Shooting in Kansas City

Some people are just crazy; it doesn’t take much to provoke them into committing acts of violence. Most of us need a lot of provocation before we resort to bloodshed; everybody has his snapping point.

I don’t claim to know whether Frazier Glen Miller is a natural-born psychopath. Unlike the $PLC or the ADL, I don’t claim to be an expert. But, according to the Washington Post:

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a respected activist organization that tracks hate crimes and racist activities, said the man arrested and identified by police as Frazier Glenn Cross is actually Frazier Glenn Miller. Miller, the SPLC said, founded and ran the Carolina Klan before he was sued by the SPLC “for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.”

He later founded another Klan outfit, the White Patriot Party, which put him in violation of the terms that settled the suit brought by the SPLC. He was found in criminal contempt in 1986 and served six months in prison. He moved underground while out on bond and was caught in Missouri with other Klansmen with a reserve of weapons, the SPLC stated.

The next year, he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge. He was indicted for plotting to obtain stolen military weapons, and for planning robberies and the assassination of the SPLC founder Morris Dees. As part of a plea deal, he testified against other Klan leaders and received a five-year sentence. He served only three years, the SPLC stated.

Considering the history of black violence against whites, it’s absolutely necessary to defend ourselves against blacks. Firearms are a crucial component of any such defensive measures. There is nothing unreasonable or hateful about this; it’s a matter of survival – and this appears to be what Miller was doing (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

But this is not acceptable to organizations such as the $PLC. The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is an anti-white organization, and Miller was (at least in his own mind) a pro-white activist. The $PLC has a lot more money, and political power, than Miller – so it set about persecuting Miller. It would appear that Miller was hounded by this anti-white hate-group for years.

The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is largely Jewish. So is the ADL. Both organizations had caused Miller a lot of grief over the years, and now this bitter 70-year-old man chose to go out with a bang and take his revenge against “The Jooz.”

It’s a pity that Miller, his murderous mind now shrunken with age, didn’t focus his attention on the real culprits: The $PLC and the ADL. Had he eliminated some of them, we might owe him a debt of gratitude. Instead, he chose a soft target and murdered 3 innocent people.

Perhaps the victims’ survivors should sue the $PLC and the ADL for pushing Miller over the edge. The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is probably the most significant source of fuel for Jew-haters world-wide. They most certainly have blood on their hands.

Unfortunately, Miller’s cruel rampage will feed the $PLC’s coffers even more. The beast will become ever more bloated, and generate even more hatred and bloodshed. And so the cycle continues.

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  1. SFG says:

    Did you see he apparently got 2 Methodists? He’s crazy and stupid. C’mon, if you’re going to engage in ethnic violence, at least go after the group you’re trying to kill.
    Seriously, this is why I can’t get behind White Nationalism. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like what the NAMs (or our obnoxious relatives) are doing to this country, and I’m happy to join with whites (or Asians) against them. But you never know when some unhinged jerk is going to pop a cap in your backside.

  2. countenance says:

    Read the last three threads at OD. You’ll be nonplussed after that, HW has gotten down to the bare metal of the hard drive.

  3. Jagdflieger says:

    It appears that the third victim was a Catholic so if his intention was to take revenge against Jews he did a particularly lousy job of it. I agree with JAY, if you want to go out with a bang at least direct your anger towards the elites that are responsible for the mess that we are in, the way Anders Breivik did.

  4. donwreford says:

    In time history may well show that not a few are crazy that inhabit the earth, but all are crazy or if not will become in time, for the benefit of this being a incorrect analysis, may be a few are the exception that are not crazy, likely they are not significant in decision making or managerial capacity as they would be regarded as irrelevant in the picture of what is.

  5. icareviews says:

    It’s too much to hope, I suppose, that the victims of a Von Brunn or a Miller might number a Silverstein, Chertoff, Lowy, Dakheim, Kristol, or Krauthammer among them. Taking out random people like this guy did is more than immoral, outrageous, and detrimental to his cause; it’s lazy and tasteless.

  6. CanUK says:

    Jewamongyou – That is an interesting perspective, comparable in ways to the Byrd case in Texas. You’ve a mind greater than your ethnic parts.

  7. zimriel says:

    The most charitable spin I could put on the Redneck Rampage ™ was that the perp might have been doing a Breivik – going after leftists in training. People auditioning for “To Kill A Mockingbird” are exactly that. In that case it wouldn’t matter if the targets were Jews; it might even be better for him if they weren’t (because then he could pretend to be doing it on principle).
    But then, I didn’t think Breivik’s actions were worth defending at the time, either. Because they’re, well, evil.

  8. I wonder the relationship between white nationalism and murderous craziness.
    It probably is just a focus. If a murder is a white Nationalist, this is the focus of the press. If a murderer is on a Polar Bear hunt, angry about Whites, we will not hear of it.
    Anyway, in today’s climate it is good to distance oneself from violence in very unambiguous ways, so no person of ill intent can misinterpret a statement as hateful in violent ways.
    The following was probably meant as a joke, but is in danger of being interpreted as call to violence. I think such a paragraph needs a disclaimer, that you in no way condone violence.

    It’s a pity that Miller, his murderous mind now shrunken with age, didn’t focus his attention on the real culprits: The $PLC and the ADL. Had he eliminated some of them, we might owe him a debt of gratitude. Instead, he chose a soft target and murdered 3 innocent people.

    The same precautions, of course, are not necessary for “persecuted minorities” like women or Blacks. In their justified anger about past injustice they have reasons to incite and use violence against their oppressors /sarcasm.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It would be a stretch to interpret that paragraph as a call to violence. Then again, some people can misinterpret anything. Alright, here’s the disclaimer:
      I’m not calling for violence against anybody.

      • M. L. says:

        It’s still a disturbing comment, particularly after an incident like the Miller shooting.
        In another thread here, in the course of explaining the difference between “distaste” and “hate” you explained that if you “hated” someone, you might kill them if you thought you could bet away with it (something you wouldn’t do if you merely “had a general distaste” for them). That’s a very strange and unnerving way of choosing to explain the difference between “hate” and “general distaste”.
        It also seems odd to me that joking about killing people is acceptable here but 4 letter words are redacted.
        I gotta say, perusing some of these WN websites, there are quite a few individuals that would not surprise me if they were to turn up in the news as perpetrators of a similarly horrific crime. You never know what sort of mentally unhinged character might be reading this blog, but it’s unlikely a 4 letter word here or there would set them off whereas comments like the ones I referenced just might.

  9. Stealth says:

    If there really is a hell, I hope this guy gets the harshest punishment for what he did, what he intended to do, and for the consequences of the whole affair. Three lives have been ended, and for what?
    I’m with you; it is odd that an anti-Semite such as Miller would choose to murder ordinary Jews he didn’t even know. He was apparently so damned stupid that he couldn’t manage to kill even one Jewish person on an anti-Semitic shooting rampage. If Jews really do think redneck gentiles are dumb, this guy didn’t do much to dispel that perception. You would think that someone who was going to give up his remaining time on earth to kill people for political reasons would have at least found someone a little more high-profile than three complete strangers in parking lots.
    I really hate these neo-nazi and militia types.

  10. anonymous2 says:

    Imagine if a Christian hater shot up a YMCA. Maniacs are deranged from reality.

  11. Frazier Glen Miller is what I call dysgenic white trash. People like him hurt the very cause they claim to love through their own incompetence and profound stupidity.

  12. jewamongyou says:

    Re: M.L.,
    The reason I don’t normally allow profanity here has nothing to do with how some crazed maniac might interpret it. It’s solely to keep some class to this blog. It has to do with my own sensibilities rather than any fear that my words might trigger unwanted reactions.
    As for joking about killing, I don’t feel there’s any aspect of human activity that should be out of bounds for jokes. Of course, there are jokes and there are jokes. Not all jokes are the same, and not all flippant remarks are necessarily jokes either. But if you wish to call them that, go ahead. I try to weigh my words carefully, but I’m not always successful. Who is?

  13. Tom says:

    Good analysis.
    Also, an apology. I didn’t know that profanity wasn’t appreciated here, I respect your sensibilities, and I sincerely apologize for using it in previous posts.
    About Miller: he was obviously driven crazy, and as you stated and implied: his age and likely lifelong poverty (and associated thought processes) likely didn’t help.
    It’s truly difficult for even intelligent whites to resolve the situation. Hopefully, most whites can find a reason for not acting out as Miller did. Some will not, and will settle on the poor reasoning that killing some random innocent Jews or Blacks has anything other than a negative effect on their situation, and the greater situation of gentile white people.
    What Miller, and poor dis-empowered whites, who tend toward vulgar para-military extremism have to realize is that the way out is through cultural enhancement and community bonding, not through overt violence or implied threats. These are the only tactics that blacks know, for instance, and their situation has never and will never improve as a result. Luckily, whites exist who demonstrate how it’s done (Mormon’s, Jews, Amish, etc.)

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