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Why we should always buy from white-owned businesses

When blacks and Hispanics are constantly trained to have ethnic solidarity, while whites are told it’s evil for them to do the same, no good can come of it. The following comment, gleaned from Yahoo news, illustrates this point: Some … Continue reading

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Allah, niggers and YHWH

As the world laughs at Malaysia over their silly ban on the use of the word “Allah,” which simply means “God” in Arabic, Western countries should take a good hard look at themselves. Coming from a Jewish background myself, whenever … Continue reading

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Was the Old South really so intolerant?

While visiting my friends in Kentucky recently, we spoke of local folklore. They told me of a “spook” who lived in a nearby town. This “spook” was not a ghost or any other type of supernatural being. In fact, he … Continue reading

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Starbucks to replace CEO Howard Schultz with Pedro

In an official statement, Starbucks president Cliff Burrows wrote: The goals of the Diversity and Inclusion team include building a diverse workforce, increasing cultural competencies, shaping a culture of inclusion and developing a diverse network of suppliers. Indeed, back in 2012, … Continue reading

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Crucified by the Catholic Church

We read about it almost every month. A celebrity lets his guard down and allows some political incorrectness to escape through his lips. Before you can say “heresy,” he’s grovelling and apologizing. From James Watson to Mark Cuban, the routine … Continue reading

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Gun confiscation and the Australian gun buyback

Back in 1996, 35 people were gunned down in Tasmania. As a result of this tragedy, the Australian government instituted new gun-control laws. Among them was a compulsory buyback program. Since then there has been much debate over how this … Continue reading

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Killing babies through affirmative action

In South Africa they all it “black empowerment,” and it appears that this policy has been yielding its natural outcome: Death. If it were only white babies who were dying, it might be seen as a benefit. But apparently black … Continue reading

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