The reasonable silent black majority?

An intelligent, well-spoken, black person can make a living simply by being a conservative. Whites who oppose “affirmative action” are among the quickest to practice it themselves when they see an opportunity to attach themselves to a “person of color” who holds similar values. They’ll trip over themselves to show their support for conservative blacks, while barely even acknowledging equally qualified whites. They want to show their leftist overlords (or themselves) that they’re not racist. I’ve done it myself in the past. Not so much to show anybody else that I’m not racist, but partly because I wanted to show myself that I’m not racist. In other words, to show myself that I’m capable of being friendly with people of any background. But that was a long time ago. These days I’m well  past that stage. Last night I shopped at Safeway, and the woman behind the counter sported a wide smile and a good attitude. It didn’t matter to me that she was black; I gave her that smile and attitude right back. I’m a happier person that way, and I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
Some racialist bloggers, of the sort that usually rant against “the Jews,” will link to me now and then. I’m sure most of them simply agree with what I have to say (or disagree, as the case might be), or want to show their support because we’re in the same camp. But some of them probably also use me as a way of saying, “See! I’m not an anti-Semite; I even have a Jewish friend.” They’re giving me “affirmative action.” I don’t blame them one bit. Ranting against “the Jews” doesn’t mean one is full of hatred for ALL Jews, and they’re simply emphasizing that point. Nothing wrong with that. I sometimes rant against “the blacks,” but I don’t hate any individual just because he’s black. I think a lot of leftists are incapable of making such distinctions.
I was reading an article today, on Yahoo News, about a celebrity named Julianne Hough (I’d never heard of her until then):

Looks like Julianne Hough learned the hard way that some people take offense in the 21st century when white starlets wear black face.

Yet there she was, dressed up as the African-American inmate Crazy Eyes, so memorably portrayed by Uzo Aduba on “Orange Is the New Black.” The actress was attending the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood with friends, who also went as characters from the buzzy new Netflix series.

The internet was not amused. To her credit, the “Dancing With the Stars” winner and “Rock of Ages” actress quickly apologized on Twitter for her choice of costume.

Here are a couple of comments:


Hello world! African American man here. I have a hunch that a good majority of my race is not “outraged” by this…AT ALL. We actually couldn’t care less. IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS lol. It’s the media who makes a big deal out of it. So PRETTY PLEASE stop thinking it is African Americans who are actually that darn sensitive. This bothers us not. (804 thumbs up).
jenean p

People really need to get a grip. Not that speak for all black people but I’m black and I didn’t find her costume offensive. I do find it offensive, however, when racism is assumed where it was never intended. (2.6k thumbs up).
With that many thumbs up, is it unrealistic to hope that the editors at Yahoo will take note and wake up from their racial marxist coma? If so many people, both white and black, think the paranoia over supposed “white racism” is overblown and counterproductive, why can’t they rise up and overthrow the leaders of the status quo?
I suspect that, while many blacks are fully aware that “white racism” is, for the most part, a bogey man, they have no incentive to make it go away. On the contrary, they have every reason to maintain the status quo; that’s how they get their goodies: Government handouts, programs and institutional racism in their favor (affirmative action). Nevertheless, I’m encouraged by comments such as the above. It’s a good start.
I’m not convinced that Mich’s hunch (first comment above) is correct – that a majority of blacks are not hypersensitive about hyped up “racism.” I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure; people aren’t always honest in surveys. If there is such a majority, then they need to be more vocal. They need to organize and openly fight against the media “making a big deal out of it.” So far, I don’t see this happening.


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  1. icareviews says:

    Yahoo will keep promoting crud of this sort as the day’s cause celebre as long as it gets a lot of views. Race interests people, and they’ll click on anything race-related, if only out of simple prurience. I agree with some of the sentiments of your post, however. Stop squandering your time, your hopes and dreams, on the Allen Wests, Hermain Cains, and other mediocrities of the world, America! There is no black messiah.

  2. countenance says:

    Proof of your point here is that the first two comments on that Yahoo story got so many thumbs up. They were probably from white people who held the same opinion but all of a sudden felt socially validated in holding it because some (apparent) black people also said it. It’s as if white people have gotten so weak that they think they need permission from some non-white to think they way they do.
    An intelligent, well-spoken, black person can make a living simply by being a conservative. Whites who oppose “affirmative action”
    That’s why I think many black “conservatives” are faking it as a hustle to make a living.

    • Zimriel says:

      The two toms – Clarence T, and T Sowell – are exceptions. But they prove your point, because both are at a stage where they don’t care.
      As a better example, you might also consider black comedians, and Tyler Perry. They put out some shocking material; to such a point that I have literally posted their comments at American Renaissance. They are, of course, speaking to a black audience. Which means they don’t have to cater to the BS that whites lap up.

  3. Stealth says:

    Good post.

  4. BAF says:

    It would be nice to know the truth. Do the majority of Blacks hate Whites and Jews hate European Christians? While I dislike generalizing, this is what we are told, so when I find Blacks and Jews believe as I do, I’m more than happy to include them. For me, it’s similar beliefs, and values, not race or ethnicity.

    • Zimriel says:

      In many ways, high IQ New York Jews* are to European Christians, what European Christians are to Blacks. Hashing that out would take a whole series of posts, which posts have probably already been posted, including here.
      (*note, we’re not talking about the Orthodox, the middle-class schlubs, or even our host here – whose IQ, I’d put up against almost anyone’s – we’re talking about the NY Times set.)

  5. Anonymous2 says:

    New York people in general take a lot of things for granted, and leave a lot of things unsaid. Problems happen when outsiders are impressed by their prestige, and accept all of what they say at face value. The results are ugly. There is also the phenomenon of newbie immigrants falling for their own propaganda in New York, and having to relearn the old lessons every few generations. It’s a part of that city’s culture.
    Jews love New York because it is an urban, cutthroat environment. Safe, sterile suburbs are very dangerous to a naturally beta male group, because they become excessively civilized too easily. Urban life at its best is a crucible for forging the best groups and toasting the poseurs.

  6. The pc crowd tells Blacks that whites are to blame for their high crime rate, their low academic success, their low standard of living.
    This of course fans hate against the white oppressor.
    Jewamongyou, unfortunately, there are not many intelligent blacks around. Blacks above an IQ of 115 are as rare as whites of mensa qualifications of IQ 130. And only 2% of Ashkenazi Jews have an IQ below the US average IQ of Blacks (85).

    • deltapolis says:

      Don’t assume that there are even that many – I suspect blacks are more closely grouped around their mean IQ, whatever that is – and I suspect its also somewhat lower than the always assumed 85. Same goes for Asians – hence a lot of average smart Asians but few real geniuses. Wish there could be some research on this, unfortunately we only have courageous heretics like Richard Lynn who (after passing and being generally ignored) no doubt will be slandered as a “particularly heinous type of scientific racist”.

      • destructure says:

        Since you asked. The black average of 85 is not evenly distributed. I’m sure you’re familiar with self-selection bias in immigration where immigrants tend to be smarter than average for the population they left behind. Blacks underwent self-selection bias in migration to the north in the early 20th century. The black average in the north is 90 but the black average in the south is 80. That means southern blacks are as likely to have an IQ of 60 as 100. For some of you outside the south, let that soak in.

  7. DiverCity says:

    I happened to catch the Today show this morning, which is where I first heard about the Hough incident. Matt Lauer said a white wearing black face is always “problematic.” Don’t you just love that word?

  8. destructure says:

    Some racialist bloggers, of the sort that usually rant against “the Jews,” will link to me now and then. I’m sure most of them simply agree with what I have to say (or disagree, as the case might be), or want to show their support because we’re in the same camp. But some of them probably also use me as a way of saying, “See! I’m not an anti-Semite; I even have a Jewish friend.” They’re giving me “affirmative action.”
    I’ve linked you for years. I assure you it’s not affirmative action. I have, however, been reluctant to add Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams to my blogroll because I thought others might think I was using them to ‘prove’ I wasn’t racist. I’ve also been reluctant to add others because I didn’t want to be associated with them. There are even a few of my own posts I didn’t publish for that reason. Last but not least, there’s a few blogs I haven’t linked because I didn’t think they’d want to be associated with me. That’s kind of silly because my blog isn’t well-known enough for me to care.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Obscure bloggers like ourselves can allow ourselves the privilege of being silly now and then. Also, I remember your humble beginnings at “restructure”. What a joke of a place!

      • destructure says:

        I’d almost forgotten about her. LOL! Which reminds me of when I added you. I started my blog a few months after yours and yours was the only one I was reading at the time. I still swing by every now and then to catch up on your posts. I sometimes read futurepundit/parapundit. But I probably read Lionoftheblogosphere and dailykenn the most right now. If you haven’t read dailykenn you should check it out. It’s a drudgereport clone with a section for his own blog posts and a section for viral videos. He’s racial without being malicious. He’s a very bright older fellow with a folksy manner.

  9. Douglas says:

    While I do know there are some blacks who see the truth of our current PC culture, I am still very suspecious when I see someone comment and say they are a black person. It is too easy to lie when you are making a comment and simply say you are black then rant against other blacks

  10. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Destructure,
    Thanks. I’ll definitely check him out.

  11. Atheistracerealist says:

    While Jayman is a good writer I always assumed the reason other race realist bloggers made a big deal of him was because he’s Black.
    It’s the same “see I’m not racist! Oh and he’s Black so that gives extra weight to HBD!”
    Which is the worst logical fallacy. No truth hinges on whether a Black believes it or not.

    • SFG says:

      Actually, though, he is one of the more interesting to HBD bloggers, at least in part to me, because he’s a liberal. Most of the HBD bloggers seem to be neoreactionaries who want a Catholic monarchy or some other form of government that doesn’t seem very practical in this day or age. Because Jayman has to hold two contradictory ideas in his head at one time, and is less ideologically invested, he can look at all kinds of evidence and follow the data where it goes, rather than having to advocate for white nationalism, monarchy, or some other viewpoint. Truth is neither left nor right.

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