Are Nigerian Americans intellectually superior?

The internet is abuzz, and in an uproar, since “Tiger Mom” released her newest book “The Triple Package.” The headline of is typical:

Tiger Mom is back with despicable new theory about racial superiority

Yale Law professor Amy Chua, who would live in obscurity among the general public if it weren’t for her persona as the disgustingly smug Tiger Mom, is trolling America with yet another theory personal rant about her cultural superiority…
In it, Chua and Rubenfeld use what reviewer Maureen Callahan calls “specious stats and anecdotal evidence” to argue that Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians, Cuban exiles and Mormons are superior to other races or cultures, and “everyone else is contributing to the downfall of America.”

It would be interesting to see those “specious stats” and their rebuttals – but I’ve got a hunch that all we’ll see, from the corporate media, is rants like the above from Salon. For my part, I figure if the corporate media becomes hysterical, and foams at the mouth, over a book, then that book is probably worth reading. It’s tantamount to a recommendation. But since when are Mormons, or Cuban exiles, a “race?”
If Prachi Gupta, the Salon author above, is so convinced that there are no superior, or inferior, demographics, then she should live her life accordingly – and buy her house in the ghetto (where it’s cheaper) and not worry about sharing a dark alley with blacks or Hispanics.
Are Nigerian Americans really superior, or did Chua include them in the list in order to protect herself from charges of “racism?” I’ve seen claims that Nigerians are “the most educated group in America.” This is possible, since the immigration process filters out practically all but the far right of Nigeria’s intellectual bell curve. According to Wikipedia:

During the mid- to late-1980s, a larger wave of Nigerians immigrated to the United States. This migration was driven by political and economic problems exacerbated by the military regimes of self-styled generals Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha. The most noticeable exodus occurred among professional and middle-class Nigerians who, along with their children, took advantage of education and employment opportunities in the United States.
Some believe that this exodus has contributed to a “brain-drain” on Nigeria’s intellectual resources to the detriment of its future. Since the advent of multi-party democracy in March 1999, the former Nigerian head-of-state Olusegun Obasanjo has made numerous appeals, especially to young Nigerian professionals in the United States, to return to Nigeria to help in its rebuilding effort. Obasanjo’s efforts have met with mixed results, as some potential migrants consider Nigeria’s socio-economic situation still unstable.

I’ve long argued that, with current trends, sub-Saharan Africa is doomed to become an ever more wretched cesspool. In a vicious cycle, the worse things get, the more desperate Africa’s intellectuals are to flee. We see the same phenomenon, on a smaller scale, in ghettos. Indeed, this is one argument for segregation; if responsible, and more intelligent, blacks are forced to remain with their brethren, then they might put an end to this social polarization. It might be possible to reverse this descent into the abyss. Such a “black gentrification” would probably be more palatable, and productive, than the “white gentrification” we now sometimes see. Instead of simply driving lower-income blacks into other neighborhoods, it might actually improve their lot where they are. Perhaps they’ll even become less dangerous.
All this talk of “highly educated Nigerians” needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Firstly, given the massive corruption in Nigeria, how much does a Nigerian degree really mean? Secondly, given the massive corruption in the U.S. (AKA “Affirmative Action”) how much does an American degree, in black hands, really mean? Thirdly, compared to American blacks, just about any other group will seem highly educated. Since Nigerians look (to the untrained eye) just like American blacks, their comparatively higher scholastic achievement will appear even more pronounced. Fourthly, considering how desperate the Establishment (the “Cathedral”) is to portray blacks as high achievers, all such claims are suspect. The powers that be simply have too much of an interest in the matter for us to take their claims at face value. If Chinese researchers also conclude that Nigerians are “among the most educated groups in America” then I’d take those claims more seriously.
Chua has gotten a lot of publicity for her new book, and as they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Thanks to the media uproar, I predict that her book will be a best-seller. We can’t expect meaningful insight from the likes of Salon, but I’m hoping somebody from the “Dark Enlightenment,” will provide some solid research on Nigerian Americans.

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  1. BAF says:

    “(AKA “Affirmative Action”) how much does an American degree, in black hands, really mean? ”
    Minorities with IQ’s of 98 are accepted to medical schools in the U.S, Whites at least 115.
    An example, a Nigerian physician’s seriously faulty judgement would have caused a patient’s death had the family not questioned her decision with the chief medical officer. Frequent errors caused by both black and Asian Indian physicians are not surprising, but is shocking that they are permitted to practice in the U.S.
    Use your right to refuse treatment from anyone you don’t trust.

    • SFG says:

      Go ahead and do that, but I know a few doctors, and they tell me the Indians (dot not feather) are actually pretty smart. They push the kids to succeed, and the American-born offspring usually have comparable grades. It’s another model minority.
      India actually had a pretty good smart fraction–they had words for some very large powers of ten before we did, and the Brahmins had to memorize very, very long oral texts. Their bottom 90%, of course, is another story. I suspect, given their very different profile in England, we are looking at another case of selective immigration. There are probably millions of dumb peasants in China who stay in China and whom we never get to see…

      • Aaron says:

        Exactly. We import the top classes of people from many places and pretend that this makes them the “superior race,” ignoring the contributions of the whites who created the infrastructure of our nations.

    • SFG says:

      Also, there seems to be a difference among Nigerians, with the Igbo being a little smarter than the Yoruba–the one Igbo lady I knew was pretty brainy. I bet there’s been some sort of dysgenic selection on Af-Ams over the past few hundred years, ranging from plantation owners killing slaves caught reading to the welfare laws in more recent years.
      The concept of ‘racial essence’ is rather silly–there are populations, and even if from the same root they can diverge over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if American and Israeli Ashkenazim have different personality genes, for example.

      • Slaves were expensive. The master wouldn’t kill one just for reading. The one’s teaching slaves to read might be punished though.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        It’s kind of silly to imagine that slaves were killed for trying to read. If I were to guess at the origins of any heritable differences that might exist between Africans from Africa and Africans from the US, I would probably chalk it up to relaxed selective pressures in the US. Africans had to manage their own lives, while slaves’ lives were managed by their masters, which probably allowed the less intelligent slaves to survive and thrive, whereas left to their own devices they might have died. This is bolstered by the fact that the slave population ballooned rapidly through natural increase, and black slaves in the antebellum south actually had a longer average lifespan than working-class whites in northern cities. The truth about slavery is that, while having one’s liberty restricted may be damaging on a moral or spiritual level, the material conditions of slaves in the American South really weren’t that bad, certainly not compared to other people in the world living during the same time period.

    • The Wise Brahmana says:

      Huh? Asian Indians are not recipients of AA when it comes to academics or professional qualifications. Indians in the US are admittedly a very non representative sample of Indians, but they do seem to be regressing to an IQ mean of 110-112 ( see Jason Richwine’s data) : why would they need AA?
      Even in the UK, which has less selective migration than the US, Indians tend to academically outperform all ethnic groups except the Chinese. Time for some revision of your pet theories?

      • Wale says:

        according to my sources, Nigerians in Britain dominated there as well. Indians and Nigerians abroad are driven by the same factors. There is opportunity here and we will take it.

    • md162 says:

      WHITE women have benefited from AFFIRMATIVE ACTION much more than I have or ever will. At this point and time, please get rid of it. Some white people with their “superiority complex”, feel the need to downplay other people’s accomplishments because they would literally be nothing without the benefits and privileges of being white. American Americans may believe they are somewhat inferior due to the white man’s delusions of granduer based on systematic opposition and internalized low-self worth, but it will not work with Immigrants or children of Immigrants. We know our worth and we know we can do better and quite frankly, we are innately more intelligent than white people.

      • Howard says:

        Americans may believe they are somewhat inferior due to the white man’s delusions of granduer based on systematic opposition and internalized low-self worth, but it will not work with Immigrants or children of immigrants.”
        If anyone is delusional it’s certainly you. You couldn’t even explain to me… the poor excuse for a seemingly intellectual paragraph above that I just quoted from you! What a dope!!

    • imog says:

      You are going to use one story about a Nigerian physician (you did not cite the source for that story btw) to prove that they are all less capable?! Provide hard statistics! Don’t make generalization based on a couple of unrelated incidents.

    • jz1000 says:

      Someone with an IQ of 98 who can make it into med school, has already intellectually achieved more than armchair whites with 115 IQs who pathetically try to trivialize such an accolade. You are only showing IQ means more only in the minds of cowering achievement < IQ types.

  2. sestamibi says:

    “I’ve seen claims that Nigerians are “the most educated group in America.”
    Well, of course. It takes a lot of smarts to keep finding suckers for all those e-mail scams

    • jewamongyou says:

      Most of those email scams are probably perpetrated by Nigerians who are still in Nigeria, where they can act with impunity. They’d have to be fools to try that from the U.S. – though I’m sure it happens now and then.

  3. Random Lurker says:

    You are probably right about Nigerians today.
    But consider this. Current Jewish populations (both of Ashkenazi and eastern descent) that are usually cited as examples of high achievement are all descendants if Jews that successfully run away from somewhere. If you want to see what Jews that had the luxury of staying put are like take a look at Yemeni ones. Selective migration, whether imposed or self driven usually selects for smarter, more motivated and driven individuals. Note the selective part. Wholesale movements like the one from Latin America to USA are not it. It is easy to laugh off Nigerians but many others probably started the same way.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The odds are strongly against Nigerian Americans maintaining a distinct identity and community. They’ll be absorbed into the larger black/mulatto community. The only way for them to maintain a nation within a nation is for large numbers of them to arrive and, in that case, it would cease being a “selective migration.” But it wasn’t my intention to “laugh them off,” only to raise questions.

      • Random Lurker says:

        That’s a very good point. If I was a Nigerian I’d work hard on converting all my co-exiles into some distinct non Unitarian religion that prohibits any mixing with non Nigerians. 🙂
        Re laughing off, sorry I should have been clearer. It was about my own thoughts on the matter rather than what you wrote.
        I know a few Nigerians in IT and medicine and while they are by far more accomplished than American blacks (or Yemeni Jews for that matter) they still don’t measure up to other groups Ms. Chula mentions.

  4. peppermint says:

    Here is a bell curve for a population with an average West African fraction of 80% and a median West African fraction much higher than that. Note, this experiment was done in the ’70s, 20 years after Loving v. Virginia, while most people hadn’t had time to learn that interracial marriage is actually wonderful and produces kids with hybrid vigor.
    If we can take Nigerians from the extreme right of that distribution, perhaps they could have IQs as high as 120, maybe 130 if the second bump isn’t from the small fraction interbreeding with highly intelligent Whites. They could then be made into, if not capable physicists, capable pretenders to physics, which is to say no worse than the majority of women in physics. I know because I have seen it.
    Of course, their children will regress to the mean, barring one generation of hybrid vigor if they breed with a different race.

    • Aaron says:

      I work with white female scientists (including physicists) on a daily basis and they are quite capable. I have a theory about this: because females outnumber males in college overall, there has been a halting of any preferences for females at the department level. Ergo, the women who make it are generally the qualified ones. The “minority scientists” are another can of worms.

    • If only high-IQ Nigerians immigrate, and they practice assortative mating (e.g. by mating only among themselves; or, like Ms. Chua, by choosing mates from other high-mean-IQ groups), they will maintain a high group mean IQ.
      It’s called “natural selection.”

      • Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

        Mumu, so it means the only people dat migrate †̥Φ USA from Nigeria are the intelligent ones? ? Am willing †̥Φ bet the dumbest boy in my class is more intelligent
        than you

  5. Aaron says:

    Indeed the idea that Nigerians are so brilliant and wonderful is as scammy as most of the junk emails Nigerians send. However, the superiority of some of the other groups mentioned is just as fraudulent.
    People do not have even the most basic understanding of statistics or the concept of selection bias. Of course if you take the upwardly mobile middle class members of any country (India, China, Iran, etc.) they will appear to be very successful relative to a population sample that includes a wider range of abilities/motivation levels.
    Also, I have noticed some rather idiotic Asian fetishists in the white nationalist community. I would ask these Asian fetishists to please apply the concept of sample bias to racial analysis more often. For example, because Chinese do well abroad in business/school, they are seen as “brilliant.” The stylized facts concerning them as a group contradict this, however. When looking at Chinese people as a group, their total IQ is 98-100 depending on which study you read. This is about average. However, what is not usually understood is that the Chinese people who take this test are the educated elites of places like Beijing and Shanghai (In the US, we have “diverse” groups from all over the country take IQ tests. The same is true of Europe and Israel). In addition, about ten points are added to any non-Western country to compensate for the test’s inherent “Western bias,” even in places like Japan and South Korea (Interestingly, before the 60s or so, IQ studies showed Asian IQs to be lower than white IQs. I guess because of their suddenly “high IQs” we should let them all move to white countries…).
    Finally, there is rampant fraud in Asian (especially Chinese) applications to US schools, where test scores, grades, and essays are faked (this is also true of other Asian countries). Cheating when in the university is then done on an industrial scale, often within ethnic groups (Chinese help other Chinese cheat, Indians help other Indians, etc.)
    *That* is why these people seem to have “such high scores” but have produced very little in terms of original business, scientific or social innovation. *That* is why they seem to “do so well” in other countries but their own countries are hell-holes. They aren’t that smart and they aren’t that special. Get it?
    So next time any white nationalist wants to worship one of these groups, use the basic principles of statistical logic, please. Do not compare the top segment of one group to all segments of another group.

    • Jagdflieger says:

      Hi Aaron
      Although I will freely admit that I find much to admire regarding Asians and regard them as the best and least troublesome of the non-whites at least in America (although it must be stated that competition for this accolade is not particularly fierce), I also realize that when push comes to shove they are no friends of whitey. The proof is that it is generally held that Asian-Americans are overall better educated and more economically successful than the average white American. However, they consistently and overwhelmingly vote Democrat; totally opposite to what one would reasonably expect. Why? The answer is simple: they strongly identify with non-white America and as post-election polls demonstrated in the last presidential elections, resent and fear implicitly white groups such as the Tea Party. In other words, they are prepared to make common cause with blacks and Hispanics in order to screw whites even though they have much more in common with the latter then the former by all reasonable accounts.

      • SFG says:

        If you’ve heard Asians talking behind our backs, feel free to overrule me, but the sense I had was more that they land in places like NYC and SF and try to conform to the whites around them, who of course are very liberal. I.E., their idea of an American from the dominant culture is a SWPL.

      • Aaron says:

        Yes, and Asians support the immivasion perhaps as much or even more than Hispanics. That is because that is the way they will bring their family over. Family is often extended and includes cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. This is how they form mini-nations within the US, where many don’t even speak English (and don’t want to). They also ONLY study with each other, ONLY do business with each other, and generally try to get resources only for their own. As a side note, one of the reasons why Chinese and Koreans were hated in Japan is not because of the oft-told BS that the Japanese are “racist.” It is because the Chinese and Koreans set up these sorts of enclaves in Japan and managed to extract a lot of wealth from the Japanese in this manner. Likewise, the Japanese did the this in the US and other nations, and were disliked because of it. It is only because of this post-60s “racism” narrative that we can’t see these economic and social realities. In essence, Numerically, Asians will coalesce together and collude to exclude any and all whites (they see all whites as the same, whether they are Western European, Eastern European, Israeli, etc.).
        Also, there is a large Asian nationalist movement, in which they use their own form of racism to justify this, stating that whites are stupid, ugly and inferior. Their favorite thing is to compare whites to negroes. White nationalists need to stop fooling themselves about the “model minority.” They hate whites the most because they desperately want to supplant whites in every nation white people exist. The problem is that most WNs don’t speak any Asian languages and are not familiar with the perils of Asian culture (they have more experience with blacks and Hispanics because those two groups are more common in the US). Thus they don’t know how truly great of a threat Asians are to Western nations.

  6. Aaron says:

    @ SFG: I have heard Asians talk behind our backs. They hate us. They are also some of the biggest haters of Jewish whites (you would not believe what they say), they especially despise WASPs, and they love to use terms like “hick” and “white trash.” They also think that whites are basically just like negroes. Most whites just don’t speak any of their languages (e.g. Mandarin, Korean, Japanese) and have not spent much time with them, so they don’t know this. They just assume that since they can’t see bad Asian behavior, that it is not there. (Hint: Asians have rampant crime, it is just behind closed doors to save face. Most of it would be classed as domestic violence. They also have some of the most vicious and powerful gangs anywhere; again, this element is generally hidden.)

    • SFG says:

      Has the ring of truth–with the vacuity and sloth of modern white culture, I can’t entirely blame them. I mean, if you’ve kept your centuries-old culture and you see ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, it’s hard not to be a little snooty. I’m just sorry there’s nobody to speak for Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Michelangelo anymore. The West wasn’t perfect, but no civilization is, and it had much no other place did.
      Still, if what you say is true (and I wouldn’t be surprised, because ingroup-outgroup hostility is one of the oldest features of humanity) I would have to change my views on East Asian immigration. How did you figure this out, may I ask? I’d love to confirm your findings, if that’s possible.
      I have to say, I never grew up hating WASPs or anything like that–my biggest fear was browns and blacks. Country-club exclusion was a tertiary problem.

      • Aaron says:

        If you want to see slothful and vacuous, watch some k-pop videos. They make Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears look like poets.
        Despite the self-indulgence in the current cultural milieu, we still have absolutely blistering rates of technological innovation. I am in academia and I see it all around me. And yes, it is predominantly white innovation. We just don’t get to hear about it in the news because Jay-Z or Beyonce are more important to the media.
        At any rate, I figured this out through researching documents, number crunching (I’m a mathematician) and experience (I speak a couple of Asian languages: Mandarin, Japanese and a little bit of Korean). I have also spent time reading Asian periodicals, online comments, and talking to Asian people. They love to create myths that support their “model minority status” where they have enormous privilege and can leverage ethnic networking, but no one criticizes them because they are not white. They also commit an egregious amount of educational and corporate fraud (even compared to current standards). This can be verified via research I (and others) have done on the subject. It is still a pretty new subject, but universities are starting to catch on to it.
        Asian immigration is growing fast at this point. So people had better be aware of the facts, especially WNs.

    • Jagdflieger says:

      I can vouch for everything that Aaron states as I have seen it first hand. Let me once again repeat that I do admire Asians and in some way I can understand their contempt towards whites as it would be hard to admire a people who are as weak and spineless as whites have allowed themselves to become. Nevertheless, it is true that many of them have no love lost for whites and are positively joyful to see the current sorry state of the white race for various of the reasons that Aaron pointed out. An anecdote to illustrate my point: some years ago I often lurked on the Opposing Views Forum of Stormfront. Among the posters was a Japanese girl living in the USA who came across as being very sympathetic to whites and was quite a popular and supported poster among the White Nationalists. She often wrote expressing her admiration for whites and white civilization and culture both in the USA and Europe where she had traveled. So far so good. At some point she returned to Japan and continued to post whereupon I immediately noticed that her attitude towards whites changed diametrically. Her posts now held a smirking and smug Japanese nationalism that expressed itself by belittling and criticizing whites. For example, she claimed that white tourists in Japan were dirty, loud-mouthed, rude drunkards that were always getting into fist-fights in the streets and trying to rape Japanese women. She also stated that all the whites she knew were as lazy and stupid as the blacks, in total contradiction to what she had posted while in the USA. She made other statements as well but you get the point. Of course, I would be the first to warn against judging over a billion people on the basis of one individual but as I read the posts of other Asian contributors it was evident that although many were sympathetic towards whites many other shared her views.

      • Aaron says:

        It’s part of their culture: smile and be nice, then stab the person/country/culture in the back. Asians have had the stereotype in the West of being sneaky. There is a reason for that.
        The Japanese woman in question sounds either very stupid, very dishonest, or both. She fails to understand that there is a difference between Westerners in their own country and Westerners who would go to Japan. Western tourists to Japan are usually creepy white guys looking for Japanese girlfriends, or military personnel. Both would have bad behavior. However, if you want to see drunken pigs, rapists or other creeps, just have a look at Japanese men. They are the worst of all three, and sex crimes are very rarely prosecuted in Japan (to save ‘face’). You tell Ms. Japanese keyboard warrior that you see through her nonsense and that you know facts and history, and she will go away. Non-whites feed off of ignorance–once a white proves he knows better, the stupid little non-whites go away like ghosts.

  7. Julian says:

    I’ve seen academics on twitter suggesting Yale should get rid of Chua for not upholding their values! I’ve suggested that academic freedom is presumably not high on their agenda 🙂 Chua of course omits any mention of genes, but the suggestion that some cultures may be better is bad enough in their eyes.
    btw. A couple of papers that may be of interest to Greg Stevens. Essentially they point to group differences in genes linked to cognitive abilities.
    Correlation of the COMT Val158Met polymorphism with latitude and
    a hunter-gather lifestyle suggests culture–gene coevolution and
    selective pressure on cognition genes due to climate
    ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCE, Vol. 121(3), 161–171, 2013
    Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ.
    Piffer (2013) – Open Access, Open Review Journal

  8. JI says:

    Jew, you suggest that the emigration of the more educated and intellectual people from Africa to other nations will only exacerbate the situation in Africa. You go on to say that this could be a justification for segregation so that the black peoples wouldn’t suffer the brain drain.
    The thought that crosses my mind is that maybe segregation based on personality and intelligence might be more meaningful that segregation based on race. That is, imagine a community of folks who are highly intelligent, of mixed races, and who share reasonably similar personalities and ethics. Of course, that would mean there would be other communities comprised of mixed races of dummies. Whatever, I’m sure the genre of science fiction has played out this scenario many times and I’m not going to be able to add anything new.

  9. Simon in London says:

    “Firstly, given the massive corruption in Nigeria, how much does a Nigerian degree really mean?”
    I do applications for the University course I head. I get applications from all over the world (though not many from north America). As far as Nigerian applications go, I did once catch a fake, but they generally seem reliable – the records match student performance, and Nigerian students tend to be capable and hard-working, especially the women. I could give a long list of countries they are generally better than, although the most brilliant students tend to come from north-west Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia). Other former British Empire colonies in sub-Saharan black Africa also produce good students, whereas north of the Sahara standards become very weak.
    One thing about the Nigerian degree system (and Ghana etc) – standards seem very robust, resembling the UK forty or fifty years ago, before grade inflation. So eg a Nigerian “2.2” class degree is often better than a UK 2.2. This doesn’t mean Nigerians are smarter in general; in Nigeria only the best students reach this standard, whereas in the UK it’s a low degree. But there do seem to be a good number of smart Nigerians.
    There are plenty of places where corruption is a major problem – primarily the belt from the Middle East across south and south-east Asia. Sub-Saharan Africa is not part of this belt, in my experience.

    • Simon in London says:

      Anyway, my conclusion would be that the Nigerian middle & upper middle class is academically solid, and their University education system may be superior to much of Europe, which has declined post-WW2. I don’t see much evidence they are academically superior to north-west Europeans, but they tend to do well and probably do out perform some other Europeans (post-Communist nations, Greeks, possibly Spanish) on average on my course. And they’re not one of the cultures where cheating is widespread. OTOH they benefit from being native English speakers on an English language course.

  10. Wale says:

    I have read most of the comments made about Nigerians on this page and feel slightly amused at the level of ignorance displayed. Most people see Nigerians through an extremely myopic lense which distorts everything. To be frank I dont blame anyone. Nigeria needs to clean up its mess.
    If you think Nigeria is only about SCAM letters, Corruption and poverty, you are dead wrong. Some of the self annointed experts who have written about Nigeria(ns) on this page are frankly clueless. Some Quick facts:
    – Became independent from Britain on 1st October 1960 amalgamated 100 years ago.
    – Nigeria’s Population is over 170 million (roughly 3 times the UK and 5 times Canada
    – The whole population of 16 West African countries (Ghana, Ivory coast, etc) put together is not half that of Nigeria
    – The GDP of one state in Nigeria (Lagos state is higher than Kenya)
    – GDP is estimated to be largest in the continent this year overtaking South Africa’s biggest economy
    – Nation of Very determined, resilient and intelligent people who have been unfortunate to be ruled by fools who perpetuate economic exploitation and social degradation at the expense of the masses
    – Africa’s biggest oil producer. A rich country ridden with corruption and some extremely wealthy individuals as well as extreme poverty
    – Despite all the madness and instability of the country its Economic growth rate is around 7%
    – Nigeria has been projected to rank 13th among the world’s top 20 economies by 2050 with a GDP higher than Italy, Canada and spain (see World in 2050,” published by PwC’s macroeconomics team;
    – Despite Growth millions are yet to benefit from the economy and Nigeria is miles away from equity in wealth distribution.
    – Nigerians in Diaspora where the conditions are better than their home nation tend to excel above average
    – Nigerians who chose a path of crime tend to excel at crime too unfortunately …and they give everyone else a bad name
    – Nigeria is a developing country with a plethora of problems
    – In 2011 among a list of 51 countries, Nigeria was found to be the most optimistic country (France BVA Survey 2011)
    – “the Nigerian Film industry which grew quickly in the 1990s and 2000s to become the second largest film industry in the world in number of annual film productions, placing it ahead of the United States and behind only Indian cinema” (Wikipedia). Quality may be crap but hey…its something
    I prefer not to get into the discussion on racial intellectual superiority or any nonsensical racial thesis. As a Nigerian I do know that it is extremely difficult to generalize or group Nigerians one way or the other. We have it all. The Good the bad and the Ugly. The truth is that we are extremely diverse and you are likely to see lots of extremes both good and bad coming out of Nigeria. To illustrate my point, I come from a family of Doctors, Every single one of my 4 Brothers are in the Medical profession while I chose a different career path and earned a PHD. Also Every single one of my cousins ( and believe me I have loads of them) is a university graduate with at least 90% of them completing their masters degrees. Among the Yoruba Nation in Nigeria this illustration is not unusual. We have a long historical affinity for education. “The first Nigerian to be called to the Bar was a Yoruba man by the name, Sapara Williams, who was called to the English Bar and started practising as a lawyer in 1879”. Another Nigerian Joseph Edgarton Shyngle was called to the english bar in 1888 and Rotimi Alade in 1892. The first Nigerian Western trained Medical Practitioner graduated from Edinburgh university in the united Kingdom in 1876. Other Nigerian’s Achievements in the Academia and beyond include:
    The first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature was Professor Wole Soyinka in 1986
    Adebayo Ogunlesi- Chairman and Managing Partner of Global Infrastructure Partners, a $15 billion joint venture whose initial investors included Credit Suisse and General Electric. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs. (graduate of Harvard University & University of Oxford)
    Aliko Dangote – The Richest man in Africa and Richest Black Man in the world as listed by Forbes Magazine, is a Nigerian. Dangote is worth $20.8 billion USD (and No he does not send scam letters to your mail box. He is into the Cement business)
    Folorunsho Alakija is the Richest Black woman on this planet and is worth more than Oprah Winfrey According to Forbes. Estimated wealth is $7.3billion USD (
    Some Links:
    lagos city
    I conclude simply by saying anyone can do well if they work hard and the environment is right irrespective of color, creed or nationality. All is not well with Nigeria, but Nigerians do excel on fertile ground. I have a dream that one day scams, corruption and the insulting disdain with which my people are perceived is replaced with a nation of people who feel no need whatsoever to live in the USA or any better managed country, because their homeland is run properly by intelligent people and not kleptomanic fools.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, Nigeria is a very diverse place, having had its borders arbitrarily drawn by colonial powers; there are many tribes in Nigeria.
      I wanted to address its huge population, which you brought up. When are Nigerians going to stop having so many babies? Having 170 million people in such a (relatively) small area is nothing to brag about. Black Africans’ high fertility frightens the rest of us more than anything else. We don’t want to be swamped in a sea of Africans.
      But the fact that Nigeria has so many people does make it possible for its elite to excel overseas – as I alluded to in my original post. The more people there are in a country, the easier it is to establish an elite diaspora community. China and India are good examples.
      If memory serves me right, Nigeria invited displaced white Zimbabwean farmers to settle within its boundaries. So clearly Nigeria is not 100% evil – which I don’t think anybody here has claimed.
      Otherwise, thank you for your input.

      • Just says:

        Nigeria didn’t invite displaced white Zimbabwean farmers. One or more Nigerian governors invited the displaced farmers – there’s a difference. You’re full of generalizations and willful ignorance, even as you claim that others are academically inferior.

        • jewamongyou says:

          Re: Just’s latest comment,
          I would be willfully ignorant if I refused to publish your comment, deleted it, responded by calling you names or refused to amend my views to reality. Liberals do all these things. As for me, I accept criticism and change my views accordingly. As for my generalization about Nigeria, you may be right about it, but Reuters did the same thing here. Also, this generalization doesn’t much affect my overall message. On top of all this, I only wrote “if memory serves me right…” For you to cling to such statements, and bash me with them, makes you look desperate and angry.

    • Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

      Thankz a lot for enlightening them o, wale! Some of d comments I saw wanted †̥Φ make me smash my phone.˚˚˚°º‎​=)). =))º°˚˚˚°ºL☺ℓº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))
      -Nigeria is the 6th largest producer of oil
      -Nigeria was the first country in africa †̥Φ win the olympics
      -Nigeria was rated in 2011 †̥Φ be the happiest nation{despite all the corruption and crime oo}
      -Nigerians have the fifth sexiest accent in the world{although my guyy, e be like say dem no check all the individiual acccents e.g ibo, yoruba and hausa}

    • b says:

      The white farmers wouldn’t be allowed in the country without permission from the Nigerian immigration authorities so yes, Nigeria accepted white Zimbabwean refugees. They were relocated in the biggest farming centre in the country. So you want all the governors to invite them to do what there? Not all states practice agriculture. They are where t is best for them. Each of them was given at least 1000 hectares of land. Now, please tell me what your country did for them.

  11. Wale says:

    Without suggesting any racial dimensions to your response, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Nigeria having so many babies. Just as there are dirt poor people in Nigeria the same exists in the USA one of the richest countries in the world. Nigeria does not beg anyone for food aid and people are definitely not starving to death. International organizations talk about people living on less than a dollar a day. Even if this is true, equating it literally from a western perspective to the Nigerian context is almost Impossible, when factors such as extended family and social dynamics are factored in. Perhaps you may want to take a look at the global population density index ( as well as the table of 100 most populated countries. Israel is the 34th most densely populated country in the world while Nigeria is 70th on the density index. despite its population. Other countries such as Belgium, Japan and Italy etc are also way up the population density scale. I am yet to see Armageddon. I would probably be more worried about being swamped by these countries when their land runs out of places to sit :).
    In relation to the high birth rates and fertility of Nigerians, Hey!…. time will tell what happens to those numbers. Quoting from the Wilson Quarterly, “The human habit is simply to project current trends into the future. Demographic realities are seldom kind to the predictions that result. The decision to have a child depends on innumerable personal considerations and larger, unaccountable societal factors that are in constant flux. Yet even knowing this, demographers themselves are often flummoxed. Projections of birthrates and population totals are often embarrassingly at odds with eventual reality.” Also I would say , e/migration is a reality of biological beings, be it the seasonal migration of birds, or the Historical displacement and genocide of the Australian Aborigines from their land by the British and same of the American Indians in North America. The world is increasingly becoming a mixed multicultural melting pot of people…. period!!. As to some group of people thinking they are superior and they own this planet and others don’t have a right to share it with them…..I see this as a laughable concept which will never stand the test of time. One way or the other, by population osmosis or sociocultural evolution, the interracial dichotomy, farcical posturing and self imposed barriers of mankind shall be swept away ushering a new dawn of freedom, sensitivity, sensibility and a symbiotic existence for all on this planet irrespective of race, place or face.

    • Aaron says:

      Oh please. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria having so many babies *if and only if* it does not affect everyone else. However, this is not the case, as Nigeria floods other places with immigrants. I do not want to live in a sea of Blacks. I would never tell Blacks or Asians to live in a sea of Whites, and flood their nations with non-Black and/or non-Asian immigrants. Please think of things from another person’s perspective for once.

      • Just says:

        I’m pretty sure Native Americans didn’t want to die in a sea of whites, but we all know how that went. What’s that you say about seeing things from another’s perspective?

      • imog says:

        Australian aboriginals and Maori people did not want to die in a sea of white either

  12. BAF says:

    And that leads to a worldwide homogeneous tan race. Accepting that is self-inflicted genocide of your own race. Is it not worth preserving?
    “the interracial dichotomy, farcical posturing and self imposed barriers of mankind shall be swept away ushering a new dawn of freedom, sensitivity, sensibility and a symbiotic existence for all on this planet irrespective of race, place or face.”
    Not without racial conflict, escalating violence, and self-imposed segregration…currently occurring within the U.S. Called multiculturalism.
    4.4 million Whites in Nigeria compared to 170 million population.
    Suppose you’d approve of millions and millions of Whites emigrating to Nigeria, so many as to lower the percentage of blacks to a minority?
    Nigerian responses to the question, “Why do Nigerians like Whites?”
    “We don’t “love” them per se, but what they represent: advanced economy, good living, technology etc.”
    “Nigerians don’t love white people they mostly use white people to get what they want.”
    “Because Black people (ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOVE WHITE PEOPLE, NOT JUST NIGERIANS!) have been conditioned for centuries to hate their own heritage and to love White culture.”
    “Nigerians do not love white people so much, they love their economy so much, Get that straight.”
    “Nigerians aren’t afraid to insult/laugh at white people.
    Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone.

    • Aaron says:

      Interbreeding will only lead to a world that looks like the Philippines, South China or India. All of those countries are a mix of African and Asian genetics. Note the tan skin, wider nose, and more sloped forehead (this is not racist, these are documented features from physical anthropology). Any and all White genes are not amplified or helped by mixing with Asian or Black. Black and White looks Black, Asian and White looks Asian, so what is in it for Whites? Why should Whites want children who don’t look like them? Conversely, would we tell Blacks and/or Asians that they should be flooded with Whites, adopt White children, and teach at White-only schools while being blamed for all of White’s problems?
      I am starting to think that Whites are a cuckold race of idiots:
      * Mix with non-whites and get essentially non-white children. The White parent (usually the mother) will do all the work raising the angry mongrel offspring. Mongrel offspring inevitably hates the White side and affiliates (proudly) with it’s non-White side. Waste of $250K+ and 20 years raising the obnoxious brat.
      * When was the last time you saw an Asian or Black schoolteacher? K-12 teachers are mostly well-meaning (read: dumb) White people. Whites do almost all of the education and medical care for non-Whites (which should be done by the non-White’s family and community). And in return they get what, exactly?
      * Idiot Whites like Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopting Black and Asian children like it is a fashion accessory, so they can use their resources to raise the offspring of Blacks and Asians. Maybe Blacks and Asians are smart enough to foist their losers onto Whites while they invest resources into their most talented.
      Whites need to take care of themselves and their own families. They need to wholeheartedly and on a daily basis reject multiculturalism, promote their OWN children, promote their OWN race. Shop at White-owned businesses. Buy local from other Whites. Network with and help other White in their careers and schooling. Do this every day, period. No wishy-washy nonsense or stupidities.

      • imog says:

        A black-white mixed race person does not look black…they look mixed. Obama stands out like sore thumb in Kenya for example. Only in America will biracial kids be called black because of the one drop rule. Look at a photo of Obama and his black grandmother. The whiteness of his skin stands out horribly!!! The white gene is not going anywhere

  13. Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

    . ¤¤¤dude¤¤¤, in Nigeria, over 250,00 phD holders were discovered as drivers. Meaning they couldn’t get jobs with their high degrees. Not †̥Φ talk of a master’s or a bachelor’s degree. Education standards for employment get higher and higher every year. U can ask Nigerians if u meet them how hard it is †̥Φ get into a Nigerian University{except the private ones}

    • jewamongyou says:

      Your statement is at odds with other sources. To wit:
      I suspect that there are areas/pockets where things aren’t so bad over there. But if things are as you say, then the Western world has no business sending any aid to Nigeria.

      • Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

        Nice 1 sir…. However I want †̥Φ quote something from there
        ” These
        efforts will help ensure that all northern Nigerian students
        have access to high-quality basic education”
        Northern nigerians constitute a third of the total Nigerian population. Their education is mostly based on Islamic stuff. Note that this goes on only in the north not the WHOLE of nigeria.
        U can re-read the info on that website. It emphasized NORTHERN NIGERIA. U̶̲̥̅̊ can go check, in the most popular state in Nigeria, Lagos state{the former capital} it is ΩƠ̴̴̴͡ω an offence not †̥Φ send your child †̥Φ school or †̥Φ abuse the child or derive him/her education in any way. Nigeria also has a 61% literacy rate {men}. So I think what U̶̲̥̅̊ J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇τ̣̣̥ wrote might be a lil’ bit outta the question
        Secondly, I was talking about educational standards for employment not literacy rate or how many children lack education{Not trying †̥Φ blame anyone or anything but most notherners are moslems and am sure U̶̲̥̅̊ know dese muslim guys don’t send deir girls †̥Φ school.} In Nigeria sice 2009, less than 30% who apply †̥Φ universities actually make it. In order †̥Φ enter into a Nigerian university, U̶̲̥̅̊ have †̥Φ first take 3 external exams{Waec- west african examinations council, neco- national examinations council and gce which is optional } after that U̶̲̥̅̊ have †̥Φ take JAMB- joint admission matriculation board. This JAMB’s total marks is over 400. Meaning if U̶̲̥̅̊ get over 200 U̶̲̥̅̊ are eligible for university.{But sometimes the standards could be reduced in exceptional situations tho.} After passing JAMB U̶̲̥̅̊’ll still have †̥Φ go †̥Φ your choice of university †̥Φ take another exam called Post Jamb. ΩƠ̴̴̴͡ω tell me, is there any american university U̶̲̥̅̊ have †̥Φ pass through rigours like that †̥Φ gain admission? ? Even in one the best nigerin univeristies,university of ibadan, U̶̲̥̅̊ have †̥Φ have at least 5 B’s in your WAEC in order †̥Φ be eligible for their post JamB exam.
        In america U̶̲̥̅̊ can easily find a job with a 2’2 bachelor degree. In nigeria, it’s not so easy †̥Φ find a job with a 2’1 degree. Lemme refer U̶̲̥̅̊ †̥Φ this site below:
        However I can say this is the government’s fault for not creaating more job opportunities for Nigerian graduates{which are many I assure U̶̲̥̅̊}
        My point sir, is that Nigerians only go outside of the country †̥Φ seek greener pastures. Because of our corrupt govt.
        Tho, in response †̥Φ this thread, I’d never say Nigerians are intellectually superior. We are only hardworking, educated people. God gave all races equal knowledge. It’s left for U̶̲̥̅̊ †̥Φ utilise it.

  14. Dat NiGeRiaN boY says:

    I live in Nigeria. And trust me, d corruption in Nigeria is J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇τ̣̣̥ too much. Infact, Nigeria was yestrday rated the country with the most corrupt govt. Am so happy d world has recognized us for dat #Smiles
    The scamming is as a result of lack of employment opportunities. I have some as friends tho I don’t do it{I try 2 discourage them but they don’t listen †̥Φ me}
    Anyways, if Nigeria can get our shit together den we’d surely b 1 of the World Powers. Trust me

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  16. Tom says:

    I’d take a high school graduate from anywhere in the first world or North Asia before I’d take an African with an African University degree.

    • Jeez Tom! if Ɣơ̴͡u̶̲̥̅̊ had a company in the future and chose white high school graduates over African university graduates, your company would run down before it even started! profit of only $20 every year!!!! *runs †̥Φ OOU lecture room †̥Φ show other mech. engineering student what this olodo wrote* lolz

  17. Wale says:

    OK, here is where you logic fails jewamongyou
    1. Brain drain: Huh? OK, notice that the wikipedia article says, “some people believe.” Your argument here is classic for someone who reads wikipedia and automatically feels like he has an understanding of the world. Sure, there are some really intelligent people who immigrate, but if you think that the Nigerian immigrants are all on the right on the bell curve, you are mistaking. Why??? 1. A lot of Nigerians actually get here on a lottery system, which last time I checked was absolutely random 2. Nigerian culture imposes great value on education if the opportunity is there to achieve it. It is the same reason that Asian Americans are the second most educated demographic. Since those who make it to America clearly have the opportunity, a lack of it is deemed a failure 3. A lot of Nigerians also come here on educational visas and are told to go home once they are done, so one of the reasons we are more educated than you is because we have to continue our education or we are asked to go back home. Bachelors turns into masters and masters into doctorates. BTW, we lead all three categories and it isn’t close. FYI, in the argument of your bell curve thing, I was an average student in Nigeria, I moved here after 10th grade, with my Nigerian education. I was a year younger than my peers because I skipped 6th grade because my primary (elementary) school eliminated it. When I started 11th grade here in America, I wasn’t held back, I was also an average student here as well, even though I studied less. I am currently a 3rd year medical student in NYC
    2. Credibility of the source-> Again, you didn’t do your research. Why do you need to wait for the Chinese to do a study as to whether Nigerian Americans are the most educated demographic, when the United States Census bureau says so? Look it up dude. And yes, Nigeria is very openly corrupt, but what does that have to do with the educational degrees, are you insinuating that they are falsified?? Besides, you’re missing the point of her book, she is not referring to Nigerians in Nigeria.
    3. Nigerian Americans look good when compared to black Americans? I’m not sure what your point here is…yes…..sure we do, but with us getting degrees at almost twice the amount of white Americans, we look good against that group as well. This point is nonsensical
    4. Affirmative action–> Again, you are thoroughly misinformed. If you look at the scores Nigerian American get, you will find that they are by far higher than national average. Since you’re an expert at wiki, look up British Nigerians, they are dominating there as well and they actually tell you about the scores they get. I was always average for my entering class, this applies to all the entrance examinations I took for college and for medical school Affirmative action has nothing to do with Africans getting into schools here in the U.S, so stop grilling the tofu.
    5. The IQ test should not really be taken seriously. Sure you look, and it says that the average Nigerian has something like an IQ of 90, which is only 20 points more then mildly retarded, but that test is very subjective. Studies have shown that your IQ doesn’t improve much from when you are a child. When I lived in Nigeria (till I was 15), at 14, I took an IQ test and scores a 100, after living in America for 2 years, I took another one after high school and scored a 146. I don’t think I got that much smarter.
    Bottom line is, culture plays a huge role in educational prowess and expectations precipitate achievements. . When we move here, we do not have a chip on our shoulders and don’t believe for a minute that anybody is better than us, actually…most of us are taught not to believe that we are better than other people (notice the difference ),

  18. Michael says:

    Wow!! I understood a while ago why white people still hate jews and do not include them in the group known as “white.” It makes perfect sense. They are not white and never will be. This kind of pseudo-intellectuality is not typical for jews, but the seething anger and resentment about being jewish is.

  19. Chineme says:

    If you do some research you will see the Igbo group within Nigeria is truly brilliant. In terms of intelligence it is simple to argue they are among the smartest people to inhabit the earth. However this is DEFINITELY not true fr nigeria as a whole. If you look at the Yoruba group, they have an avg. IQ of 70, while the Igbos have an avg IQ of 103…. Even the racist British colonial officer, Robert Collis took note of the brains Igbos had while colonizing Nigeria … Every race has a group within itself that is “intelligent”

    • VM says:

      Although I feel sorry for acting as a necromancer for an article this old, Would you be kind enough to provide the source of your information? Are we truly to believe that you aren’t saying that because you are, in fact, of the Igbo ethnic group?
      And concerning the Yoruba’s, would you be able to stand by your argument if someone brought up the fact that several of Nigeria’s Billionaires are Yoruba, and Wole Soyinka, a renowned writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature is also Yoruba?
      I personally know some truly intelligent Igbo people, but I must say that I know even more Yoruba people who fit into that category, and as it may surprise you, even more Hausa people.

  20. Zan says:

    Nigeria is a shithole who just now that China has started investing in them dramatically have started to get a boost in economy, and they will profit off their oil resources like the Arabs have, and it will die down without anything to replace it with (unlike the Arabs who will at least have some sort of tourism). And as one realizes, economy does not often mean much in terms of inherent superiority either.
    You take a look at what Nigeria has achieved through history, and it’s absolutely nothing. That while they had some of the best conditions. Their IQ is low, no matter what angle you look from. They harbour all the shitty attributes of the Negroid race. Now that they get a bunch of worthless degrees over there in god knows what low-tier and corrupt ‘universities’, where you can literally buy grades and degrees, and a few go to the US and profit off of diversity quotas and Affirmative Action to carry them thru there together with their money, and suddenly they’re worthwhile people?
    Hell you have a Nigerian further up the page listing a long list of empty “good attributes”, most of the relevant ones being economic growth caused as said before by explosive Chinese investment for resources (and cheap labour) in their garbage low economy. And yet again, economy doesn’t really mean much, and growth even less when it grows from 1 to 2 for a whopping 100% instead of 53445 to 53446.
    No, you want to look at their intelligence and racial ability, you first look at IQ tests for a rought measurement; they’re not so good for Nigerians, but hey IQ tests ignore abstract facets of intelligence, they just analyze analytics blablabla (not that Negroids would have any of these either). So you take a look at their history; what do you know, once again worthless; no inventions and creations, no real culture and advanced civilization, no expansion, no adventure, no nothing. Any basic knowledge on more advanced matters they have today is due to Western influence and colonalism, any economic growth due to massive Chinese investment.
    Their ‘elite’ is below the white, East-Asian or even Arab ones, their regular people are extremely lower. No Nigerian harbors the potential in him that those races do on varying levels.
    They’re now glorified by negrophiles for seeming slightly less inferior, but in the end they’re just monkeys in suits.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Do a google search for “ancient Nigerian art.” Some of it is impressive, so I wouldn’t be so hasty to call them “monkeys in suits.” It’s true that Negro IQ is generally lower than other races, but our world is much more complex than “smart people versus dumb people.”

      • Zan says:

        But that’s what they are closest to. As soon as some more advanced (semi) civilized tribe in Africa was discovered, and it could be brought in connection working a bit with others in the area, it was called an “Empire”. By that logic some of those Nords in Europe were “God-Emperors of the Earth”.
        A bunch of useless sculptures that other (Caucasoid and Aryan) civilizations made thousands of years before too and better, big deal. They had iron though, which is sort of unique in that area for Negroids; whether this was brought in by semites or they made themselves as the highest subrace in the region is left up to speculation.
        From what I remember though, after this Nok culture, the (iron) smelting disappeared for thousands of years. Which leads to believe that semitic trade caused it, or that that one more capable negroid subrace vanished and wasn’t in the end worth much anyway.

    • Mitchell says:

      From what I know, Nigerians on average have an I.Q of 90 (Igbos, I believe, hold 103)

  21. chika says:

    this is 2015, so I expect that you all should know by now that NIGERIA or anything NIGERIAN is not as dumb as you lazily arrive at.
    first of all, you must understand that NIGERIA has numerous indigenous ethnicities (about 250 of them) competing over each other to attain some form of political and socio-economic advantage. chief among these ethnicies are the HAUSA-FULANI, the YORUBA, and the IGBO. there is, they say, strength in numbers. that summarily explain the population explosion.
    secondly, black african achievements are usually under-reported, especially by the white-owned media groups. all they feed the world with is war, disease and poverty. there are numerous Nigerian inventors, literati, clergy, sportsmen, and business magnates celebrated in their respective fields, but then, who wants to know?
    why will a Nigerian perform relatively low in his home country, but excel beyond ones imagination in a foreign country esp. in developed countries? simple- its because of the environment, not because they have a low IQ. mind you, there are more intelligent Nigerians in their home country than so many you come across abroad. its just that the opportunity to thrive at home has been impeded due to acidic politics and religious extremism, thanks to the bad leaders aided by their subtle foreign collaborators.
    are there good leaders in Nigeria? yes. why aren’t they visible? because the system and institutions in Nigeria reek of corruption. but a high IQ has nothing to do with whether you are a good person or a bad person. you can have a high IQ and still be corrupt. I know of 3 Nigerians that rendered a Brazilian bank bankrupt because the bank fell for their scam. I also know of a Nigerian inventor with over 160 patents registered in US and Europe.
    so don’t be surprised in seeing Nigerians rated among people with a high IQ.

  22. Rudy Nathan says:

    Yeah but black West-Africans are outperforming white children in the UK too. And after the Chinese they are now the most likely group to go to university…

  23. You are a Jew? You need to repent and turn to the Lord and God Jesus Christ. And Yes, Jesus Christ is God who died for the sins of many and was resurrected. Read Isaiah 9:6 and Isaiah 53. Otherwise you will remain in darkness and end up in the pit once your body dies.

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