Allah, niggers and YHWH

As the world laughs at Malaysia over their silly ban on the use of the word “Allah,” which simply means “God” in Arabic, Western countries should take a good hard look at themselves.
Coming from a Jewish background myself, whenever I hear that a particular word is banned, I ask myself, “what is being worshiped, and what is so holy that its name cannot be pronounced?” The Tetragrammaton is considered, by Orthodox Jews, to be so holy that only the High Priest may utter it – and even then only on the holiest day of the year and in the holiest place on Earth: The Holy of Holies in the Temple.
The line between holy and profane, between love and hate, is a thin one indeed. Some people may not even be certain whether they love or hate a particular thing or person. All they know for sure is that its name arouses strong emotions.
In the Western world there is a de facto prohibition against the public use of the word “nigger.” It’s described as “the n word” in much the same way that Jews pronounce the Tetragrammaton as “adonai” or “the Lord.” Only the High Priests of the diversity cult are permitted to pronounce this word. Even they tend to restrict its use to their own Holy of Holies: The Inner City.
I have more to say on this matter, but I’m still recovering from writers’ block – and it’s summer out there.

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  1. Marvin says:

    I believe Steven Pinker made the same comparison years ago in one if his books.

  2. Ah, yes! The voodoo-fortified, verboten, taboo N-word. How mystical and powerful the ‘nigger’ word is! It can ruin careers, reputations, and the good will of your neighbors. It may even cause you to go to jail for a ‘hate crime’, if you happen to utter it and also be engaged in fisticuffs with a ‘nigger’. Whoa, Nelly! Why, oh why, shouldn’t “White Bread”, “Honky”, “Cracker”, “Snowflake”, or any other derogatory reference to a “Whitey” carry the same black magic? Perhaps it’s because of the absolute, irrefutable TRUTH of the word. Even oversensitive Nubians use the ‘nigger’ word to degrade their fellow Negroes. It’s shorthand for the worst possible cases of Black dysfunction, which is about as bad as human dysfunction gets, from a civilized point of view….

  3. If the word “nigger” were as offensive to black people, as we are led to believe by the media, they wouldn’t use it all the time. It wouldn’t be the most popular word to refer to someone of black or African ancestry in American black culture, especially urban and youth culture. I don’t accept the idea that the world is offensive when whites say it but loses all of its power and offensiveness when blacks say it.
    A black person may even refer to a white friend as his “nigger” or “nigga.” The word is not necessarily negative or insulting in all contexts. Of course, one can find some PC blacks who will say no one should ever say it, however I believe they are an extreme minority. Most blacks are comfortable with the word “nigger.”
    Why do blacks get upset when whites say it? I blame white liberals. The taboo on the word nigger is an expression of white-liberal elitist attitudes. They have taught blacks to get upset over a word that they are perfectly fine with.
    Blacks should rise up and shake off the yoke of this liberal PC oppression and use the word as much as they want – and grant everyone else the same equality of expression in my view. To do any less would be to admit that a mere word has power over them. They should find that idea beneath their dignity. Nothing is sillier than a grown adult getting upset over the use of a forbidden word. Blacks and whites who do so are humiliating themselves.

  4. Sixty years ago, a few months shy of my tenth birthday, I was sitting in my grandparents’ living room when the Brown vs. Board of Education decision was announced on the 6:PM news. Grandfather Pinkerton, a Civil War buff of the Unionist persuasion, harrumphed as only a grandfather can carry off, “High time and past time! Now they’ll be taught to be Americans rather than niggers.”
    Grandmother Pinkerton reproved him for using that word. Grandfather Pinkerton admitted that using that word was wrong, as follows: Black folk, so he told me, used that word to denominate one of their own as trash. Use of the word by a White person, however, carried the connotation that the person so denominated, was trash simply in virtue of the color of his skin. Simple blatant unfairness of that was apparent even to a child. Granddad Pinkerton said, further, that the word was a habit difficult to break, so better to believe that the word simply does not belong in the mouth of any White person of even minimal breeding.

  5. BX says:

    “Black folk, so he told me, used that word to denominate one of their own as trash” – the fact that this isn’t true any more – i fact the opposite is true – makes the rest of the logic flawed these days.

  6. Jagdflieger says:

    Its also blatantly unfair that whites who happen to say this word, no matter the circumstances, are vilified and persecuted as exemplified by Mark Fuhrman and Paula Dean while blacks such as Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee and Snoop Dogg can openly use hateful language towards whites without any consequences.

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