Michael Griffin and Frank Borzellieri

The Left is up in arms because a New Jersey Catholic school, Holy Ghost, has terminated one of its teachers for being homosexual. According to MSNBC:

A high-school teacher at a suburban Philadelphia Catholic high school has been fired after applying for a marriage license in New Jersey with his partner of 12 years.
Michael Griffin, who taught Spanish and French at Holy Ghost Preparatory Schol in Bensalem, PA. and is also an alumnus of the high school, was told his marriage license “contradicts the terms of his teaching contract,” as stated in a statement from the school…
The school’s 87-page handbook includes the Teacher’s Code of Conduct which Griffin believes was the clause used for Griffin’s termination.
“Although the school welcomes teachers from other denominations and recognizes their rights to religious freedom, as employees of a Catholic institution, all teachers are expected to uphold lifestyles compatible with the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church,” the handbook states.

Reading the above article, it’s obvious that MSNBC’s sympathies are with Griffin, and not the school. But I think the school’s expectations are not unreasonable at all. It’s a Catholic school, and the Bible is very clearly anti-homosexual. Surely Griffin was aware of this. Even if we disregard the schools handbook, there are other reasons for one to sympathize with the school. Having homosexuals in such a school sets a bad example, from a religious perspective, for the students. Do we demand that Muslim schools allow teachers who eat pork in their cafeterias?  Should we force Jewish religious schools to hire Jews who publicly desecrate the sabbath?
It’s interesting that organizations such as change.org are so eager to defend Michael Griffin – yet they were completely silent when Frank Borzellieri was terminated from his position as principle at another Catholic school in New York. Unlike Griffin, Borzellieri did nothing to contradict the Catholic faith. There’s nothing in the Bible that refers to pro-white attitudes as an “abomination.” There was no indication that Borzellieri held any hatred toward his black students, nor did he pose any sort of danger to them. According to beliefnet.com:

… Frank Borzellieri was a principal of Catholic elementary school in the Bronx,New York.  Once word was released that Borzellieri was a “white supremacist,” however, he was swiftly terminated.
As it turns out, Borzellieri was, at one time, at any rate, a bit friendlier with a certain organization—American Renaissance (AR)—than the self-appointed guardians of our politically correct orthodoxy believes he had a right to be.  AR exists simply and solely for the unhindered promotion of the free exchange of ideas on matters pertaining to race.   For this, it has been branded a “hate group” and purveyor of “white supremacy.”…
Yet now Borzellieri is out of a job for no other reason but that he dared, at one time, to express politically incorrect beliefs concerning race while maintaining an affiliation of a sort with AR.
The more one learns of both AR and Borzellieri, the more this episode becomes at once interesting and disturbing, for you see, if Borzellieri is a “white supremacist” because of his association with AR, then there is a whole lot of other popular media personalities and organizations that are guilty of “white supremacy” because of their association with it.  Some of these have a relationship with Borzellieri as well.  This is interesting.  What is disturbing is that thus far, not one of these personalities or outlets has so much as mentioned the travesty that Borzellieri had visited upon him, much less defended him.

I met Mr. Borzellieri at an American Renaissance a few years ago. He came across as a man who had suffered much for his beliefs. According to Wikipedia, he spent 11 years on a New York school board, where he fought a lonely battle for conservative values. During those 11 years he…
… battled frequently with liberals over hot-button issues such as multiculturalism and bilingual education, both of which he opposed. He became a leading national spokesman for English as the official language. He also opposed what was termed the “Rainbow Curriculum,” which provided positive presentations of homosexuality and homosexuals in children’s books such as “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Daddy’s Roommate.” It was one of very few issues on which Borzellieri had a majority support of the school board. The others on which he received majority support were his proposal to strengthen New York City’s Megan’s Law against child predators, and the prohibition of discussing with young students the topics of abortion, homosexuality, masturbation and contraception. He defended the Boy Scouts of America’s right to ban homosexual scoutmasters and he put forth a resolution, which passed by a vote of eight to one, supporting the Scouts at a time when other New York City school boards were voting to denounce them.
Borzellieri took a stand against sexual permissiveness and against what his faith considered to be sinful or deviant. He spoke the truth about Martin Luther King among people who considered King to be no less than a saint. Whether we agree with all of Borzellieri’s positions or not, he’s a man who has no fear of expressing unpopular views, and he’s worthy of our respect.
Borzelilieri doesn’t claim to be a hero, but he most certainly is. As for Griffin, he has every right to create a union with another man, but this does not make him a hero – and traditional Catholic institutions should not be expected to continue to employ him.
When we compare the corporate-owned media reaction to the two men, it becomes painfully clear that they value a man who has sex with another man far more than they value a man who stands up for his beliefs.
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  1. icareviews says:

    Griffin, instead of becoming an openly homosexual Catholic school teacher, should have contented himself with entering the priesthood and keeping his dirty doings on the down-low like the rest of them. Then there wouldn’t have been any trouble. It’s privileged victimological interests’ insistence upon publicity and militantly mandated, open, official, and universal acceptance of their eccentricities that creates all of these controversies.

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