Who done it?

My friends, whom I’m visiting prior to the Amren conference, have dogs. When I arrived (a couple of days ago), somehow my glasses fell or got misplaced. The following morning I couldn’t find them. We looked and looked. Finally, I got to checking under the sofa cushions and there it was, tucked deeply behind one. This is what they looked like:
It never occurred to me that a dog could be so destructive. When I first found what was left of the frame, I wondered where the lenses had ended up. Apparently most of the lenses ended up in the dog’s digestive tract. Unbelievable. Here are the two suspects:




Be it as it may, I was able to get new glasses for the upcoming conference and the remainder of my vacation.


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7 Responses to Who done it?

  1. Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Good thing you had enough money and a good optometrist nearby. Wish I were going to AmRen, too. Lucky ducky!

    • jewamongyou says:

      The optometrist wasn’t exactly nearby. We’re out in the sticks and had to drive for hours to get to the nearest city that would accommodate me. But yeah, I still consider myself lucky. I’m nearsighted.

  2. squidfoot says:

    Canine antisemitism!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course. It’s the only logical explanation.

      • icareviews says:

        Dogs have a long history of Nazi collaboration. Just consider yourself lucky your friends hadn’t trained Dexter to rape you like Irma Grese’s hellhounds. How could a dog named Dexter not hate Jews? They might as well have named it Anton Drexler.

    • Aaron says:

      Yes, but I notice these are dogs of color. One is half white/half black, and the other is brown (Latino?). So quit the obvious racist accusations of these poor dogs!

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