Borrowing from the cultural-Marxist lexicon

One month after the upcoming American Renaissance conference, which celebrates inclusiveness and serves as outreach for disadvantaged communities, there will be a conference in Nashville whose goal is to bolster the status-quo, and further marginalize white people wherever they are found. I thought I’d increase awareness by replicating their jargon in a diverse way – and providing equal opportunity to the underserved people at American Renaissance.

The American Renaissance Conference

We are an interdisciplinary consortium of experts who recognize global implications of race and education for minoritized white people, which is the only race to be currently minoritized in its own lands.
Through scholarship we identify and expose inequities for the ultimate eradication of black supremacy.
We counter and combat systemic and structural racial-egalitarian dogma with scholarship and praxis.
We recognize the multiple locations of oppression, including North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia, and the myriad manifestations and effects of their intersections – which include wholesale murder, rape and robbery of native white populations.
We co-construct liberating knowledge that facilitates collective agency to transform schools and communities. These schools and communities are currently subject to draconian “diversity” laws even to the point where white communities and schools are not even recognized as such, except as a flaw that needs to be remedied.
The significance of race-realism and Human Biodiversity Studies include examining the systemic roles of race across multiple areas of academic disciplines, especially between education and legal studies, and advancing racially conscious activism across all segments of human interactions. We seek proposals that provide transdisciplinary perspectives interrogating dynamic issues including race, gender, cultural/social/political dynamics, and economic inequality that influence education and the public good.

One proposal/praxis that comes to mind is for some of us to protest the “Critical Race Studies” conference in Nashville. Unfortunately, I can’t make it. But if a dozen or so pro-white people were to show up in front of their venue, beat some drums, carry some signs and shout some slogans, this would go a long way toward sending the message that white people also have rights. That there’s plenty to be critical of in “critical race studies.”

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  2. countenance says:

    Good clever PR-academic duckspeak.
    But it reminds me too much of my job.

  3. Daniel Schmuhl says:

    I’ve never read anything that falls under critical race theory. It always seemed like rubbish to me, even when i was left of center on the political spectrum in high school.
    I recently pirat…err downloaded some anti-racist/critical race theory books but haven’t given them so much as a glance. Could anyone here briefly outline critical race theory to me?

  4. DD says:

    You should go to the Nashville Conference with a guitar and strat sing Pete Seeger songs!

  5. icareviews says:

    I don’t see how leftists can stand to read their own pretentious rhetoric or even talk to each other. Cultural Marxist claptrap is the epitome of soulless sterility. It’s a good thing race realists don’t really write that way, or else I might have to pull a reverse Michael Jackson and split the scene.

    • DD says:

      I don’t think they do read their own stuff. I think we read it more than they do. They don’t seem to know their own positions very well when confronted.

      • IamMarktoo says:

        I think you’re onto something there. Narcissists. Tend to talk at you. You have to agree, to be “polite”, while you try to find out what the other, more interesting, guy has to say. But, never do.

    • Jagdflieger says:

      On a related note, have any of you read the article by Steve Sailer about the online bitchiness of feminists directed towards each other over perceived micro-aggresion against people of color and sexual minorities? It is rather amusing to see these clowns desperately attempting to prove their Cultural and Racial Marxist credentials to one another. This, however, is tempered by the understanding that such silliness is taken with utmost seriousness among the elites in the West, such as those in positions of power in the media, academia, the business community and government.

      • Aaron says:

        Yes, these are “feminists.” They don’t realize that white men are better because they are the only men who even care about women’s rights. I give you gendercide and foot-binding in China, fem. circumcision in Africa, and well-known barbaric behavior of the men of parts of the Middle East. Perhaps the “feminists” would like to move to these places.
        On a more serious note, even the most liberal white women I have known (“feminist,” “egalitarian,” etc.) ONLY want a white man. Interesting, eh?

  6. Zarf says:

    The reactosphere swarms with Jew-haters. We should not look for friends among people who welcome the friendship of Jew-haters. America is a filthy derelict barge; the Jew-hating rats will devour those who mistake them for helpful sailors. Those who can should flee to Israel now.

    • Aaron says:

      It is all about perception. Unfortunately the most vocal “Jews” (not the majority of real Jews) are often anti-white even though they themselves are white. And often the most vocal WNs are anti-Jew even if the Jew is white. And they are often anti-Israel even though Israel is a white country. Subsequently some Jews develop an us-against-them attitude, further enraging the (mildly retarded but very loud) minority of WNs who hate “teh joos.” …And so the war rages on while white countries are threatened and invaded.
      It is a seriously negative feedback loop that needs to be stopped by the more rational among us. It is also the main flaw of white people: although they are brilliant, they lack the ability to get along with each other. We need to change this quickly.
      To be clear, most Jewish whites that I have interacted with (and I have known many) are staunchly pro-white behind closed doors. Most WNs that I have known are fine with Jews as long as they are not knowingly anti-white. As such I wonder if the WN-Jew conflict is a bit manufactured to weaken white people and countries overall.

  7. Zimriel says:

    We’re whites and Jews (and maybe Asians). We don’t do drums. We play violins and trumpets. Get an Estonian melodic-metal band out there . . .

  8. This is brilliant! I’ve always advocated taking pages out of the leftist playbook. We need our own set of academics to challenge the pseudo-intellectual edifice of “social justice.”

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