Pompeii: Don't watch it

Y’all may be shocked, but I enjoy an occasional movie just like the rest of you mortals. Sometimes I like to escape the boring mundaneness of my life and make believe I’m travelling among the stars hundreds of years in the future, or that I’m reliving history in an era we like to imagine was more exciting than our own.
To fulfill these entertainment “needs,” I tap into the practically inexhaustible resources of Youtube, Hulu or similar sites. Generally speaking, I stick to pre-1965 shows. The reason is that I watch these shows in order to escape from reality, not to have the diversity agenda shoved into my face. I understand that each of us has our point of view, and that this includes writers and producers. That’s all fine and well, but just as I wouldn’t appreciate seeing a McDonalds or a Pepsi product strategically placed in a movie about Genghis  Khan, so too do I not appreciate having token blacks shoved in my face in Gladiator, Thor, The Hobbit and others too numerous to count. Before 1965 or so, movie producers could focus almost exclusively on the story. They weren’t bogged down by the dictates of the diversity cult.
With the exception of background characters (such as in The Hobbit), the token black’s role is carefully scripted. The producers don’t want to be too obviously Afro-centric, or they’ll pay the price at the box-office. But they must include at least one prominent black character – and he (it’s usually a man) must be portrayed in a positive light. Typically, we find him sacrificing himself to save the lives of others.
The 2003 movie Core is typical. In Core, Delroy Lindo plays Ed Brazzelton, in the end:

After some calculations, they decide that by splitting their nuclear weapons into the remaining compartments and jettisoning each at specific distances, they can create a “ripple effect“, where the power of each bomb will push against the blast of the next, generating the needed energy wave. However, because Virgil was not designed to jettison undamaged compartments, the plan requires someone to deactivate a safety switch that is in an area exposed to the extreme temperatures. Brazzelton volunteers and deactivates the switch, dying shortly afterwards.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, in the movie Unbreakable, the villain is black, while the hero is white. It’s worth noting, however, that Unbreakable was “written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.” Shyamalan also wrote, produced and directed The Village, which is clearly pro-white. Since Shyamalan himself is not white, but Indian, he can actually get away with producing an occasional pro-white film – though I’m fairly certain even he has taken some heat for it.
What kind of role will this black man have in Pompeii?
He will speak of his family back in Africa. He will be a victim of oppression, probably having been captured as a slave or gladiator fighter. He’ll be a sympathetic character, providing wisdom to his white friends. In some way, he’ll probably end up a martyr.
Blacks were not unknown in ancient Rome. It would be perfectly acceptable to include one or two black faces in Pompeii, but against the backdrop of Hollywood’s predictable racial policies, the presence of such prominent characters is as distracting as if they’d had a Starbucks on every corner in Pompeii. It’s product-placement, and a stark reminder of TODAY’S politics. It should not be thrust upon us within the context of this historical drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if some black people feel the same way. They too want to experience the story of Pompeii, not to be reminded of racial quotas and the demands of the black lobby.
With the advance of video technology, it’s now possible to create entire movies without using actual human actors. More importantly, this technology is becoming increasingly available to those of us who are not wealthy and powerful. Hopefully, the ranks of those whose minds are free of the diversity cult will produce some talented animators. If so, we’ll be able to enjoy high-quality movies that are not beholden to the rigid racial rules of Hollywood. We can make our own Pompeii – or digitally remove the diversity from the current Pompeii and share it on our own “white market.” The authorities will fume, but there won’t be much they can do about it.

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  1. icareviews says:

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:
    JewAmongYou on the annoying prevalence of token and sacrificial Negroes in inappropriate movie settings.

  2. icareviews says:

    The sacrificial/martyred Negro convention is, of course, the grand old shtick of token blacks on film; but if recent movies like Django Unchained and Elysium are any indication, we may actually be witnessing a shift in favor of a new convention: the sacrificial Honky who dies to absolve himself of his race’s collective sins and privilege.
    “I wouldn’t be surprised if some black people feel the same way.” Prentice Reid of The Chronicle of Cultural Misandry recently posted a complaint about precisely this annoying trend.
    Reblogged “Pompeii: Don’t watch it” at Ideological Content Analysis.

  3. I never bother seeing films anymore since I am routinely either disappointed or annoyed.

  4. peppermint says:

    don’t forget getting hit on by White women (but not hitting on them).

    • Jonathan says:

      Too true! And note the way the movie trailers gleefully highlight these sections. Cries of hate and sexism from PC feminists? ……A tumbleweed goes rolling by, a wolf howls in the distance…….

  5. Nationalist says:

    Blacks are not placed in films by the black lobby, rather by the Jewish lobby, which promotes diversity wherever possible. Their aim is to create a society in which Jews will stand out less and therefore be safer. The blacks are actually cannon fodder for when the goys turn murderous again.
    Also they are trying to raise the status of black men to make them more acceptable marriage partners for whites, with the aim of diluting the white race down to eventual non-existence. Again Jewish survival would be much improved by there not being any white people.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Jews are not immune to leftist propaganda to date blacks. If whites disappear then so will Jews.

      • Nationalist says:

        Firstly, all children of a Jewish woman are Jews so there would be no population decrease, and second, Jews undertake counter-propaganda not to marry “out”. When whites start any sort of “keep your race pure” movement it is racist, when Jews do it, it is not.
        But actually your conclusion is probably right. Whites and Jews live happily together in a Judeo-Christian society. If whites disappeared non-Christian societies would not tolerate Jews among them. If America did not exist, nor would Israel.
        The demographic trends are that American will turn non-white, and Israel will have a majority of muslim citizens.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        “Firstly, all children of a Jewish woman are Jews so there would be no population decrease,”
        Only if one is using halakah definition of who is Jewish. Using this definition depends upon identifying strongly with the Jewish side of the family. My guess is that most half-Jewish mulattoes identify with their black side, as it gets more brownie points (pun intended), just like other mulattoes. Notably, of the “mixed” Jewish/gentile people I know, it was the one with a Jewish father and half-Amerindian mother who identified as a Jew, while the two with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers were largely indifferent to their Jewish ancestry. The “Jewish mother = Jewish child” idea is antiquated.

    • Aaron says:

      I’m sorry, but this whole Jew-Gentile thing is so anti-White. I have carefully considered it, and I find it to be idiotic. Are there Jews who are anti-White racists? Yes! Are their Jews who are Jewish supremacists? Yes! But guess what…
      There are plenty of White groups who think they’re superior (Nordicists, Italiophiles, you name it). There are also other White religious groups that are supremacist in their thinking (Mormons are a great example of this). There are also many disgusting non-Jewish Whites who would sell out the White race for fifty cents.
      That there exist some (unfortunately loud, stupid, and obnoxious) Jews who are anti-White is not reason enough to hate genetically White people who happen to be Jewish.
      If the existence of anti-White idiots in a group was enough to kick it out of the White race, we would have to get rid of the WASPs, Italians, many Nordic people, Eastern Europeans… And eh voila! We would have no one left! But maybe that is your real goal–after all, the anti-White Nazis did kill about 12 million White people.
      FYI, Israel is a Whiter country than the US. It is genetically Eastern Mediterranean with Russian, German and other Eastern European stock. Many White Americans would be jealous of the Whiteness of the place. But no, Americans refuse to travel, learn languages or even hold passports.
      If you were really pro-White you’d be encouraging brave Jews like Jewamongyou to keep up their good work. Calm, logical arguments in favor of White nationalism must infuriate the anti-White racists.
      And another thing–if there are no White people, then by definition there are almost no Jewish people (Yemeni and other similar Jews would be left).

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    • jewamongyou says:

      It amuses me when I get reblogged by sites that call for the destruction of my people.

      • Aaron says:

        Idiots. One of the main reasons why it is so stylish to call for the destruction of Israel is that…hmmmm…Israelis are mostly White. If Israelis were predominantly Brown/Black/Asian I think the powers that be would be hailing it as a great and diverse nation.

  7. oogenhand says:

    @ Georgia Resident
    The power of patrilinearity. Actually, most ethno-religious conflict boils down to who does the women of whom(or men, from the female POV).

    • anonymous2 says:

      All races eventually turn into Australian Aborigines without restrictions on female sexual nature. Liberated women want sex with the most aggressive, dumbest, most savage male available, who will have sex with any female that comes his way. Islam is such a powerful growing force because it somehow combines extreme alpha male behavior with sexual restrictions usually found in docile civilizations.
      The great mystery of the Jews is why Jewish women won’t abandon their nerdy men for the more seductive, primal Muslim men. Maybe it’s an emergent quality of a very exceptionally low sex drive, like getting past the uncanny valley that Europeans are stuck in.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Firstly, Jewish women are not immune to the forces you describe. Many Israeli Jewish women fall for the most brutish Arab men.
        Secondly, my take on this is that high IQ becomes a liability beyond a certain point – speaking of societies here, not necessarily individuals. Women from advanced cultures are attracted to brutish men, such as blacks, Arabs or “bad-boys” as a way to infuse some dumb genes into their overly high-IQ society. Such women are offended by such comments because they know, deep down, that there’s truth to them.

      • Aaron says:

        You sound like a White guy who is married to a short, ugly Asian woman (maybe a Negress, or a little Latina). After all, White men have a higher rate of interracial marriage than White women.
        Also, Jewish (White) men are not all nerds.
        Finally, Islam is a growing force not because teh wimmenz all want to bang Muslim men (seriously? WTF?). Rather, it is because billions upon billions in Saudi petro-dollars have been poured into spreading Shitslam. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it is cleverly concealed in books.

  8. BX says:

    Good blog post, especially the bit about what sort of character the token will be. It is sad but true that we all already instinctively know this character assessment is correct even if we have not given it much thought. Africans were often slaves in Ancient Rome (as were Thracians, Germans, etc etc etc) but that doesn’t mean the Romans were “racist” in the way “we” are portrayed as being in the last couple of centuries. They didn’t go around measuring IQ’s or bring up their body features re evolutionary theory. They were simply proud of their society and got on with it. Just like blacks did.
    As for the Jewish discussion, Jews are most closely related to Palestinians (look at Yasser Arafat’s nose and lips!), and are a Semitic people (like Arabs, ancient Egyptians etc). They might be genetically close to Europe these days but largely because of all the interbreeding over the centuries. That said Aryans and Semites are not exactly a world apart on the evolutionary scale in any case…

  9. Julian says:

    Great post JAY,
    I remember seeing the music video for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves again recently and realizing how weird it was that Morgan Freeman was in that movie as a wise black Muslim. I recall the bigoted Friar Tuck even called him a barbarian & thought he was killing one of the women when he in fact was sophisticated and safely delivered her baby in distress. Magic Negro indeed!

  10. panjoomby says:

    There are many things I won’t read or watch due to the reasons you cite. i stopped watching movies about 10 years ago & only recently started again.
    sacha baron-cohen’s “the dictator” was refreshingly & pleasantly anti-PC 🙂
    some movies are tolerable due to their confusing (PC? non-PC?) takes such as District 9, Dredd, Riddick… Jack Reacher allows a black guy to be one of the bad guys :-0
    i was shocked that i actually liked django unchained, b/c it was so over the top it was fantasy (by getting the year wrong in the opening scene it immediately relaxed me & let me know it wasn’t reality-based).
    there’s no way i would ever watch “lincoln” or “12 years a slave” – well, unless the latter was a comedy!!!
    PS – my job is intellectually demanding so i can only tolerate silly action adventure movies – that’s my excuse, anyway 🙂
    PPS – it’s jarring to see “martin freeman” in the Hobbit credits & accidentally think “MORGAN freeman?!?” for a split second:)

  11. oogenhand says:

    jewamongyou Says:
    February 20, 2014 at 6:41 am
    “Secondly, my take on this is that high IQ becomes a liability beyond a certain point – speaking of societies here, not necessarily individuals”
    Maybe an idea: confiscate Palestinian girls, and raise the children Jewish: the power of patrilinearity.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Another exception to the rule movie with a black villain is Demolition Man 1993. Here, Wesley Snipes plays a deranged psychopath brought from the past to a nicey, nicey PC future.

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