Seinfeld shakes the foundations of the Cathedral

It’s always refreshing when I can point to a fellow Jew and feel pride that he’s doing God’s work. Chipping away at the Cathedral is God’s work, even if you don’t believe in God. In a way, it almost makes me happy that there is a Cathedral. I’ll be blunt. Having such an enemy helps give meaning to my life, just as the existence of “racists” gives meaning to the lives of those within the Cathedral. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Each side helps define the identity of the other. In the case of pro-whites, such as myself, we also provide livelihoods for the other side. Just ask the SPLC. They make millions off of us. As for me, I demand my cut of the proceeds. I want a commission!
Jerry Seinfeld was recently asked why his show features only white males. His response? “Who cares?” Watch it here. Many bloggers, such as myself, spend our days chipping away at the Cathedral. It’s a civic duty, it’s fun and it makes us feel good. But we’re like microbes eating away at its facade at a glacial pace. When a celebrity, such as Seinfeld, says “who cares?” it’s more like an earthquake, which shakes its very foundations.
As icing on the cake, take a look at the comments. They’re practically 100% in favor of Seinfeld. I’d say that’s quite encouraging.

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  1. DD says:

    It is nice indeed. So many Jews have been on the wrong side, almost as a default position more than anything, that it is refreshing indeed. And since I was a Seinfeld fan it makes it doubly sweet. Let’s hope this trend continues and that more Jews can see error in the current paradigm thus avoiding more trouble and possibly, maybe, even reconciliation.

  2. anonymous2 says:

    Dave Attell has also called out political correctness for ruining raunchy humor. Lots of comedians defended Guy Earle for hurting a heckling lesbian’s feelings. And then, there’s Dieudonne.
    The powers that be forget how things change. It starts at the bottom, with jokers and weirdos. I think the awkward nerd hipster alternative comedy phase is already running out of steam.

  3. icareviews says:

    Seinfeld commendably makes no secret of his indifference to p.c. expectations here, but that hardly makes the man “one of us”.
    I watched Seinfeld religiously in the 90s and still consider it one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, but I suspect that I would find it a lot less appealing on the ideological level if I went back and watched it now. It ushered a new nihilism into television that I don’t think had been significantly present before, with characters not even bothering to make a secret of their lack of emotional involvement in their incessant bouts of casual sex and serial dating.
    The series also contributed to the normalization of miscegenation, with George disporting with an African woman in one episode and shameless Elaine getting a naughty thrill from dating a racially indeterminate man in another episode because she assumed (mistakenly, as it turned out) that he was black.
    A while back I watched some episodes of Family Ties after not having seen it in probably twenty years and found, rather than discovering that it had become intolerably quaint, that the real affection of the characters for each other and their basic decency was genuinely touching and novel after so much anti-family, pro-slut programming and devil-may-care subversion in the 90s and ever since.

  4. Diabatic Gust says:

    Yeah, Cathedral, Cathedral, Cathedral.
    The idea of smashing the Cathedral is soooooo anti-Marxist, so pro-European-civilization. Saul Alinsky and Stephen Jay Gould would have wept into their cornflakes at the mere thought of it. “Our beloved Cathedral — smashed! Where we gonna go now to work for revolution and the overthrow of Christianity?”
    P.S. Did I mention that Cathedral is a good term for cultural Marxism?

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  6. lyovmyshkin says:

    Come on guys, let’s call the behemoth we are trying to destroy by a more apt title.
    It’s “the synagogue” and we all know it.

  7. Given all the work that Jews – such as Theodore Herzl, Seinfeld, and Pinker – do that benefits white people, I’m always baffled at the presence of anti-semites in our midst. I’m not Jewish myself, but I think that overt anti-semitism is one huge obstacle to reactionaries everywhere.

    • lyovmyshkin says:

      Wow, I also find it amazing when a so called “reactionary” uses one of the most cherished smears of the Cathedral\Synagogue, namely “anti-semitism” This is one of the most overused and obtuse smears in the modern world, yet you presume to give it the same inflated value that the ADL does. LOL. I am a proud anti-semite, the nature of that insult being essentially a mark against ANYONE who speaks against Jewish influence. You seriously think Seinfeld wouldn’t blanche at Ethnic Europeans standing up for their own interest explicitly? Personally I think he’d be on the first boat to Tel Aviv. 🙂

      • I don’t think Seinfeld is a reactionary, no. But I think his reaction to people’s criticism of his show is helpful, inasmuch as celebrities can influence the popular mind in a way that I cannot. So, I’m glad that this happened.
        That being said, I don’t think that placing the blame for our current situation on the Jews is a productive strategy. I have yet to see good evidence that “The Jews” are an organized system that has somehow oppressed us. I have seen good evidence that *individual* Jews have done bad things (such as Karl Marx), but that can be said for individuals of any ethnicity.
        Furthermore, I think that conspiratorial thinking exploits a glitch in human rationality known as confirmation bias. I do not think that there is a secret cabal of Jews running the show and leading us around by our comparatively small noses.
        I do accept that the Jewish lobby in America influences our policy on Israel, but this is a far cry from the idea that the Jews are entirely, or even mostly, to blame for our current situation.

        • lyovmyshkin says:

          I would agree with nearly all of this. I am often required to remind people when I try to point out the deleterious affect of the Jewish people on Western society, that I am not arguing omnipotence, omniscience or omnipresence. Although I don’t think you can UNDERSTATE the effect that Jewish money, Jewish Media and Jewish “spirit” (for lack of a better term) has had on a previously Christian and ethnically united European Diaspora (also in Europe itself). These must be acknowledged IMHO if we seek to move forward and choose our opponents in the CultureKampf. 🙂

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