Have blacks taken over Miami's buses?

I spent a few days in Miami recently, and chose to use the bus service from the airport to my hostel. As I got to the bus platform, I saw that my bus was there and ready to go. As I ascending the steps, the black bus driver gruffly told me I needed exact change. Unfortunately, all I had was a $20 bill. I was directed to the ticket-selling machine a few yards away. It took me only a couple of minutes to get my ticket – but the driver left without me.
I sat down to wait for the next bus. It ended up being a half-hour wait. Over the course of that half-hour, numerous buses passed by, and several stopped for passengers. I couldn’t help but notice that every single bus driver was black.
According to Wikipedia, Miami is only 22.7% black. I have been unable to find any online resources that address the apparent discrepancy between Miami’s overall black population and their apparent dominance of the bus system. There don’t seem to be any statistics that break down Miami’s public employees by race or ethnicity. However, if Miami follows the trend in other places, such as Washington DC, then blacks are grossly overrepresented in government jobs, especially transit jobs.
Eventually my bus did arrive, and the black female driver was polite. This is what I saw next to the front seat:
I have submitted a request, to the Miami-Dade transit authority, to provide me with racial statistics of their employees. I’ll let y’all know if they respond.

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  1. E. Rekshun says:

    I lived in N. Miami throughout the ’90s. What you are referring to is the Miami-Dade County transit system. It has long been known as staffed mostly by blacks – mechanics, drivers, clerical, administrative, and management. I think the drivers and mechanics are represented by strong unions. I recall reading some Miami Herald articles not too long ago describing the racial make-up of the department, and it was something like 70% or more, and even higher for drivers. The department pays very good wages. Blacks are way over-represented in the County Department of Corrections as well.
    According to Census.gov, the City of Miami is 19% black, 70% Hispanic, 11% White. Miami-Dade County is 19% black, 64% Hispanic, 16% White.
    In 2006, I turned down a good-paying offer from the County to work in their finance department. I got another offer in a more desirable area. But Miami Beach was a lot of fun in my late 20s! The whole South FL, from W. Palm Beach south to Miami is just too congested and expensive for me at this point in my life.

  2. countenance says:

    Dedication to Rosa Parks in Spanish?

  3. E. Rekshun says:

    In 2006, I turned down a good-paying offer from the County to work in their finance department.
    Oh, I was interviewed for that Miami-Dade job by: the black female director, a black female manager, an hispanic female supervisor, and an old Jewish male senior accountant who seemed to be beaten down and just days away from retirement – his body language, demeanor, and attitude screamed “trust me, you do not want to work here!”

  4. Robert Waweru says:

    What is wrong with black people dominating a department if they are capable.Does the writer want to imply that having black people has compromised the quality of service or is it just another racial profiling?

    • jewamongyou says:

      When white people dominate a department, out of proportion to their numbers, it’s called “racism” and “disparate impact.” This is the case even when there’s ample evidence that whites do a better job at said task. In regards to driving buses, there is no evidence whatsoever that blacks are more capable than others. So I say let them be held to the same standards.

    • cantgetback15 says:

      What’s wrong is, the government needs to find another way to create a black middle class then giving blacks all the good paying city ,state & federal jobs. We’re all struggling and need jobs, not just “blacks”

    • Tom says:

      As a man with extensive experience with blacks in a wide variety of service positions, as well as with blacks with research doctorates in a professional environment, I can say with absolute certainty that blacks compromise the quality of service and are less professionally capable than whites. Their lack of professionalism is sometimes shocking, and their entitlement to their victim status certainly doesn’t help their professional decision making and behavior.

  5. Andy Beresford says:

    Hi, I’m reading your post on yahoo.co.uk. It really doesn’t belong here.
    I respond to your bait.
    I am from the UK. Back home, society is becoming more polarised and divided on racial lines, which to my mind is a great shame. Growing up in the 1970s I recall the Pakistani kids in my school having to endure a tremendous amount of abuse for not being the same as the majority whites. Only the toughest, meanest big boy bigots would try it on with the black Jamaican-descent kids as we (yes, I am a “black” ;-0) were less tolerant of the intolerance. Mostly, we got on until well into our teens.
    I see the recent rise of racial intolerance growing as it has done in most of western Europe as a sign of economic insecurity more than anything else. Throw in some fear of the radical Muslim. Why not? Makes “Identity politics” a tad easier for the politicos..
    So, feelings of economic insecurity, fear of being attacked, fear of being blown up by a suicide bomber, fear of being mugged in the street, fear of being raped, perhaps by a group of hip-hopping ganstas..etc..
    Let’s compare the mindset of people in western Europe now with those in Germany about 80 years ago. A certain section of people found themselves marginalised and ghettoised, OFFICIALLY, by deed of the government before being worked to and/or gassed to death. The man next door turned them in. And the woman. And the child.
    We are disgusted and appalled by that shameful episode in recent history, aren’t we? Never to be repeated again? And again?..ad nauseum..
    I do not take issue with the questions and opinions about representation and positive discrimination. I do not take issue with the posters right to freedom of expression.
    However, what I don’t understand is the issue with the Rosa Parks memorial. Is it somehow offensive? Should it be removed? For many people, the memory of Rosa Parks action in moving an apartheid society a step closer towards a non-apartheid one is something to be proud of. Perhaps you have forgotten that for some 400 years black people in the US were the slave class and lived abjectly alongside their neighbours, owned by them. How about the irony of the US army helping to liberate Europe from fascism with racially -segregated troops. Let’s return to that being OK, shall we?
    The subtext of this sorry post should be clear to anyone with a critical mind. Why is it on yahoo.co.uk?
    So, poster, I’d be terrified of meeting you in a brightly-lit alley in broad daylight. Let alone a dark one.. As I’d probably have to give you a piece of my mind. As well as a remedial lesson in recent history. As well as a lesson in manners.
    (edited out by JAY for personal insult)
    PS. Why don’t you come to England, you’d learn quickly.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The Rosa Parks sign goes hand in hand with the Africanization of Miami’s bus system.
      For you to compare the relationship between whites and blacks in the U.S. with Nazi Germany shows a certain ignorance. For the past 50 years at least, it’s been overwhelmingly blacks killing whites, blacks raping whites, blacks robbing whites, blacks bullying whites and blacks getting preferential treatment over whites and not the other way around.
      Actually, it’s not clear to me what you object to in this post. Do you think it’s alright for one race to have a near monopoly on government jobs?
      Your admitted readiness to use violence against me further bolsters the preference many of us have for segregation from blacks.
      I have been to England, and I saw a society where the indigenous population is rapidly becoming a minority in its own land. Where native Britons are marginalized in their own nation. It’s a sad spectacle.

    • E. Rekshun says:

      @Andy: I don’t under stand what you’re complaining about. The original post merely makes mention of the wildly disproportionally high number of blacks driving Miami buses and the poster’s unpleasant experience with one of those bus drivers. Racial (& gender) ratios in the work place is an ongoing discussion in the American press; in other words, it’s a current event. The poster’s post is timely, relevant, and non-prejudicial (or is he not allowed to notice?). I think you protest too much.
      …you have forgotten that for some 400 years black people in the US were the slave class
      You’re about 200 years too many.

    • Tom says:

      Whoa, JAY, a black guy is implying physical harm. That wasn’t predictable or anything. Andy: way to conform to the stereotype on a blog that delights in pointing out confirmed stereotypes. You are truly a formidable adversary.
      The reality is, Andy, that you are from Africa and not the UK. The reality is that you don’t belong in the UK and that all of your civil rights bullshit benefits blacks at the expense of the native Europeans, and the reality is that indigenous Europeans have the moral obligation to defend their land and people from those so impulsive and violent such as yourself. The reality is that you don’t have the objectivity nor moral platform to lecture Europeans about their own lands or wars, and the reality is that you and our people would be in loin cloths if it weren’t for whites and you will go back to that state should we ever disappear.
      Your economic insecurity excuse is a weak minded justification for politics that dive much deeper, and it’s only purpose is to save you from confronting the fact that there is something legitimately wrong with your racial brethren.
      You should be so lucky to live in a segregated USA or Europe versus living anywhere in Africa. Segregation is the moral position for all parties involved. Those who don’t think so are either emotionally and logically weak (liberal whites) or socially weak (blacks).

  6. Gerry Gee says:

    I entirely agree with you Jewamongyou. The Politically Correct brigade in the UK have gone a step too far. British Society is blighted by the criminal element of Black People today, but we dare not say this publicly as we will be classed a racists? Blacks are repeatedly stopped in London.. (Statistics show 80% of all violent Crime on London streets are perpetrated by Black people) again we are not allowed to say this through fear of being classed as Racist?
    Yes, there are criminal elements in all races, but if you proportion the percentages of whites and Blacks, it is an overwhelming fact that the Black population far exceed the crimes for their numbers.
    In the 70’s as Andy Beresford states we had an influx of Black Asians from Uganda, and other countries worldwide. Good neighbourhoods were turned into ghetto’s, Jamaicans running prostitutes, Pimps, drugs, my Grandmother was moved from her home in one such neighbourhood because the Police and Local authority said it was too dangerous for her to live there… she was heartbroken leaving her home of 70 years and once a beautiful area – again they said it was wrong to say your property was devalued by having immigrants move in next door.. the plain fact, it was?
    Large areas of Britain are now no-go areas, where even the Police are not allowed to go? PC Keith Blakelock was murdered in the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots – hacked to death with machetes by Black rioters. (See Wikipedia for full account – Broadwater Farm Riot) Six were arrested, three never stood trial, three were jailed only to be released in 1991 after it was claimed Police evidence had been possibly tampered with? The Broadwater Council leader Bernie Grant caused furor for stating “The youths around here believe the police were to blame for what happened on Sunday and what they got was a bloody good hiding.” The fact is, the Police were doing their job under extremely difficult circumstances. Cynthia Jarret’s property was searched by the Police, but it was never allowed to be disclosed why?
    It sickens me to hear Andy Beresford say the things he has said, and he does shows an extreme case of Ignorance in his views? He is in a minority, repeatedly we are bombarded with being called racists with laws preventing us from saying the truth and what is so blatantly obvious to appease the Black Population.
    Multiculturalism has been proven it doesn’t work, and never will. There’s an old saying, ‘When In Rome’ unfortunately, Immigrants come to the UK expecting to be treated different, demanding, accusing, so much for the thanks and appreciation of the host Nation for letting them come here for a better life, but instead they are carrying on an extension of the previous life and expect the authorities and people of the UK to tolerate it?
    Your views are very welcome in the UK Jewamongyou, don’t let people in this country like Andy Beresford tell you otherwise!

  7. Fiat Lux says:

    What puzzles me most is the third language on the sign. Is it perchance Haitian Creole?

    • E. Rekshun says:

      Yes. Miami-Dade County and much of S. FL has a relatively large Haitian population. For decades, the City of Miami has even had a “Little Haiti” area. Haitian-born residents of S. FL have even been elected to local offices. The City of N. Miami has its second, consecutive Haitian mayor (and plenty of scandal surrounding both of them); in fact, the most recent Haitian mayor of N. Miami was arrested last week on mortgage fraud charges and was immeditely removed from office by the Florida Governor.

      • Robert Marchenoir says:

        About Spanish… I guess we’ll have to cut our losses. We know parts of America now belong to Mexico. But Haitian creole ? Can’t these people learn English, if they really must emigrate to Miami ?
        Also, this seems like a ridiculous language. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, this is purely intentional.

  8. Tom says:

    Was there any response regarding the racial ratio for the bus service, JAY? I’d assume not, but thought I’d follow up.

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