To "move", the rape-denier

A while ago I wrote a post titled A black answer to black-on-white rape statistics. There are now 72 comments. Some of them are by a persistent character who calls himself “move.” Apparently he’s made it his life’s mission to find white-on-black rapes and then use them to disprove the FBI’s statistics, which show vastly more black-on-white rapes than the other way around. Despite the fact that the FBI is clearly biased AGAINST whites, as evidenced by their habit of including Hispanics as “whites” when they commit crimes, but as “Hispanics” when they’re victims, move insists that the FBI is actually biased in favor of whites. His evidence? He’s managed to find some white-on-black rapes and other crimes.
I know of nobody who denies that there are bad apples among whites. Out of the tens of millions of whites, who still inhabit the U.S., we’re bound to find some very unsavory individuals. In any event, I’ve listed his most recent points, as presented in his comments there, and provided my responses.
1) “White man confessed to sexual assault, kidnap of of 7 year old black girl”
You make it seem like your quote is from the article, that the article identifies the girl as black. In fact, it doesn’t. Not only that, but I could find no source on the web revealing the race of the victim. Obviously, it’s a heinous crime regardless of the victim’s race.
2) 16 year old Black Boy Raped And Beaten To Death By White Men Over Drug Money
The article states that the boy was beaten to death. Nowhere does it mention that he was raped. He was, however, black. So this is a rare case of white-on-black murder – which is not the subject of this post.
3) “Sixty percent of the men exonerated by the Innocence Project are blacks wrongly convicted raping largely white women.”
From the article:

The New York-based Innocence Project has identified the real criminal in 40 percent of its cases, Neufeld said. And in almost every one, that person has committed multiple crimes.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that all those “real criminals” were also black – but the article conveniently leaves out the racial statistics here. Are you naive enough to believe that had those 40% been largely white men, the article would have somehow neglected to tell us? White women are being raped by black men, and sometimes they then point their fingers at the wrong black men. This shouldn’t surprise us.
4) According to the FBI, about 95,000 forcible rapes were reported in 2004. Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year. These men are disproportionately African-American.
Of course they’re going to be disproportionately black men; if real rapists are disproportionately black men, then naturally the fake ones will be too. Let’s take your line of reasoning to its logical conclusion regarding another group: Men in general. Would you be surprised if I told you that most people who are falsely accused of rape are men? This being the case, would you then conclude that women are just as likely to be rapists as men? According to your reasoning, this would have to be the case – since men are so often wrongly accused.
5) “More than 86 percent of rapes against Native American women are carried out by non-native men, most of them white, according to the Justice Department.”
Yes, but bear in mind that “white,” when it comes to perpetrators of crime, includes Hispanics. Either way, this is not surprising. Native American women are dispersed throughout the population – a population that is still largely white. If they hang out with white men, date white men, and live next to white men, when they’re raped, it’s probably going to be by a white man. In this case, it’s their dispersion that’s to blame – unless you’re insinuating that white men are sneaking into Indian reservations to rape Indian women. But I seriously doubt this is the case. Native women are raped mostly by white men for the same reason white women are mostly raped by white men: They live around white men.
It’s a big world out there, and you have a lot of free time, so you were able to find a handful of white-on-black rapes. It happens. I don’t deny it. But it’s still a statistical rarity. I’d scour the internet, as you did, to compose my own list – but I don’t have to; others have already done so. Here’s on website that lists white victims of black crime. It’s in chronological order and you can knock yourself out cataloging them as “rape” or “non-rape” crimes if you want:

White victims of black crime

I’m sure my readers will be happy to contribute many black-on-white rape cases, and lists, for your perusal.

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26 Responses to To "move", the rape-denier

  1. Move says:

    “You make it seem like your quote is from the article, that the article identifies the girl as black. In fact, it doesn’t. Not only that, but I could find no source on the web revealing the race of the victim. Obviously, it’s a heinous crime regardless of the victim’s race.”
    Actually, if you actually did your research you would know that the vitctim AND her family were displayed by the local news outlets in the area. The seven year old girl who was kidnapped and raped by that animal was named Ja’Toria Williams and here’s her original story, in which her picture was displayed sent out when her family & the community was looking for her. She is undeniably black and her rapist is an undeniably white pedophile.
    “The article states that the boy was beaten to death. Nowhere does it mention that he was raped. He was, however, black. So this is a rare case of white-on-black murder – which is not the subject of this post.”
    Wrong again,and your failure to properly cross reference for verification before trying to discount a case of white on black rape, is just laughable at this point. 16 year old Dione Payne was confirmed raped and beaten to death by the two white animals Michael A. Geldrich & Michael J. Watson by the dayton daily news,
    Quote from DDN::
    “But the family said from what they’ve been able to gather, Payne was picked up by Michael Watson at his home on Dennison Avenue on Saturday and driven to the 11 Vernon St. home in Franklin where he was raped and beaten.”
    I mean, with google a simple click away, you would think that I would not have to sit here and do cross-referencing for you. smh
    And like I said, if you count the case where the white man molested the black woman’s daughter, then that’s THREE cases of white on black rapes that I’ve presented that happened in 2013, compared to the NONE that you’ve managed to come up with so far.

    • Move says:

      Link to the dayton daily news article.
      As I know you will probably try to use the lack of a source to deny that the crime occurred.

      • peppermint says:

        Tawana Brawley. The Duke Lacross team. Dominique Strass-Kahn.
        One day, of the approximately up to ten White on Black rapes each year, there will be a spectacular or brutal one. Then you will have your teachable moment to inform about the intersectionality of privilege.
        I personally know three White women who have been raped by Black men.

      • Move says:

        Charges dropped on 4 black new york men of raping and prostituting a white Orthodox Jewish woman for eight years, starting when she was 13 after she recanted confessing that they consensual sex when she was of age, and that there was “nothing criminal” about it..
        New York white nun makes up false story of being raped by a 6’4 black man confesses it was a hoax.
        White American college girl in Italy makes up story about being raped by her Congolese employer. And is also charged with murder.
        Four black men and one Latino falsely accused of raping white woman, served full sentences before being dna evidence found identified the real rapist(a white man).
        But, sure keep appealing to the ignorance of the readers here to make your case. It seems to be you guy’s only real talking point here.
        *You can’t objectively prove that black on white rapes are anywhere near epidemic levels.*
        Premise 1: “You can’t prove that they aren’t at epidemic levels.”
        Premise 2: “I have supposed inside knowledge of 3 white women raped by black men.”
        Conclusion: “Black on white rapes must be at epidemic levels.”
        ^^^^Pretty much sums up you guy’s warped logic here.

      • Move, I have to reply here as I am not allowed to nest further replies below your post.
        Most of what you quote are false rape accusations. I deplore false rape accusations, and I presume that the false accusers are unaware of the politically incorrect truth, and thus undermined their credibility further by falsely accusing whites of raping black women.
        Leaves the Central Park jogger case. First, it seems uncontested that White and Hispanic youth flash mobs terrorized Central Park.
        Second, the perpetrator was most likely white hispanic, but I did not check.
        Third the convicted people seem to have participated in the attack.

        Blacks knew the victim’s name because, in an orgy of hatred, their newspapers published her name repeatedly in every article about the case. (Actually, they knew her as “Patricia Meili,” which name was passed along by one of the racists’ confederates in the NYPD, prosecutor’s office, or hospital. The victim actually goes by Trisha, and came forward in 2003.)
        The New York City media did a decent job on the crime itself, one of the last times they did regarding a black-on-white hate crime. However, they refused to report on the black hate campaign that was unleashed against the victim.
        The Big Lie talking points that all of the attackers’ apologists constantly repeat, including now “conservative Republicans” like Toto—the man, not the dog—is that the attackers were “exonerated”and that their confessions were “coerced.”
        There was no evidence of any “coercion,” and none of the men was “exonerated.” Their convictions were vacated, which is a different matter, and the reasoning, or lack thereof, that Robert Morgenthau proferred on behalf of vacating those convictions would have been embarrassing, coming from a first-year law student.

        New York City is refusing to settle lawsuits brought by the five men whose convictions in the Central Park jogger case were overturned after they spent years in prison.
        ¶ “The charges against the plaintiffs and other youths were based on abundant probable cause, including confessions that withstood intense scrutiny, in full and fair pretrial hearings and at two lengthy public trials,” Celeste Koeleveld, executive assistant corporation counsel for public safety, said in a statement on Tuesday.
        ¶ “Nothing unearthed since the trials, including Matias Reyes’s connection to the attack on the jogger, changes that fact,” Ms. Koeleveld added, referring to the man who later confessed to being the attacker.
        ¶ The statement came in response to a news conference on Tuesday during which Councilman Charles Barron, as well as two of the men whose convictions were vacated, criticized the city for refusing to settle the lawsuits, the first of which was filed by three of the men in Federal District Court in Manhattan in 2003.

      • Seems the only proof is the true perpetrator stating that he acted alone. I wonder why the victim lied and said several Blacks were involved. Nobody mentions that, or even shows concern for the victim.
        Most likely the other guys were involved in intimidating, fondling, messing, beating, and the other white hispanic (?) committed the actual rape.
        Twelve years later, a convicted murderer and serial rapist asserted that he, acting alone, perpetrated this heinous crime. The district attorney investigated, learned that this prisoner’s DNA matched DNA taken from the victim, and moved to vacate the sentences, which the court did. Then, the defendants and their families sued the city for $250 million, and the gist of a new Ken Burns film is that the city should give the defendants the money.
        I disagree.
        I know that the district attorney concluded that “there is a probability that the new evidence … would have resulted in verdicts more favorable to the defendants.” But whatever doubts he had about the case, I know he never declared the defendants to be innocent. I know that he did not find that the prosecutors and police officers involved in the original investigation had acted improperly, and that they deny engaging in misconduct.
        If the city’s police deliberately and wrongfully harm individuals by violating their rights, the city must accept responsibility and pay damages. But if defendants who were not involved in a crime are mistakenly convicted by a jury as a result of the efforts of police and prosecutors who were acting in good faith, the city should not pay for a mistaken result. When Robert M. Morgenthau, the former district attorney, had a doubt about the convictions, he took action. But, contrary to the view that, unfortunately, is becoming a norm in our society, not every bad thing that happens makes someone entitled to recompense by the government. Absent proof of intentional wrongdoing by the city’s agents, the city should not pay.

    • Atheist Race Realist says:

      By actively looking for white on black rapes you are just digging yourself deeper in the hole.
      By exposing just how little you can find by being obsessed with white on black rapes you expose just how few of them there really are.
      If there were more than a handful of white on black rapes the media would be in a frenzy about the pattern of white people oppressing blacks and raping them like in the “slave days”. Actually I’m not sure why I’m not a leftist media writer, that shit just writes itself.

      • Move says:

        Cool, maybe if I dig deep enough, I will come across that old fossilized stat about black on white rapes from 2005(9 years old), that the blogger “abagond” already exposed for possessing flawed methodology used to arrive at the figure and it being FURTHER misrepresented by the likes in your delusional, pro-white, circle jerk cult, of that your ilk is so obssessed with quoting over and over.
        And no, actually don’t sit and look for cases like these. These are just the ones I’ve happened to come across here and there. I’m %90 sure that if I wanted I could find yet ANOTHER white on black rape case from 2013. Which would be yet one more than the ZERO black on white rape cases that you people who have shown to have a CLEAR obsession with this mythical “black on white rape epidemic”. Your assertions and theory are about as valid as paranormal investor on a quest to find bigfoot, indeed.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You conveniently fail to answer the main points of my post. You have nothing to say about the FBI bias against whites, my insights about the “innocence project”, Native American rapes or the site I link to at the end. On these items, all we get from you is silence. Instead, you keep harping on specific instances of white-on-black rape. I’m calling you out on this “move”.

  2. Hi Move, I don’t mind you trying to disprove`articles, or rather, find rare exceptions.
    Feel free to scour the Race and IQ sections at
    JewAmongYou: Your post inspires me, I will try to blog about this.
    You omitted the vast statistics about Black on White prison rapes. No White, not even a Hispanic would ever dare to rape a Black prisoner, or else we would have a 100 times bigger riot then in the George Zimmerman Self Defense case.

  3. Move, you may start here:
    US cities dangerous, warn French, British Governments   
    Move, Show me that they warn of any non-hispanic white neighborhoods. Do they warn dark skinned people not to enter white neighborhoods?

    • Move says:

      …………So, in other semi-relevant news. According to the census the US states with the highest forcible rape rates per 100,000 people are as followed…..
      Alaska – 73.4
      South Dakota – 59.9
      New Mexico – 53.9
      What do all of these states have in common? Hint: Look up the ethnic demographics of them.

      • Move, I love people who actually back their claims with real proof and statistics, forcing me to find the flaws and mistakes.
        I hope unamused, Steve Sailer or some other expert will debunk this claim, as I can only offer hunches.
        I wonder what the definition of FORCIBLE RAPE is. I believe it is all but statutory rape. So consensual date rape, later repented, as well as alcohol fueled enthusiastic consent rape might be included among these rape statistics.
        And of course the over 50% false rape accusations …….
        I would reckon that black Ho’s would not bother reporting pushy black bro’s as rapists while white squeamish feminists cry rape even if the rape happened only with the eyes.
        Sorry I don’t have a link to the picture “We need feminism because men can rape without even touching a woman”
        Furthermore, in these states, did you check the statistics regarding race of assailants and victims? would you please find them for me? Or are they carefully hidden by politically correct government racial policies?
        Actually, it seems Sweden has some of the highest rates of rape in the world.
        You are welcome to write a comment about that. It seems quite clear that most of these crimes are committed by dark skinned and Muslim immigrants, in the case of Oslo, Norway it seems that ALL RAPES in the last few years were committed by immigrants
        And the rest of the rapes are probably of the broken condom rape kind Mr. Assange is facing.

      • Stealth says:
        Although that link doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of men in any ethnic group, notice that black males are about a quarter of alleged rapists. Blacks are only about five or six percent of the population of Anchorage.

      • Move says:

        First, before I go any further let me address stealth’s statistical non-sequitur. There are three OBVIOUS factors about this stat that make it completely irrelevant to the discussion.
        1. It’s is about those who have been SUSPECTED to be the perpetrators of a rape case, not those who have actually been charged and convicted. And like your friend human2stupidity said, nearly half of all rape accusations are false, and I’ve provided a stat that says a disproportionate number of these involved African-American men.
        2. The stat is about those cases from 2001(13 years old). Chronologically irrelevant.
        3. The stat is only about cases from Anchorage, the urbacenter of Alaska, not the state as a whole which isn’t a good indicator of rate of rapes that happen throughout the state, especially considering that RURAL Alaska is said to be the places in Alaska that have the highest rape rate.
        Rural Alaska: Rape capital of the US
        But, I throw you guys a bone here and provide the figures for the demographics of the sex offenders in the state of Alaska in 2007.
        Blacks make up %4.6 of the 583 sex offenders in Alaska, yet make up %3.3 but a slight disparity from their total population.
        Hardly, significant enough to contribute to why Alaska is the rape capital of the US, and not a state like Mississippi(which has the highest black population per capita of any state in the US).

        • jewamongyou says:

          I have a hypothesis about the high rape rate of Alaska – and I may be way off the mark here I admit. But it could be that areas with higher than normal sex-ratios are subject to higher rape rates. I never bought into the slogan that “rape is about power”. It’s nonsense. Rape can be “about” any number of things, including sex – and sex can be about power. When there are few women around for men to date, men will be more aggressive in their methods of obtaining sex. Some of them will turn to prostitutes. Others will resort to rape. It would be interesting to do some studies on this, but it would be very difficult; there are other variables to consider as well.

      • Stealth says:

        You’re using a far left source like the Huffington Post as proof that the link I posted is non-valid?
        Oh wait. It looks like even they’re not of much help because the article itself is mostly about rape in native communities. Did you read it? “Most are Alaska Native men.”
        I was using Anchorage to illustrate the point that black people are disproportionately represented among violent criminals. We are talking about black people, right? Therefore, native American communities don’t have much to do with this discussion.
        Also, all three states you mentioned are all known for having large native populations. That’s something else they have in common.

  4. Due to Nelson Mandela’s death, I urgently request JewAmongYou and readers of this blog to send me links to Apartheid apologists, reasonable people that favor apartheid and explain its virtues. Links against apartheid abound, though a link that actually discusses pros and cons would be very welcome.
    Sorry for this off topic request. You may also reply to the blog post cited above, or any other blog post, in order not to pollute this topic with further off topic remarks.
    Thank you very much

  5. Stealth says:

    This effort on the part of the far left to deny that black-on-white violence is far more prevalent than the reverse is pretty damn lame, especially when this fact is being openly acknowledged these days even by some liberals. In a country with a hundred and eighty or ninety million white people, I’m sure you can find cases of a white person raping a black person. That’s not the point. The point is that blacks are more violent than whites in general AND that they commit more interracial violence than whites.
    I can think of a lot of white NBA players, but does this mean that whites and blacks are equally represented on the basketball court? Of course not.
    Even if we were to assume that the justice system is completely rife with racism, the resulting discrimination still wouldn’t explain all (or probably even most) of the difference between black and white violent crime rates.
    Left-wing whites (I’m assuming this guy is just that) are fond of saying that the plural of anecdote is not data. Well, the same applies to their own anecdotes.

  6. countenance says:

    The moral of this story, if I’m to believe this “Move” crackpot, (BTW, is that the same MOVE as that black Philadelphia cult?), is that blacks never commit any crime much less rape.
    That said, I guess if you’re an attractive 21-year old blonde white woman, you should have no worries about walking up and down Martin Luther King Avenue at midnight in any given city that has one.
    Okay, let’s hear from any attractive 21-year old blonde white women that want to volunteer to do that.

  7. Move uses the typical tactics of the PC crowd. Mix distortions, half truths, with a sprinkle of truth, deny some obvious facts and outright lie
    LIE: I saw a photo of the true proven Central park rapist. If he is white, then I am a Zulu.
    LIE: the four guys were not innocent. Their conviction was vacated, due to black propaganda, and small suspicions of some impropriety. They were not declared innocent
    DISTORTION: The four guys had been on a rampage, with another 30 “youth”, mainly blacks, having fun WILDING, which is seriously beating up people. They are no angels and do not deserve pity.
    LIE: The woman was raped by about 12 people. if you find one DNA trace, that does not prove the other 11 are innocent (6 of which were never caught)
    LIE: The woman can not tell if she was raped by a dozen black people, or by a single white person
    DISTORTION: the confessed rapist with his DNA inside the victim was a criminal nutcase with serious psychological problems.
    The MEDIA and BLACK ACTIVISTS treat him like Trayvon Martin’s girl friend: He tells the whole and unassailable truth.
    Just on the word of one psychologically deranged career criminal everyone believes he acted alone, against all evidence and testimony of the victim. And nobody calls the obvious lie a lie.

  8. destructure says:

    I didn’t read all the comments. I just skimmed a few to get the gist. But I’ll address a few of Move’s arguments.
    First, if I remember the FBI data tables correctly, “0” rapes doesn’t mean there were no rapes. It means there were fewer than 10 which rounded down to “0”. If there had been a 10th rape then it would have rounded up to “1”. Now, there may have been anywhere between “0” and “9” rapes. So finding a couple of rapes doesn’t mean the FBI stats are flawed.
    Second, finding a few white on black rapes does nothing to diminish the number of black on white rapes. Of course, every rape is horrible and should be taken seriously on its own merits regardless of who it is. However, the fact remains that there is a gross imbalance in the number of interracial rapes. Blacks are targeting whites not the other way around. Whites have every right to oppose this. Rather than acknowledging this and condemning the black on white rapes, Move is furious and wishes to smear white men. And for what? Not attacking blacks??? Did Move ever think the kind of attitude he’s displaying plays a role in the grossly disproportionate black on white crime rate whether that be rape, murder or violent assaults? If he really wanted to make the world a better place he’d give whites some consideration and condemn the attacks rather than stoke more hatred against whites.
    Third, I despise false allegations. Whether they’re rape, murder, or anything else. Not only do they smear the individual but, if interracial, have a tendency to smear the group. But there’s more to it. When they’re found out it smears the group of the person who made them and provides a convenient excuse for those who wish to disbelieve such crimes ever take place. The fact is, someone making a false allegation has absolutely no bearing on whether another persons allegations are true. Fortunately, false allegations of rape are rare and when someone is falsely accused they’re given a chance to clear their name in court. However, I’m not so sure that false allegations are disproportionately interracial. False allegations would more likely be retribution to get back at a boyfriend, husband, etc not to smear random people of another race.
    Fourth, Alaska is an anomaly. I’ve never really dug into the stats but I have a couple of speculations. Alaska has a high native population and natives actually have a fairly high rate of abuse. What’s more, it’s petroleum industry is a magnet for young roughnecks looking for work. So Alaska has a disproportionate number of men in general and younger, roughneck men in particular. Since men disproportionately rape (and younger, roughneck men in particular) it may be that the rape rate is a function of there being more natives, more men, more roughnecks and more younger men. All might combine to elevate the rape rate. Even if none of them are more likely to rape than their counterparts elsewhere. In other words, the rape rate may simply a function of their being more men present in the population and not a higher propensity of those men to rape.
    And, finally, Move has criticized others for not finding the evidence to support his claims. As a matter of due diligence, we would like to find the right answers. But it’s not our responsibility to find the evidence to support his claims. If he has claims then HE should do the research to support it.

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