Followup on the Amren conference

We just concluded the 2014 American Renaissance conference and, in my opinion, it was a smashing success. It was a success for me because I had a lot of fun, met a lot of wonderful people, made new friends learned new things and got to spend quality time with people I respect. The accommodations were excellent, the hotel room being clean, having a great view of the lake and included all the amenities I required. The staff, as always, was friendly, helpful and smiling. The speakers were skilled, entertaining and knowledgeable.
Since I’m sitting at the airport right now (with my wireless access point “say NO to white guilt,” visible to hundreds of people), I won’t go into the details of each speech. I’d have to rummage through my luggage to find my notes. But everything went as smoothly as could be. There were about ten protesters yesterday. After I get home and upload the photos/video, you can count them for yourself. They arrived, stood behind the security forces, and did their thing for a couple of hours – then took off either to drive home or take part in their other protest, which was against another group. It didn’t look like the press ever showed up, so the only functions they served were to give the park rangers some overtime and to provide us some mild entertainment. I heard, and captured on video, one protester stating that the lunatic who recently murdered three people in Kansas is affiliated with American Renaissance (!!) This shows how  delusional these people are. They accused us of being hate-filled Nazis – and yet I never heard even a single hateful word the entire conference. There was obviously a lot more hatred among the protesters than among us.
I did meet one park ranger who clearly expressed solidarity with our cause. Since he couldn’t be sure who we (I was with one other attendee) were, he was risking his job in telling us so. Yet, he felt it was important to lend his moral support to our cause. He said that the protesters’ wish to “keep it real” might come back to slap them in the face one day.
After the conclusion of the conference, a bunch of us got together and had a nice Southern lunch at a small restaurant in nearby Dickson. Good food and good company! Then a young lady I’d met the previous day drove me back to Nashville airport.
Stay tuned for more, but it might be a few days of a couple of weeks; my vacation is not yet over.

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4 Responses to Followup on the Amren conference

  1. Thank you for the followup update. I am very glad to hear that the conference was a success!

  2. B.B. says:

    jewamongyou said:
    I heard, and captured on video, one protester stating that the lunatic who recently murdered three people in Kansas is affiliated with American Renaissance
    An SDS member named Preston Gilmore made this claim in an article in The Tennessean, so I looked up Frazier Glenn Cross’ postings on the VNN Forum which showed him denouncing Jared Taylor as a kosher conservative.

  3. Peter Johnson says:

    Thanks for this and please post more material on the conference if you can.

  4. Sol says:

    Curious to know what the general sentiment of Am Ren is towards Jews. I know that most white power groups consider them evil, but Am Ren does not appear to be in that same model.

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