Mudshark gets stabbed by a black man…

In this story, posted on ABC news, we read about a pregnant white woman who was stabbed by a black intruder:

Rachel Poole, 31, gave birth to her daughter, Isabella, at University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, following a successful cesarean section, her stepfather, Gary Jones, told
Poole’s mother, Rebecca Jones, declined to comment to on her daughter’s condition, but said the baby girl “is in good health.”
Poole was taken to the hospital on Wednesday evening after she was “brutally attacked” by a 19-year-old who broke into her home and stabbed her repeatedly with a knife, according to an El Paso Police Department news release.
Corey Bernard Moss, of Fort Bliss, Texas, was charged with criminal attempted capital murder after he attacked Poole, who was nine months pregnant, in her kitchen while she was on FaceTime with her husband, El Paso Police Department spokesman Det. Mike Baranyay told
Moss, who had gone to confront Poole about money he owed her, reportedly entered the woman’s home through a rear door and waited for her to return, according to an arrest affidavit.
When the woman arrived home, she was using FaceTime to speak with her husband, Justin Poole, who is deployed overseas, the affidavit said. Poole was video-chatting with her husband when Moss allegedly attacked her from behind and repeatedly stabbed her with a stainless steel folding knife.

Here’s the accompanying photo of perpetrator and victim:
poole the foolHere are a couple of comments from that article:

1) Before you rant about races, know that Poole’s husband, Justin, is black.
2) They are a biracial family. Justin has repeatedly asked for people to leave race out of the equation. Instead of bringing up race let’s see how we as humans and citizens can ease their pain. Which is respect their wishes and keep race out of the topic of conversation.
While, in this case, it’s true that the mudshark’s actual husband didn’t stab her, this doesn’t make race irrelevant at all. I’ll quote myself, from my very first post on this blog:
Even today, when you marry somebody, you are not marrying just the man.  You are also, in a sense, marrying his family, his friends and his life history.  So you found a black man who bucked the trends.  That’s wonderful.  Did his brothers, cousins and uncles, who come to visit sometimes, also buck the trends?  Did his friends also buck the trends?  Will your mixed children buck the trends?  Will his (as of yet unknown) criminal history, child support obligations, or health problems become your burden as well?
The moment this woman chose to marry a black man, even a decent and law-abiding black man, she also chose to attach herself to other blacks. In this case, her choice proved almost fatal. Had she died, she could have been a contender for the Darwin Awards.
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8 Responses to Mudshark gets stabbed by a black man…

  1. destructure says:

    When I read this I wondered if the attacker might not also be the real father.

  2. Stealth says:

    I occasionally tell people, when the topic of race comes up, that I don’t fraternize with black people in my spare time. The usual response is to point out that there are “good ones” who “aren’t like that.” And that’s correct; there is no shortage of upright black people who truly are polite, articulate, law-abiding, and well-mannered relative to the norm here in the United States.
    Why would I want to avoid the company of such people? It’s simple; when it comes to black people, you’re forced to take the good with the bad. Those “good ones” tend to be stand-outs even within their own families, and dealing with them is a guarantee that you will occasionally have to put up with black people who engage in the typical “ghetto” behavior that makes life miserable for everyone around them.
    Also, one would think that black Americans who do better socially and financially would be less likely to dwell on race, but the opposite is true – and they REALLY want you to know about it. Too many of them have the irritating habit of abruptly bringing up racial issues during conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with race. I want to bluntly tell them how impolite it is, but I usually just give them a skeptical look. This approach actually worked on a black co-worker of mine.
    Also, black people really don’t know all that much about white people, despite having to interact with many of us on a daily basis. This manifests itself in all sorts of annoying ways.

  3. deltapolis says:

    Any white (male or female) who marries a black (or is close friends with one), is invariably obliged to adopt and lend support to their entire political ethos – which is one of being perennial victims of nasty white people and constant unjustified racial discrimination. Any white person who thinks, as most of us here do, that blacks have no valid cause to be angry towards whites – in fact rather the contrary – cannot ever be genuine friends with a black. So I do not believe white people who say they have “lots of black friends” because having to walk on eggs by needing to be constantly vigilant of what one is saying, or about to say, lest one gives “offence”, is contradictory to the notion of friendship. Ergo, no white can become a friend of blacks without having to join in the relentless media chorus of hateful slander against the white race.

    • Stealth says:

      For the very reasons you point out, I don’t see how any white person could have an actual close friendship with a black person. Keep in mind, however, that most people have a loose definition of the word “friend.” In many cases, someone will refer to a friendly acquaintance as a friend.

  4. Stealth says:

    I know this is half off-topic, but I thought I would bring it up. Because their share of the population hasn’t changed all that much, we rarely contemplate the fact that the black population has grown by leaps and bounds in the past fifty years. In fact, it’s remarkable that they’ve had enough children to maintain that percentage. They’ve been reproducing themselves; whites have not. We don’t outnumber them by nearly as much as we did in the past.
    Perhaps the recent rise of “mudsharks” can be attributed to an increase in exposure as much as it can be attributed to changing attitudes. It also explains the curious dearth of cities with black populations of less than ten percent.

    • deltapolis says:

      “the curious dearth of cities with black populations of less than ten percent.”
      I think this is best explained by their parasitical inclinations – word has got out amongst the bruthas that cities with few blacks, and therefore full of white liberals, are good places to go to. Some of them might even want to get away from chaos and crime of the “hood” and play whitey for a while – but they quickly revert to form when the bruthas follow them to their new-found paradise full of naive easy-touch whiteys.

  5. Ilovemyrace says:

    Maybe the old saying, “Once you go Black, you’re an unmarried mother,” should be revised to, “Once you go Black, you’re dead!”

  6. I never understood why any person would marry outside their race. Marriage is hard enough, even when you share most of the same culture and values. On top of that, having a child that doesn’t even look like you or your parents has got to be a strange and alien feeling.

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