The insidious advance of "hate-speech" laws in the U.S.

Two recent incidents illustrate how the enemies of liberty on the left work to deny us our freedom of speech. In the first incident, a woman was fired from her (presumably private sector) job due to leftist/black activism against an “offensive” online photo she had posted. According to

To the mom who thought  it was cool for her kids to dress up like Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for Halloween, we’re glad karma has come to bite you in the butt.
According to reports, Caitlin Cimeno has been fired from her job for posting racially-insensitive photos of her sons, William Filene and Greg Cimeno, with the caption: “Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon (insert smiley face emoji here.)”
The Massachusetts woman failed to realize that you can be easily tracked down if you post your full name, photos of your children at school, shots of your car with the license plate and selfies at work (duh!). After one Instagram user wrote, “You ruined your life by posting those pics,” Caitlin quickly changed her profile name and deleted the racist shots. But sadly for her, it was too late.

Since I believe that discrimination should be legal in the private sector, her employer (if private) had the right to hire her, or fire her, for any reason he saw fit. Of course, those who oppose employment discrimination based on, among other things, political affiliation, should have a problem with this. Of course, while they have no problem with whites being persecuted for perceived insensitivity toward their favorite groups, they would have serious problems with somebody getting fired for showing insensitivity toward whites or men or straight people.
But given the rapid expansion of government, and taxes, into our lives, the lines between “private sector” and “public sector” are getting blurred. When private sector jobs are getting harder and harder to find, while government jobs sometimes remain the only option for many people, it becomes less and less justifiable to deny “public sector” employees their freedom of speech.
In the second incident, a public security guard is under attack for posting pro-Hitler photos, and disparaging comments about blacks and Jews on social media. In this CBS video, we see reporters hounding the security guard for getting paid with taxpayer money even as he violates social taboos online. Though I think the security guard showed poor taste and a lack of discretion by posting those images, in all likelihood, this was just his way of rebelling against an increasingly oppressive regime of political correctness. Perhaps he’d been forced to attend too many “diversity training” seminars and this was simply his way of venting, of defiling the gods of his oppressors and pissing on their alters. As a security guard, he’s probably very much aware of the black propensity for violence, and the liberal Jewish propensity for silencing those who would speak of it.
The actions of CBS, and black/leftist activists, are calculated to make it a de facto crime to violate the dictates of political correctness. On the one hand, they support an ever-expanding government. On the other, they deny those who work for said government the right to express themselves as they see fit. In their “perfect world” everybody would work for the government to one extent or another – and we’d all be subject to politically correct speech codes. After all, we’re “being paid with taxpayer dollars.”
On a positive note, this is a good opportunity to use the freedom of speech we do have left, and to draw attention to an online force we can use to our advantage: I especially want to encourage y’all to sign this petition:

Tell Advertisers to Stop Backing Al Sharpton

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5 Responses to The insidious advance of "hate-speech" laws in the U.S.

  1. The people that support the stifling of the First Amendment for others don’t realize that it will come back and bite them as well. The freedom to speak your mind, even if you’re a misinformed idiot, a Black racist, an annoying optimist, a crazy ‘progressive’, a loud mouth like me, etc. is an inalienable right. So is the right to life, the right to labor and production to ensure that life, and the right to have your own beliefs. But, like every other natural right of a sentient being, it’s being taken away by the ‘leftist’ ‘governments’ around the globe. The global economic crash can’t come soon enough. Then, perhaps, we will be freed from the ‘egalitarian’ stranglehold of the ‘politically correct’ and self-appointed despots that have run amok in Western society. ‘Survival mode’ has a funny way of destroying illusions and misplaced altruism.

  2. Stealth says:

    The government is becoming the employer of last resort, but there’s also something else going on. Fewer and fewer private sector workers seem to be self-employed, leaving them vulnerable to being fired from their jobs. In the past, a man who currently manages an area within a Wal-Mart store might have owned his own business. No one could fire him.
    This is a major threat to free speech in the United States, and the government isn’t even directly involved. As a non-libertarian, I sometimes think the government should provide at least some protection for people such as this woman.
    That being said, it was really, really stupid to put all of that out on the internet with her name attached to it.

  3. Political correctness is everywhere.
    Did you read about the lifeguard that posted the truth, saying in cautions wording that Trayvon Martin was a criminal, and lost his job?
    More here
    UN demands Germany repress free Speech. Political Correctness rules the world    
    EU to ban anti-feminist, racist, homophobic speech – urge former heads of state

  4. I think speech codes are a sign of weakness and social disintegration. The rest of the world leaches off of freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry that are unique to the U.S. Freedom creates problem solving that produces prosperity.

  5. Justme says:

    When free speech is outlawed, only outlaws will speak freely!!

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