Who's the loudest of them all?

I recently traveled on the Portland MAX (our version of the subway that’s mostly above ground). Among the various signs posted above us was this one:
Let’s forget, for a moment, that people rarely have loud telephone conversations in public anymore; they text each other instead.  Are white women offended by such signs? Of course not – because they know such accusations are ridiculous. Everybody knows that white women are not a major source of annoying noise on urban public transportation. But let’s say, hypothetically, that the sign had the black man yammering away on his phone, and the white woman being annoying. The uproar would be instantaneous. It would be national news, and the City of Portland would quickly grovel in front of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Representing racial reality the way it actually is, or even displaying a sign that has a basis in racial reality, is offensive.
But we should be offended. The City of Portland could easily have depicted two race-neutral individuals of the same gender. That way, the sign couldn’t be construed as being hateful toward any particular group. But not only did they turn this into a racial scenario, they even made the extra effort to make sure her eyes were blue. Brown eyes just wouldn’t do; somebody might have mistaken her for Mexican or Asian.
Why did they make the offender female? My guess is in order to have the sign include more diversity. This was more important to them than risking upsetting women – which wouldn’t happen anyway in this case. Also, race trumps gender.

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  1. peppermint says:

    In my town, the buses have a sign saying not to assault the bus drivers, with a picture of a White woman in handcuffs.
    I think the only kind of person less likely to be assaulting bus drivers would be the Chinese grandmothers.

  2. Stealth says:

    “Also, race trumps gender.”
    A lot of white women who rail against “white male privilege” are going to be in for a big surprise one of these days.

  3. deltapolis says:

    The black guy is obviously being portrayed as a “responsible adult” and a model citizen who is “offended” by the white woman who by stark contrast is portrayed as behaving in a rather childish and “irresponsible” manner. As usual in advertising and the movies – the exact opposite to reality.

  4. countenance says:

    They put black man and white woman on a poster telling people not to yap loudly on their phones for a reason:
    The main offenders are black women.

    • Someperspectivehere says:

      How does this make sense? And how do you know? Anecdotally I can tell you where I live the poster is pretty accurate. White females are consistently yakking away loudly on their cell phones. But that’s just my word, skewed by my own world view. I haven’t done the research or crunched the numbers; neither have you.

  5. sestamibi says:

    Last time I was in Portland and rode the MAX there were hardly any other passengers to get offended in the first place.

  6. icareviews says:

    The real message contained in the sign is, “Hey, white bitches. You want yoself a big, fine, chocolate gentleman in yo life, you betta shut that mouf or betta yet put some Cheetos in it and work on fattenin up that booty.”
    On the main business street in my neighborhood, there’s an ugly mural (no doubt made possible by some public subsidy) that depicts a pretty Mexican or Native American woman stooped and laboring in a pumpkin patch while a white woman in a fancy dress towers over her with a selfish expression on her piggy face. The mural has no discernible purpose apart from inspiring negative feelings toward white people.

    • Someperspectivehere says:

      That’s rich. Believe me when I tell you that white people do enough on their own to inspire negative feelings.

  7. destructure says:

    “Also, race trumps gender.”
    That’s absolutely true. The ‘coalition’ is maintained by self-interest not principle. As soon as one group is no longer needed to get legislation passed it gets the boot. White women used to be part of the ‘coalition’ in South Africa. Now they’re discriminated against the same as white men. Even disabled whites are discriminated against. Liberals, Feminists and LGBT are riding high in America right now. But as soon as other groups get the numbers they’ll be persona non grata like the rest of us. I’ve already heard blacks complaining that white women get affirmative action.

    • Stealth says:

      I have never understood why so many white women cast their lot with people who don’t care about them. I can’t stand to hear white feminists use phrases such as “white male privilege.”
      You’re right. Eventually, white women will be thrown overboard when they’re no longer useful.

  8. Arturo says:

    She’s not white she’s hispanic or somehing.
    Too: your ginfert finger got in the way .
    Good post , as always, anyways.
    – crimesofthetimes.com

  9. Women, in general, should be outraged. They don’t remember their history lessons very well. When the suffragists had backed the anti-slavery, equality movement for Blacks, they got ‘thrown under the bus’ by the very Blacks that they had risked their credibility for. History isn’t linear–it’s a friggin’ Gordian knot of constant repetition.

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  11. Someperspectivehere says:

    I’m not sure where you live, but where I live (Pacific Northwest) white women ARE the ones yammering away loudly on their cell phones, followed by white, self-important males. Asian people are pretty loud as well, followed by adolescents of every color. I suppose it’s a regional difference of some sort? By the way, I find it ironic that in speaking of propaganda you completely ignore the fact that your generalizations of black people as loud and ignorant are themselves propaganda. The average white person knows little of black people and relies upon the stereotyped images depicted in popular media.

    • jewamongyou says:

      No demographic is free of loud, obnoxious, individuals. But I challenge you to find a public mural, or a publicly funded sign (such as the one I posted) showing a black person in a negative light, with a white person shown in a positive light. Wanted posters or photos of actual situations don’t count.
      If you’re in the Portland area, as I am, then you must be aware of the large murals downtown that depict black males as larger than life, practically as the object of deification.
      Here in the Pacific Northwest I have not noticed many loud, obnoxious, black women. Most of the black women I’ve encountered here have been pleasant enough. This was not the case in Denver, however. When I lived there, I’d encounter large, loud belligerent black women all too often. I also remember them from the Los Angeles area. I was even attacked by some while in high school there.

    • “The average white person knows little of black people and relies upon the stereotyped images depicted in popular media.”
      If this were even slightly true then all whites would believe the modern “popular media” images that invariably portrays blacks are more clever, more honest, more ethical, more brave, more altruistic, more law-abiding, and in general much better citizens than whites.
      You must be living on Planet Hollywood..!

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