to know the truth about race, but her focus is elsewhere. Please give her a thumbs up.

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2 Responses to The Perils of an Ideological Approach

  1. Anonymous2 says:

    “She’s smart enough to know the truth about race, but her focus is elsewhere.”
    On the contrary, it is the lack of respect for men that has thrown all high IQ populations into demographic death spirals. This includes Iranians compared to Arabs, Koreans compared to Indonesians, and even Ethiopians compared to Somalians. It is global, and it is caused by education.
    The world needs to be reminded that education of high quality peoples is meant for war. If there is no war, then it is wasted; women will look at their educated men as pathetic nerds. Educated arguments, and ideology, is missing the reality that our current problems are being dictated by the id, not the ego. Low IQ people are running on instinct, and their instinct to breed is winning!
    The only benefit of feminist and anti-feminist whining, on both sides, is that it exposes how utterly pointless education/ideology has become. It isn’t going to decide the future because nuclear weapons have made formal war impossible, and thus formal education a waste. That’s what the point of education historically was; job skills aren’t even remotely a consideration.

    • SFG says:

      It’s not lack of respect for men–Japan’s pretty male chauvinist, and their TFR’s way down. Same with Russia.
      It’s a larger problem that, in more industrialized societies, children are a cost rather than a resource. So some people choose not to have them. This actually doesn’t really hurt you that much in war because industrialization makes you a hell of a lot better in terms of weapons manufacture, etc.
      The differential in reproduction by IQ is another story and has to do with welfare, etc. But it’s also true that the wealth produced by industrial society lets dumb people overbreed.

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