A couple more MAX racial indoctrination examples

A while ago I published an example of racial indoctrination from the Portland MAX. I wanted to follow up with a couple more examples. All told, there were only a few signs posted in the train, and the ONLY people depicted in positions of authority, or wearing suits and ties, were black. Here they are:
The creators of the second one made their intentions quite obvious. Their choice of white people, standing next to the black man, is telling. Directly to his right, as if bowing to his superior status and sexual prowess, is the pretty white female. To his left is the low-status white man, wearing shorts and a tank-top and standing by his bicycle.  He rides the MAX because it’s his only option. The black man, dressed in business attire, does so out of a sense of social responsibility and concern for the environment; he can clearly afford a car. Seated near this poster was an actual black man – looking mean and with most of his boxers showing.

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  1. Nationalist says:

    The fact that a public service puts up signs in a foreign language presumably seems completely normal to you now.

  2. Citizen of a Silly Country says:

    Speaking of our Mestizo neighbors, do they ever get tired of being the forgotten pet of whites. TV ads, print ads, you name it, they’re full of clean, smart, well-educated blacks. Movies and TV shows are the same way. But Hispanics, who are more numerous, barely show up on the radar. Sure, they’re talked about in terms of political elections, but outside of that, Hispanics are – culturally speaking – shoved in a drawer.
    Whites seem fascinated by blacks, and, to their credit, blacks do overachieve in the more conspicuous arenas such as entertainment and sports. (Whites even seem to be drawn somewhat to the amazingly violent nature of blacks.) But Hispanics just don’t interest whites. Sure, Hispanics clean our houses, watch our children, cook our food, etc., but they just don’t make much of an impressive.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think it’s because Hispanics aren’t as much “other” as blacks are. Many Hispanics look a like whites. Hispanic women are attractive to white men probably for much the same reason. But blacks, being the ultimate “other” are given the most media favoritism.

      • Citizen of a Silly Country says:

        True. Many Hispanics are more or less shorter, darker, and, sadly, denser versions of whites. Even their ability to maintain – barely at times – reasonably functioning neighborhoods and societies makes them familiar – and thus boring – to whites. (It should be mentioned that I’m talking about the Mestizo mixed folks from Mexico, Central and South America. Spain is a wonderful country, although you’d never mistake its efficiency and overall ability with Germany.)
        Blacks, on the other hand, are not capable of civilization, at least not as a group. That’s pretty “other.”

  3. Extropico says:

    Excellent posting. The YT girl is depicted actually facing the black man and with a bent knee, as if curtsying, while she directs her head tilted down and eyes averted, in a manner apropos of an unworthy subject of societal and sexual royalty. Execrable.

  4. Jason Bellini says:

    Very interesting post! In this country we live and have always lived in a black/white and whites-in-waiting society. It’s happened with the Germans, Jews, Greeks, Italians and now Hispanics. All of these groups were at one point considered “ethnic” not “other” but “ethnic” denoting a “white with a little spice” connotation until we decided “hey we LIKE THAT SPICE!!!” and eventually added them, into the social construct, that we call the “white race”.
    Citizen of a Silly Country Says:
    November 19, 2013 at 8:49 am
    “True. Many Hispanics are more or less shorter, darker, and, sadly, denser versions of whites. Even their ability to maintain – barely at times – reasonably functioning neighborhoods and societies makes them familiar – and thus boring – to whites.” What is like us or familiar to us is “boring”.
    Blacks on the other hand are so different, their hair, their facial features, their culture. With or without knowing it,Hispanics are Americanized and we are already Hispanicized. We love Mexican food, every major food chain is now touting jalapeño this or spicy that and not even in Spanish, in English, commercials geared to us. The majority of U.S. born Hispanics are forgetting Spanish and are living, working and marrying us.
    In a population majority bid, we now are ready and are already adding “Hispanics” (another term created in this country) into “our” race. There was once a point when the U.S. tracked “46 different European races” now it tracks “Hispanic” meaning of or relating to Spain, ta ta ra ra! A, what? European country!

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