"White Supremacist Exposed as Part African on Talk Show"

Some of y’all may remember a story, published in American Renaissance last month, about a small group of people trying to establish an all-white town in North Dakota. Black supremacists can take over Jackson, Mississippi and the corporate-owned media is silent about it, but when a handful of whites want to stake out a place of their own, all hell breaks lose.

The leader of that white group, Paul Craig Cobb, was recently interviewed on the Trisha show. This is what Opposing Views had to say about it:

Craig Cobb may be planning to open an all-Caucasian village in North Dakota, but after a DNA test on a talk show exposed him as part black, he may be excluded from his own property.

Cobb was a guest on the “Trisha Show,” and had agreed to submit a DNA test. Host Trisha Goddard, who is African-American, announced the results onstage.

According to the test, Cobb is 14 percent sub-Saharan African. However, he dismissed the results as just “statistical noise.”

Watch the video there. Both the host, and her leftist audience, got some jollies from Cobb’s DNA results. Cobb could have handled it much better. He could have clapped his hands with joy, accepted Trish’s “high five” and announced that now he can get into a college of his choice with a full scholarship, enjoy preferential treatment in the job market, qualify for government set-asides and even have his choice of hot mudsharks to date (should he be so inclined). That would have been my reaction.

But back to the black supremacist mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. This is what he looks like:


He sure doesn’t look 100% African to me. As a matter of fact, I’d say he’s at least 50% European. When will we be treated to an interview with him – exposing his non-African heritage?

Incidentally, I recently got my own ancestry.com results back. Apparently I have no negro blood in me. I’ll be honest; I was a bit disappointed. Ashkenazic Jews are supposed to have from 3-5% African blood. I was looking forward to proving this, then running with it. Alas, I’m 93% “European Jew” (whatever that means), 4% Eastern European and a tiny bit British and Italian. No African. I feel cheated!

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32 Responses to "White Supremacist Exposed as Part African on Talk Show"

  1. Handle says:

    Would you mind if I ask what your Y and X haplotypes are?

  2. peppermint says:

    The funny thing is, the fact that people are taking this seriously implies that they understand that race exists.
    When I hear lefties making fun of this guy, I laugh with them, and secretly at them.

  3. countenance says:

    Race and DNA matter to the kook left all of a sudden?
    Gee, I thought race was just a social construct.

  4. deltapolis says:

    the “black supremacist mayor of Jackson” knows that if he identified as “half-white” he wouldn’t be the “black supremacist mayor of Jackson” and, if he had a job at all it certainly would not be one paying as well as the “black supremacist mayor of Jackson”. This is why all mulattos, quadroons, octaroons, etc., all identify as being “black”. And we all know who is the foremost beneficiary of that. Its a great scam isn’t it?

  5. destructure says:

    It was foolish not to have it tested before going on the show.

  6. Whites doing ANYTHING exclusively for the benefit of Whites has been outlawed by the governments of the world. Any other race can have their own countries, own towns, own neighborhoods, own churches, own schools, own clubs, own political organizations, etc. Any race, except the White races, can advocate for their own people, whether other races benefit by their actions or not. The blatant globalist agenda of White genocide keeps ruthlessly targeting Whites for destruction by any means possible. The anti-Whites keep an iron grip of tyranny on White people; and the narrative of ‘White privilege’, ‘White racism’, ‘White hate’, and ‘White evil’ is repeated incessantly to the masses, like some warped, psychopathic mantra of malevolent, vitriolic, and murderous contempt. Whites make up only 9% of the world’s population, so I wonder who the real ‘minorities’ are….
    Having said that, why the hell does the ‘mainstream media’ keep reporting about this insignificant little town in the middle of nowhere? Does this affect anyone in any significant way? There are fourteen people living in this godforsaken tiny speck of the world, yet the ‘media’ acts as if the world will end if this Cobb character decides to live there, in virtual isolation, with like-minded people. If Cobb were any other race but White, this wouldn’t have been known by anyone outside of the state of North Dakota.

  7. AKAHorace says:

    UK jews were mainly sephardic I read somewhere. Would account for your DNA results.

  8. Nationalist says:

    This way off topic, but I’m beginning to wonder if non-whites have quite literally evolved to prey on whites. It seems all around the world whites have arrived and raised the local culture level (the pharaohs were white; Inca/Maya/Aztec “gods” were white; early Chinese mummies were white) and in each case the locals took the whites’ gifts and then exterminated the whites themselves before then reverting to savages over the generations.
    A more recent example would be the Aryan northern Indians who have a noticeably paler skin, and higher culture, than the Dravidian southerners. Give them another thousand years of interbreeding and you won’t be able to tell the difference though.
    Historically the savages who thrived are the ones who latched onto the whites, took their technology and took their women for a useful IQ boost.
    Latching onto whites and living off them is in the genes now. As is driving them to local extinction and then reverting to savagery when the white genes get too diluted, There is a clear reverse correlation between IQ and breeding rate so the fall back to squalor is inevitable in each case.

    • SpaghettiMeatball says:

      “when the genes get diluted”
      You don’t understand how genes work. If one (Just one!!) useful allele from a white, that significantly boosts fitness by increasing intelligence, quick reaction time, whatever you think it is that contributes to white success is passed on to another population, it will eventually, over the course of several thousand years reach fixture (i.e. 98%) in that population. The idea that “black genes” wash away “white genes” or “dilute” them is insane. I invite you to go argue you this with Prof. Gregory Cochran on his blog. I warn you though: He bites. If he doesn’t answer you, he probably thinks you’re crazy.
      I will say what I mean though. A lot of white people have fair skin, because of a particular SNP on SLC24A5 gene. West eurasians like arabs, iranians, and indians also have this gene, which results in enourmous variation in skin color in west eurasia from very dark brown to olive-skinned. But only Europeans have the particular mutation in SLC24A5 that gives them a maximally depigmented skin. Now imagine one white women is captured by barbary pirates off the coast of ireland. Just one. She is enslaved by the Sultan and made his wife #500. He has 20 children from her. They all have the European version of SLC24A5. They each have 4 children, some royal, some not. Those who are not royal, and lose favor in the palace, join the general population. The light-pigmentation inducing SLC24A5 spreads through the population. In a matter of a few millenia almost the entire population has very fair skin. It’s already happened before — in Europe!!
      What do you think happened? All europeans thought it would be swell to become white all of sudden? And then like Dragonball Z they all powered up and became pink through the power of Thor? Absolute nonsense. Some woman had a mutation in SLC24A5. Some swarthy cavemen inserted his rod-end in her vajayjay, and the rest is history.

  9. robert says:

    What is your opinion of people like me who are 1\16th?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I don’t believe in set-in-stone thresholds of purity. As far as I’m concerned, if you look white, act white and talk white, you’re white.

      • robert says:

        I’m 1/16th Jewish not black to clarify.

      • SFG says:

        Actually, it’s interesting. If you look at colonial New Spain, 1/8 Indian and 7/8 Spanish was Spanish (Spaniard and Indian make Mestizo, Mestizo and Spaniard make Castizo, Castizo and Spaniard make Spaniard), but apparently even small amounts of black blood weren’t considered white.
        The whole thing gets a little silly when you get to smaller and smaller amounts of ancestry. I do recall the German neo-nazi who had to step down when he was found to be 1/8 Jewish–my reaction was, ‘Get over it already, guys. You lost.’

    • jewamongyou says:

      1/16 Jewish is just background noise in my opinion. You probably have more Neanderthal DNA than that – yet you’re not Neanderthal.

  10. Atheist Race Realist says:

    14% is in fact over the 1/8th requirement for being considered black by the government.
    I would LOVE to get that news. I would apply for everything under the sun, at every government job and corporate job and proudly put that I’m black.
    My liberal anti white sister conned by mom into getting a DNA test run on me from 23andme. For some reason the males have better results, so she picked me. She claims it’s because she thinks we have some gypsy in us, which I pretty much know is false. I think the real reason why she wanted to get the test done was to see if we had any non white DNA in us.
    That way she hate whites completely and fully if she believed herself to be non white.
    I haven’t gotten the results back yet completely, but I’m hoping to either be enough minority to apply for benefits or pure enough white to piss my anti white sister off.
    A little note, I do in fact find it quite odd that my sister and I are at complete ends of the ideological spectrum. She is a totalitarian anarchist (read communist) egalitarian and I’m a libertarian race realist.

    • SFG says:

      You’d technically be both socially liberal, actually. I suppose the opposite of you would be a communitarian egalitarian (some lefty Catholics would probably actually fit this description).
      Yes, I find the whole thing ridiculous. I never saw what was so bad about being white–I always thought I was back in the old high-crime days of NYC (certainly black and Hispanic thugs thought I was!), and wrote off this whole Nazi ‘Jews aren’t white’ bit as a European family quarrel. Sure, white people are racist, but they’re less racist than every other race! (And, as I grow older, I’m beginning to see that as the problem…)

      • destructure says:

        I always thought I was back in the old high-crime days of NYC (..) and wrote off this whole Nazi ‘Jews aren’t white’ bit as a European family quarrel.
        You are and it is. The differences are ethnic and religious not racial. And it goes both ways with some Jewish groups trying to maintain their “purity” under the guise of religion. I don’t care if people want to be more endogamous. But the racial angle is bullocks. It’s a throwback to the old days when some of the English were still trying to prove the Irish were a different race and weren’t really white. I once read that Benjamin Franklin didn’t want German immigrants because they weren’t white enough. But modern genetics has pretty much told us the genetic similarity and distance between populations. Europeans are the most homogeneous population. And the genetic distance between European Jews and other Europeans is no greater than between most other European ethnics. In fact, Icelanders and Finns are more genetically distant than Jews and I don’t see anyone saying they’re not white. Now, that genetic distance is in the direction of the middle east because Jews have more recent middle eastern origins than other Europeans (who also have some middle eastern ancestry) but it’s still no larger than between other European ethnics.
        Sure, white people are racist, but they’re less racist than every other race! (And, as I grow older, I’m beginning to see that as the problem…)
        The problem with whites is that they’re not even racist enough to defend themselves anymore.

    • Gypsies are white. I’ve never understood how whites segregate themselves into little subsets.

      • jewamongyou says:

        … because only whites separate themselves into subsets. African blacks NEVER do this. Asians NEVER do this. (sarcasm off).

      • SFG says:

        Gypsies’ origins are from India; they’ve probably picked up some Euro blood over the centuries, of course.
        I think their culture is a bigger problem than their ancestry. Gypsy culture is like the worst parts of Jewish culture without any of the good bits.

  11. Stary Wylk says:

    Isn’t it curious that no one has thought to question the integrity of the lab or its procedure?

  12. After 400 or so years of consentual and non consentual interracial sex, no one is 100% anything. All these “race realist” or white nationalist types are shooting themselves in the foot trying to figure out who’s white enough to join their little pity parties.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you’d read my post, you’d realize that race-realists don’t necessarily believe in racial purity. I’m Jewish, but I’m not 100% Jewish. Based on your comment, I’m assuming you’re against the state of Israel, since there are no 100% pure Jews. Therefore, according to you, there should be no Jewish nationalists. Also, according to you, there should be no black nationalists. Do you visit their websites and ridicule them too?

  13. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Joel Pennington,
    Then I assume you have no problem with European nationalist groups. Germans who want to keep Germany German, Italians who want to keep Italy Italian and so on. At this point, a lot of white nationalists simply want a country (anywhere in the world) that whites can call their own. Is this really so unreasonable?

  14. The whole point of this exercise was to humiliate Cobb and his fellow travelers. It’s an attempt to turn Dave Chapelle’s “Black White Supremacist” sketch into a real event. Cobb should have got himself tested before signing up for this farce. That said, if the result is accurate it doesn’t really mean much. If I was in his shoes I’d just get sterilized and use a sperm donor when I wanted to have kids. No need for a big space opera.
    I seriously doubt Cobb is 14% black, though. It’s not totally impossible, he could be someone like Maya Fahey (seen here with her mother) but he’d probably have visibly black relatives if that was the case. Most slightly-black people have some suggestion of it in their features, e.g. this girl or this woman.

  15. Hmmm. Out of nowhere, Mark Potok sounds the alarm that Craig Cobb, this White “Supremacist” who is the embodiment of Crazy Ass Cracka is buying up all this land out to start a PLE in the middle of nowhere. Now I realize that the SPLC is a well-funded quasi-official organization, but how would Mark Potok find out that a semi-abandoned town had this guy there?
    This same White “Supremacist” (who should be perfectly aware of DNA and IQ tests) fails the Bell Curve by going on a show that pushes race-mixing and submits to a DNA test to determine his own racial purity. What are the odds of such an idiot having a good percentage of Subsaharan African Ancestry? Better yet, who didn’t see that one coming?!
    Crazy Ass Cracka gets on the show, because he wants to create an All-White Nazi town yet picks the one town for miles around with an interracial couple living there and goes out of his way to intimidate and antagonize the other locals, including bringing a loud drunken “Nazi” to disrupt meetings and the two of them run around town to brandish shotguns in a menacing manner.
    That, the entire Rainbow Coalition of “Anti-Racists,” and the worry that Crazy Ass Cracka would bring down the wrath of FEDGOV on their heads a`la Ruby Ridge or Waco was choreographed to dampen the enthusiasm for anyone living there with Pro-White Separatist sympathies.
    Interestingly enough, Crazy Ass Cracka, who refused to get his house up to code by installing central plumbing and heat was arrested with eleven thousand dollars in cash in his pocket. Gee, I wonder where the money came from if not an organization with deep pockets?
    Am I alone in thinking that The Cobbsville Production was nothing more than a very-well coordinated SPLC fundraiser? This was one PLE that was designed to fail in a loud, smelly, splashy way. Is the economy of such suckitude that Potok et al at the SPLC Protection Racket have to stage events in order to shake down elderly Holocaust survivors out of their remaining butter and egg money?!

    • You’re not alone, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a psyops campaign of some kind.
      Of course Cly, we all know that “white supremacists” are all mouth breathing morons. It therefore stands to reason that they have some black in them, right? 😉

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