California: The more the merrier

As California’s populations approaches 40 million, the media rejoices that this is a good sign. A recent Los Angeles Times article proclaims:

California population grows by 332,000 to 38.2 million

Most of the rise is from births, but immigration shows an increase, particularly from abroad. The Bay Area has the largest boost while L.A. County’s growth is more modest.

California’s population grew by roughly 332,000 people in the last fiscal year — its biggest increase in nearly a decade, according to new California Department of Finance estimates.
“It’s a sign that our economy is recovering,” said Hans Johnson, a Public Policy Institute of California demographer. “But it’s still pretty slow growth.”
The estimated population rose 0.88%, exceeding 38.2 million as of July. Most of that growth was “natural increase” — births minus deaths. But those numbers stayed roughly the same as in recent years, while immigration has increased.
Between July 2012 and July 2013, roughly 170,000 more people came to California from other countries than left, according to the estimates. At the same time, nearly 103,000 more residents left California for other parts of the United States than came into the Golden State. The result was a net increase of 66,000 people who came to California from elsewhere.
Compared with population trends in recent years, “the big change was the increase in the number of foreign immigrants,” said Stephen Levy, director of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy.
The Department of Finance said that the growth, despite being slow, was the fastest that California has seen since 2003-04, well before the recession. Johnson said that even before the latest downturn, California had grown slowly because high housing prices pushed away families during boom years.
“At least we’re not in a bust anymore,” USC professor of public policy Dowell Myers said. “But the return to normal is still crawling at a snail’s pace.”
The fastest-growing counties were in the Bay Area — Alameda and Santa Clara — which grew by 1.68% and 1.47% respectively, according to the new estimates. Economists said the tech industry has helped propel those gains. Growth was slower in Los Angeles County, which gained about 74,000 people — an increase of 0.75%.
In Los Angeles, future growth “is really going to be dependent on getting our local economy fully back on track,” said Robert Kleinhenz, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. Key sectors such as transportation and logistics have yet to fully recover, he added.
I’ll point out that, according to the California Department of Public Health, a majority of new-born Californians are of Hispanic mothers, at least through 2010. If anything, the trend has intensified over the past few years. This means that the “natural increase,” referred to above, is merely a byproduct of past immigration. There’s nothing natural about it as far as the state population is concerned.
The L.A. Times, along with just about all other organs of the corporate-run media, would have us believe that such population growth is a good thing. After all, it’s “growth” isn’t it?
But now Obama is concerned about California’s drought. The Washington Times tells us:

In drought-ravaged California, Obama sounds alarm on climate change

While touring areas of California ravaged by a historic drought, President Obama on Friday sounded an ominous warning and said that even if the federal government takes meaningful action to combat climate change, much of the damage already has been done.
“Unless and until we do more to combat carbon pollution that causes climate change, this trend is going to get worse, and the hard truth is even if we do take action on climate change, carbon pollution has built up in our atmosphere for decades. The planet is slowly going to keep warming for a long time to come,” Mr. Obama said while touring a farm in Los Banos. “We’re going to have to stop looking at these disasters as something to wait for. We’ve got to start looking at these disasters as something to prepare for, to anticipate.”

As if to highlight the hypocrisy of this staunchly pro-immigration president being worried that there won’t be enough water for everybody, he posed with some Hispanic farmers.
Obama, along with his political allies, his propaganda machine, and all the other powers that be, appear to believe that the way to “prepare for, and anticipate” these disasters, is to pack as many people into California as possible.

At first blush, this makes no sense. If we’re worried about a scarcity of water, the last thing we would want to do is add tens of millions more people to the area that is dependent upon that water. There are two or three possibilities here: a) Obama and his cronies are very stupid, b) they are orchestrating a conspiracy or c) the politicians are simply playing politics while the masses are in the grips of mass stupidity. I’m inclined to go with a combination of b and c. The conspiracy is, of course, to replace the white population with nonwhites – who are reliably big-government voters, big-government-dependent and require big-government due to their high crime-rates. Some politicians (and the powerful individuals behind them) are in on the conspiracy. Others simply go along and do what they need to do to get reelected, or to nurture their legacy. The mass stupidity is, of course, of the masses – who are more interested in sports and celebrities.

What will happen to California? After its population has ballooned to ungodly proportions, and it turns out there’s not enough water for everybody, the overflow will come to Oregon. Either that or they’ll take our water. Either possibility makes me shudder.
Generally speaking, I don’t like the weather here. The overcast skies and rain can be depressing. But such weather is the price we pay for the multitude of rivers and lakes we enjoy. Our rivers actually have water in them. We swim in them, fish on them, boat in them and enjoy their beauty. It would be tragic if, due to a huge influx of Californians, Oregon became overcrowded, polluted and unsafe.
I predict that there will be water pipelines to divert some of Oregon’s river water into California. These will be controversial, but powerful forces will promote them. The concept has already been discussed. California’s immigration-fueled population explosion is a ticking time-bomb, and it should provoke serious discussion. The emphasis on “climate-change” is a cop out. It’s a politically correct alternative to tackling the real issue: Immigration.

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24 Responses to California: The more the merrier

  1. D. B. says:

    The demographic seeds have been planted, and the full damage will be realized in a couple of decades.
    I’m just curious where all the rich White celebrity traitors will move…

    • Aaron says:

      They are already moving to Portland, Seattle and small towns in Montana. A lot of the film industry (1 hr dramas) are moving to NYC and (weird) Louisiana and Georgia.

    • Jagdflieger says:

      Like the proverbial rats fleeing the sinking ship they have also headed in mass to the South, such as my old homeland North Carolina. Unfortunately, they take their feather-brained and destructive liberal mentalities with them, completely oblivious to the fact that those very same ideas are the fundamental cause of why they had to flee California in the first place. It has never failed to impress me how those fleeing California liberals never choose to pitch their tents in wonderfully diverse and vibrant places like Detroit, New Orleans or East Saint Louis but rather choose to head towards areas that are known to be heavily populated with socially conservative whites that bitterly cling to their Bibles and guns, are not supportive of the homosexual and transgender lifestyle and generally vote Republican. You would think that they would prefer to be around their precious people of color but for some very odd reason they don’t. Why, why would that be?

      • Aaron says:

        With respect to liberal idiots infecting other states–it may not happen. Ex.: I met some people who changed from flaming liberals to ardent Republicans due to a halved tax bill after moving from NYC to Texas. Some people will let go of their stupid ideas once said stupid ideas start to cost them in real terms. If Tim (un)Wise stopped making so much money off of his anti-White rants and was forced to move to Detroit, I think he’d change his opinions very quickly.
        However, do remember that Repubs are not friends of WNs. They support the immivasion so they can have cheaper servants, they support outsourcing major industries, they support “free trade” and in general they try to screw workers. Also the religious fanaticism they have allowed into their circles accords more with traditional African and/or Asian values than White values. Whites gravitate toward technology and logic more than religion. Note that the US is not really a “Christian nation,” it is a nation founded on logic and reason with a deist nod to the idea of a higher power.

  2. Doug Whitman says:

    Billions of tons of water rain/snow on California each year, including this year. Its not too little water, its too many people for the available water.

  3. Doug Whitman says:

    The evil Sierra Club has been a prime cause of the ecological ruin of California via their support for mass immigration from Mexico.
    In fact, the Sierra Club has managed to destroy much of the ecology of the entire Western USA, as White Californians flee the social disaster of California, caused by massive immigration. The fleeing White Californians cause Californication and ecological damage of formerly pristine Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, etc.

    • Extropico says:

      The payoff of the Sierra Club to avoid the immigration population explosion will go down in history as environmental ignominy and betrayal.
      If we ever need to fire up nuclear power plants to desalinize water in the USA, know that an extinction-level event is on the horizon.

    • Aaron says:

      If you want to see the beauty of diversity look up the term “colonias.” These are basically shanty towns. This is the future of the country at this point.

  4. icareviews says:

    The Californian End Times will see a major critical reappraisal of the Kevin Costner flop Waterworld, sparking revival screenings and even a cut-rate remake: Mundo de Agua.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Its great to see Jewish pro-white blogs like this one appearing. I had begun to think that their prevailing cultural mindset was so virulently anti-white/pro-PC that such manifestations would amount to a contradiction in terms.
    Good luck to you and other pro-white Jews. Thank-you for your steadfastness in what may at times seem like a thankless task. I hold no animosity with Jews on grounds of their race or religion. My issue is philosophical/cultural in nature.
    Digressing on the Californian theme slightly. I believe that white-people have been absolutely routed in a psychological war, a war that they are barely aware has even been declared on them. What do you, as a Jewish race-realist, make of Hollywood which is a Jewish dominated, anti white/PC propaganda factory par-excellence?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for your kind words. As for Hollywood, I have nothing but disdain for it. Hollywood will not remain Jewish-dominated for long. As the secular American Jewish population sinks to oblivion, due to intermarriage, so too will Jewish Hollywood. Sure, it’ll still have people with Jewish sounding names, but they’ll be half-breeds or quarter-breeds with only liberalism as their religion and no true heritage to claim as their own.

  6. bob sykes says:

    You might not have heard of it, but once there was something called the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). The plan was to transfer water from wet regions in Canada and the US to the dry American Southwest and Mexico. See,
    It makes good civil engineering sense and would literately make the deserts bloom, but environmentalists would have a conniption fit. Too bad. A fertile Mexico would need and keep its people home.

  7. This German author deserves translation into English
    The new terror of virtue: the limits of free opinion in Germany (Thilo Sarrazin book preview)
    Competition is bad, diligence, discipline, obedience, punctuality are irrelevant
    Even morally motivated actions are more successful when supported by the above cited “secondary virtues”. Hate against these virtues stems from hate against the successful, and German self hate.
    Children are a private matter, immigration will solve demographic problems
    More and more we will lack qualified young people to fill the vacant jobs of the elders, thus endangering the success of the German economy.

  8. Janon says:

    Not to get into a debate about anthropogenic climate change in general, but how can anyone be certain that the current drought conditions are the result of that process? Two of the worst droughts in California history lasted around 200 years and occurred hundreds of years before the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (see article below)..

  9. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Aaron’s question about pro-white Jewish blogs. I’m not aware of any such list that is current, but some have thrown together short lists off the top of their heads in the past. Blogs come and go, sometimes very quickly. Also, some bloggers are only half Jewish; some might consider them “Jewish” while others do not. At any one time, there are no more than a handful of what might be considered of this genre.
    Latte Island has been on hiatus for a long time.
    Toomanyspiders might be considered Jewish, but she doesn’t write about race.
    Lionoftheblogosphere is part Jewish I think.
    Tribeoficepeople posted one or two posts a couple years back and then stopped.

    • Janon says:

      Toomanyspiders knows a lot about Judaism, but her ethnic background is German Christian and American White gentile. Lion does not practice the Jewish religion, but he has never indicated that he is of less than fully Jewish ancestry over the many years that I have been reading his blogs.

    • Aaron says:

      Perhaps you should organize these like-minded people into a “mega-blog.” Other Jews need to know that there are alternatives to the nihilistic pap that they are brainwashed with. In a few generations Jews as we know it if could be bred out of existence because of diversity. It is time to get more of them educated.

  10. sestamibi says:

    Agree with all your analysis, but let’s put the population question in perspective: with 38,332,521 Census estimate for 2013 for CA, it clocks in at density of 234 persons per square mile. Compare this with combined pop of 41,324,267 for NY/PA/NJ, or 378 per square mile.
    This suggests to me that CA still has quite a ways to go, and plenty of room to build, even allowing for vast uninhabitable areas due to unbuildable terrain and water supply limitations above and beyond those imposed by followers of the environmental religion. It only looks “crowded” because it’s all one state, although that might change (highly unlikely now, but later on who knows?) if the current proposal to devolve into six states eventually catches on.

    • Aaron says:

      Ummm…NO. Almost everyone is in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sprawl everywhere, horrible traffic, congestion, pollution and lack of access to basic services.

      • sestamibi says:

        Ummm, and how does this differ from such conditions elsewhere, like the above-referenced NE, Texas, Washington DC, Phoenix, et al?

  11. Doug Whitman says:

    Dear sestamibi,
    So, your argument is that: because NY has a dense population, therefore California needs more people. I am stunned by your comments!
    Do you really think that the goal of all societies is to pack as many people as possible into the “inhabitable” areas?
    Could there possibly be additional factors that are important to a society rather than fitting as many people as possible into a city, county, state, or country? Are people happiest when most crowded, or happier when, perhaps when at least a tiny bit of nature remains?

  12. sestamibi says:

    No that’s not what I meant and you know it. What I meant was that the northeast is packed even more, and that conditions in California aren’t there yet–not that I think they should be.

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