A real-life black Jesus

Looking over the comments on an recent American Renaissance article, I saw one that claimed something to the effect that “blacks always get into universities for free, and they never enroll except to rape white girls.” I noted that such comments are not helpful and that they won’t sway opinions. The comment has since been removed, thankfully, from that page.
Unfortunately, comments claiming that “all bantus are lazy” or “every she-boon is obese and obnoxious” or “Mexicans always want to dispossess the white man” are all too common on the internet. I’ve written about this matter previously. At one point, I suggested that a lot of the moronic comments made by so-called racists are actually the work of leftists in disguise. That it’s part of a campaign to discredit pro-white sentiments.
But now I’d like to focus on blanket statements. They’re rarely accurate in this context; I can’t say they’re never accurate, because then I’d be contradicting myself – and I never do that…
For those of y’all who were born yesterday, and haven’t yet had the chance to get out and meet real people, here’s a piece of information for y’all: There are decent people who are Mexican. There are smart, hard-working, blacks. There are good Asian drivers and there are poor Jews.
Should all “Asians” and blacks be removed from Britain? I can think of one who should stay. Her name is Maria de Jesus-Lucungo, and she was born in Angola. I found her on m.vice.com. From the article:

Say hello to Maria de Jesus-Lucungo. Not only does Maria share a name with the benevolent oracle of the Christian faith, she’s also inherited some of his selflessness and eternal goodwill. Although she’s originally from Angola and doesn’t have fair hair herself, Maria has made it her life goal to campaign for the protection of the UK’s blonde population. She believes that England’s flaxen-haired brothers and sisters are under threat of extinction and that, if they disappear, “the world will not be so attractive in beauty any more”…
Through extensive flyering, an online petition and multiple letters sent to the British Prime Minister, Maria says that she hopes to establish a National Blonde Day to celebrate all things blond. I caught up with her to find out what else she wants to achieve…
VICE: Hi, Maria. When did you first realise that blondes need protecting?
Maria Jesus-Lucungo: It came all of a sudden a few years ago. They’re not breeding with each other. It’s good to have some blond in the white community to mix with everyone else so we can have a variety of complexions. Variety is nice—variety is the spice of life! If you go to Africa, you expect to see a black African. If someone from Africa comes to Europe, the first thing they should see should be a blonde. Blonde is the pure white before it gets mixed with everyone else.
Do you think the purest forms of all races need to be protected? Like if black Africans were becoming extinct?
Yes, but Africans aren’t becoming extinct. Go to Africa—you’ll see they have lots. If blondes disappear, then you will have to explain to your grandchildren that, once upon a time, we used to have another type of white people and the child might not believe it. This is what I’m trying to avoid; we don’t have to let it get that far.
In England, we need somebody to stand up for blondes in the House of Commons. It’s like if you have a garden and one flower is dying out, then the gardener will do something to revive it. His concentration will be on that particular one. So my focus is on this particular one, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like all the others. I like everyone all the same.

Maria may come across as somewhat simplistic in her views, and it’s unfortunate that they chose to bring Hitler into the conversation – but how many pro-white keyboard warriors can honestly claim to be as publicly active as Maria? My guess is that she gets more people thinking outside the box than 99.99% of racialist commenters on the internet. Of course, she’s exempt from accusations of racism by virtue of being black. This, in itself, adds another layer of credibility to her work; it makes the double-standard even more obvious.
So next time you’re seething with anger, over the latest black-on-white atrocity, think before you write. Think about Maria de Jesus-Lucungo and choose your words carefully.

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27 Responses to A real-life black Jesus

  1. I’m frankly suspicious of this – it smacks of some kind of publicity stunt maybe organised by the blonde woman standing next to her – who IS going to be called a “racist”. The fact that there may be a tiny handful of blacks and Muslims who are prepared to go out on a limb for whites does not change the bitter truth that both groups – other than in tiny numbers – are parasites and a deadly pestilence on our society and civilisation.

  2. DD says:

    Well that’s very nice of her. Thank you Maria DeJesus, muito obrigado.

  3. charleskiddell says:

    I too am often troubled by the extreme comments on AR. I have five black friends, two of them actually African, as well as a mess of black acquaintances. On the other hand I have often been troubled by black aggression, in Chicago and in Africa, and once-upon-a-time in my Canadian high school. Serious “gonna jack you up” aggression with hands laid on, or a mob chasing my car out of Cabrini Green.
    I take blacks as individuals as you are suggesting, even though it is sensible to make generalizations about groups and neighbourhoods unfamiliar. I have had practical experiences that mad lefty journalists, bureaucrats, and academics who live in gated communities never will have, like being the only white face in a Zulu bar at two in the morning. I had a reason to be there: I emphatically do not recommend it (even if you happen to be amaZulu).

    • I wonder whether your black “friends” would come to your defence if a drunk in that Zulu bar had shouted “kill the mlungu” and a mob attacked you with knives and pangas..? Many whites who thought they had black friends have been killed in such circumstances.

      • charleskiddell says:

        I don’t expect anyone to come to my defence. Some Xhosa did intervene socially when a drunk fellow dressed like a tsotsi got in my face in a shebeen in Khayelitsha. He wasn’t a tsotsi; real gangsters don’t dress like gangsters. I knew he was showing off for the girls, wanting to be seen talking to me and I was sitting behind a quart of Amstel with my hands out of sight. He was leaning over me working himself up into a rage over the question, ‘why do white people have money and black people don’t?’ He was totally exposed; things could have gotten very messy. I don’t expect to survive if things go south, I just damned well won’t be the only one.
        My “friends” went so far as to offer the tsotsi a cigarette out of my pack, which is unheard of and they kept trying to engage him in conversation in isiXhosa but he would turn and reply to me in English. Heheh.
        You have to keep your wits about you. That quart of Amstel in front of me was the same quart the whole night. My demeanour with the bad ass was ‘mildly annoyed.’ I don’t smoke. The offer of a cigarette is a gesture (get your Zippo back though).
        But I am way off topic. My black friends are friends in the full meaning of the word. When I see one of them it is to spend several hours together in conversation, or even days together on holiday. They range from a hard working high school graduate from Mthatha to a African born civil engineer with a Ph.D. in Illinois, or two with Ph.Ds if you count a sixth, a ‘black’ biochemist who can pass for white.
        Yet amongst black acquaintances from my home town, and the black thugs who went to my school, I count a seriously disproportionate toll of unmarried mothers, poor grades, welfare dependency, pointless petty crime, serious crime, and impulsive violence. There is no collective responsibility for this and if I discuss it with white friends I don’t with black ones who lead upstanding lives.

    • “My black friends are friends in the full meaning of the word. When I see one of them it is to spend several hours together in conversation, or even days together on holiday.”
      Thanks for sharing your interesting story. For someone like yourself who is obviously aware of the danger that blacks can pose, especially when drunk or on drugs – and it doesn’t take much of either to set then off – it takes a lot of courage or foolhardiness, or both, to go into a shebeen and spend hours there.
      I still cannot agree with you though as my idea of a friend is someone I can go to a pub with or to a braii – not necessarily to get drunk but certainly to have a “good few” and be able to talk freely about almost everything – especially the sad situation for whites under black dictatorship in S.Africa. With blacks around you have to constantly bite your tongue and be careful what you say in case it “offends them”. This is not conducive to true friendship. Do your black friends know your political views and that you visit “race-realist” sites like this one?

      • charleskiddell says:

        Afrikaners are white men in the presence of hell.
        If there is anything in my bio that implies that I bite my tongue well, look at my photo.
        They know they are uncivilized.
        I like a good braii.
        There are some blacks who know that a (static) common block in Fortran can be tested with a snapshot of it, and that there is a practical, not very profound, formula for the greatest weight you can put down on a jungle runway.

  4. Daniel Schmuhl says:

    I have been commenting on AR for about 6 months now, and have been reading it for years. I don’t mind politically incorrect discussion but some of the stuff posted in the comments is just plain nasty. One commenter was openly advocating violent racial genocide.
    Another issue I disagree with many of the commenters is the Jewish issue. This is not because I deny that Jewish nepotism exists or anything but because they take it way too far and shoot themselves in the foot. They are going to alienate many potential Jewish allies. Again I’ve made comments about Jews and Jewish organizations but have never resorted to calling them kikes. I don’t want to shut down any constructive conversation of the Jewish question, but most of it i hear there is negative.

    • “One commenter was openly advocating violent racial genocide.”
      Without seeing the actual comment and its context its difficult to say, but you may have seen a comment before it was moderated. Disqus account holders can make comments which are only moderated retrospectively. Re: the “Jewish issue” – until about 18 mths ago Amren basically prohibited any overt anti-semitism – I think largely by order of Jared Taylor. That strict policy seems to have been relaxed recently – I wonder whether JAY can throw any light on that, assuming it was a policy decision.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Amren used to have its own independant comment system, which had to be manually moderated. It was slow and labor-intensive. They finally chose to go with Disqus. They still moderate, but only retroactively and less frequently. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of resources.
        Maybe I’ll ask Jared about it at the upcoming conference.

    • destructure says:

      I completely agree with you. Amren is a great site. I’ve read it for at least 10 years. The discussion was excellent when every comment required approval. Since they’ve changed to disqus it’s becomes a cesspool with turds trying to outdo each other with hateful rhetoric. A lot of them contribute nothing but slurs and cheap digs. It infuriates me that they let it continue. I’ve had some fights with folks on a different pro white site about the same thing. One guy’s explanation was that he was deliberately being obnoxious in order to dehumanize certain groups. He was too dumb to realize it was counter productive. All he was doing was turning people away.
      It would be easy to fix this. All the moderator has to do is edit their comment to say “Content removed by moderator.” And then reply telling them that their name is on a list and if they make another comment like that they’ll be banned for a week. They’d see it because everyone sees the replies on Disqus. The obnoxious comments would go away.

      • I especially miss “John PM” who had a distinctive manner of signing off. He disappeared after Disqus came in. Of course he could have died or some other reason – sadly, most race-realists are not exactly youngsters.

    • survivor says:

      Almost all the attorneys but Thurgood Marshall involved on the anti White side of the school desegregation and school busing court cases have obvious Jewish names. I have looked up the names of all the attorneys involved in every, I do mean every affirmative action, pro criminal and school busing lawsuit since 1960.
      About 92 percent of the attorneys on the anti qualified White side of the affirmative action lawsuits have obvious Jewish names. i did not count maybe Jewish maybe German names like Kaufmann and Becker.
      It was mostly Jewish attorneys who filed and won the anti White school busing and affirmative action lawsuits. Next time you go to a government office and notice not even one White worker acknowledge that it is the result of Jewish attorneys and their affirmative action lawsuits.
      Also be aware that Brown Vs Topeka 1956 and other school desegregation lawsuits were funded by the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Anti Defamation League.
      The millions of Whites who were abused and terrorized by blacks in their schools as children need to know that it was Jewish attorneys and Jewish money that sent the savages to their schools to abuse, assault, beat, rob and rape them.
      Every White applicant to university or for a job, especially a government job who is turned down because he or she is White needs to know that it was Jewish money and Jewish attorneys who are responsible.
      I posted the same information repeatedly on amren for 16 years and was finally banned. Amren is very pro Jewish and pro Asian immigrant. It is not a White advocacy site at all although many Whites read it and post there.
      Sorry if anyone is offended, but it is the truth. Get into the data bases of the federal court system and the individual state court systems. Make up a list of all the pro criminal, school desegregation and busing and affirmative action lawsuits since 1960. Then go to the clerk’s attorney’s lists. When a lawsuit is filed, the clerks in whose jurisdiction it is filed start of separate list of the attorney who files it. When the opposition files the response that attorney or those attorneys are added to the list. Also added are the names of the attorneys who file the friends of the court briefs. What with the numerous appeals at all levels of the court system some cases end up with more than a thousand attorneys involved on both sides.
      Read the names of the attorneys on the anti White side of every case from pro criminal anti victim to affirmative action and school busing.

  5. Stealth says:

    If Amren can’t or won’t effectively moderate comments, then they should get out of the business of letting readers reply to their articles. Some of the comments are really bad, and the people who write that stuff aren’t doing white advocacy any favors. Also, as you said in this blog entry, some of those commenting are likely left-wing saboteurs attempting to discredit the work of people like Jared Taylor.
    Then there’s the matter of all that antisemitism. It scares people away from the nascent pro-white movement, especially Jews themselves, many of whom are no doubt just as tired of all the anti-white bullshit as we non-Jewish whites are.

    • survivor says:

      It is not anti semitism to copy and paste anti White pro affirmative action, school busing and celebrations of black on White crime on amren from official Jewish publications.
      If you want to know what the official Jewish leadership thinks of Whites, subscribe to Jewish publications. I have read the Los Angles Jewish Journal for years. It claims to have the widest readership of any American Jewish publication. I also read many other official Jewish publications.
      I live in a 80 percent Jewish neighborhood and work in a 90 percent Jewish industry. I know whereof I speak.
      PS do you know any Jews? If you do ask them if they consider themselves White or Jewish. Ask them what they think of affirmative action. Ask them what they think of school desegregation. Ask them what they think of the fact that more than half the prisoners in America are black while blacks are only 12 percent of the population.
      I used to exchange emails with jewamongyou. I think i should call myself goyamongyou considering where I live and where I work

  6. “If Amren can’t or won’t effectively moderate comments, then they should get out of the business of letting readers reply to their articles.”
    Then that would be the end of Amren since the comments are the best part of it. Unless you want to go to the likes of Stormfront there are not many places left where race-realists can have their say and not have their comments deleted, even very reasonable and well-considered ones. Race conscious whites are so marginalised by the media that it is very cathartic to have somewhere to speak your mind. I am not condoning the “really bad” comments but usually those are one or two liners which can be easily ignored. Most of the longer more considered comments are very good. Often in life you just have to take the good with the bad.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s easy for us to ignore such comments, but for people on the fence it’s a different matter. Who knows how many would-be white-sympathizers (looking for a moderate, reasonable, group to attach themselves to) took one look at those comments and dismissed Amren as just another hysterical, hate-mongering anti-Semitic fringe group. Those comments lend credence to the establishment mantra that “pro-white is just a code word for neo-Nazi.”

    • Stealth says:

      I maintain my position that the comments do more harm than good if half of them are nothing but garbage. Pro-white advocacy is about accomplishing goals, not about catharsis. Amren is NOT a place to vent, and every one of us is an ambassador of sorts. People can bitch in their spare time. And the less I say about all of that “racial holy war” bullshit, the better.
      If we’re marginalized, then our condition is self-inflicted. For one thing, most race-conscious whites assume anti-white leftists have more power than they actually do – and act accordingly. We voluntarily take their crap and jump through their hoops. We allow them to determine what’s acceptable to talk about and what’s not. When a white celebrity gets busted for some infraction of the liberal code, they grovel as if they’re about to be tortured.
      There are signs that the dominant anti-white worldview is being reconsidered by a lot of people you probably wouldn’t expect. We need to be helping that along, not slowing it down by scaring people away from the truth.

      • survivor says:

        There is no White advocacy group in America. Amren and other pro White sites are basically a form of group therapy. After being turned down for yet another job because you are not black, asian or hispanic; after being subject to another day of vicious abuse by your black affirmative action co-workers; after being harassed and insulted by black men because you are a White woman it is nice to have a place to vent.
        As far as expecting Jews to join a pro White movement, they are only 2.5 percent of the population Even if every Jew in America became pro White it wouldn’t be enough to change a thing.
        Truth hurts.

    • Stealth says:

      It wouldn’t be the end! Vdare doesn’t allow comments, and they’ve been around for quite a while – with no end in sight.
      A lot of the people who leave comments at Amren and other sites should just start their own blogs.

  7. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Anthony Rawdon,
    No, I don’t. It would be nice if Amren fit that bill better than it does though.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the nastier comments are from disinfo agents.

  9. I was wondering about the dumb comments at Amren too. Did not occur to me that this would be very off-putting for some potential fence sitting sympathizers.
    Moderation is pretty hard, lots of work. But maybe would be worth it.
    Personally, the dumb comments turned me off, made me less interested in commenting myself.

  10. shelly rudolph says:

    Maria, we in america love you but tell us about the young adult woman in your life who are not blonde, should they take up your cause, or talk to their own fathers?
    My name is Shelly and tell me what I should say to my adult daughter about endangered blonde haired women in 2014?

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