Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class

Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class.

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11 Responses to Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class

  1. CS says:

    The difficulty with satire is that reality is usually more bizarre. Progressive professors may urge whites to commit suicide, but according to the French Government, the white race in France has already been exterminated. Thus:
    Eric Besson, Minister for immigration, integration and [the destruction of] national identity in the government of Nicholas Sarkozy, speaking in a Muslim suburb of Paris before a meeting of an immigrants’ NGO, Le Collectif Banlieues Respect, stated that:
    France is neither a people, nor a language, nor a territory, nor a religion, it’s a conglomerate of peoples who want to live together. There are no indigenous French, there is only a France made out of miscegenation. (Source).
    And there there was Sarkozy’s threat of coercion if French whites failed to engage in miscegenation voluntarily:

    • jewamongyou says:

      There’s some truth in what Besson says about the nature of the French people. Modern French are, in fact, descended mainly from people who were not French. What we now call “France” was a territory, not long ago, that included many different peoples, languages and cultures. As what we call “French” evolved, it forcefully incorporated all these peoples into the imperial entity called “France”. But at least all these peoples were related. They were all Europeans of Celtic, Romance or Germanic, descent. Also, these peoples, or most of them, were actually indigenous to that region. This cannot be said of the Africans who now call themselves “French.”

      • CS says:

        Except possibly in the vicinity of Olduvai Gorge, all national groups are made up of people from elsewhere. What both Besson and Sarkozy demand is that the existing people of France, whatever their origins, must accept a mass influx of people from elsewhere, people differing in race, religion and culture from the majority of the existing French population — an influx of unwelcome aliens with whom that existing population will be forced to interbreed, if necessary under the threat of state coercion, by legalization of rape, maybe.
        This is the antithesis of democracy. It is fascism: precisely in accord with Mussolini’s claim that the people, their culture, loyalties and religious traditions are to be shaped at the will of the state employing any means, including eugenics, state-controlled education, propaganda and economic manipulation.
        It is a policy that aims at the destruction of the existing national group by merging it with groups from elsewhere that are alien to the majority of the pre-existing population. It is a policy of national genocide.

  2. Atheist Race Realist says:

    What is sad is that this article is largely believable. The propaganda against whites is going to get worse and worse. It pretty much has to. As whites have less and less power and become more of a minority in the US and Europe they are going to have to turn up the propaganda to 11 to keep whites from revolting.

  3. Are you a time traveler? This IS going to happen in the near future, sadly.

  4. I’d ask this professor if he would have agreed with Gandhi’s suggestion.

  5. aisaac says:

    culling anyone who would listen to ignatiev actually seems like a good idea.

  6. Gottlieb says:

    While the maximum response that a part of the whites can do is white nationalism Initiative extremely weak , extremely active chatter on the internet or in the back of conservatism , where personal choices should be removed or treated as pathologies , ie a cultural retrogression , so I do not see any alternative to help you save the whites themselves.
    The only window of opportunity that I see , is a real possibility of whites to increase their intelligence, allowing pathological altruists drown in their extremely dangerous neuro – attitudes , and creating a socio -cultural and biological reproduction cooperation network , as Jews already do since millennia.
    If the behavior and intelligence are really inherited , then the whites who want to continue to exist , they must first infiltrate these organizations because the best defense is attack and as I said , creating a continuous process of bio – dissident culture where it will priority by cognitive and physical quality through reproduction .
    These white nationalist fools are expecting the actual start genocide .

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