Why we should always buy from white-owned businesses

When blacks and Hispanics are constantly trained to have ethnic solidarity, while whites are told it’s evil for them to do the same, no good can come of it. The following comment, gleaned from Yahoo news, illustrates this point:

Some years ago I went to the Miami Opa Locka Flea market, paid for a standby generator, I asked the merchant to start it prior to me leaving, just to make sure it works,we were there over an hour and he could not get it started, so I asked for my money back.
The guy refused to return the money paid, so I called the police, after the police came, I explained what happened, the Officer went to the merchant and they both started speaking in Spanish, so I asked the Officer to let him speak in English so I can understand what he is saying,as I know the merchant spoke English real well.
The Officer reply was, I must not tell him how to do his job, so I insisted that they speak in English as I knew how these Cubans are, they back each other most of the times, even in things that are illegal. After this Officer finished speaking with the merchant, I asked him what did the man say, he refused to tell me, so I asked for his badge number.
That Police Officer placed a handcuff on me and charged me with disorderly conduct.All I did was to insist that he speak in English as well as his badge number.
To make matters worst, on the court date, one pig by the name of Judge Baxter came into the court room, after he sat down the he said, you all area a piece of waste and I am here to flush you down the toilet.
I was so angry, knowing that I was innocent as well as the others, if innocent until guilty is still true? The next day I tried to file a complaint with the proper authority that oversees the conduct of judges, only to be told that a judge has the right to say whatever he feels like saying in his court room.

When tribal loyalties conflict with justice, we cannot assume that the rule of law will be administered equitably. When only non-whites (or Cubans, such as in this case) are allowed to have ethnic solidarity, and when they’re also aggressively recruited as police officers, judges and politicians, a white person will never stand as an equal in the eyes of the law.
The best solution, in my opinion, is to avoid doing business with people who would have an inherent advantage over you in the event of a dispute. If you bring a complaint against another white, he may be more wealthy than you, he may be more good-looking than you, and he may have better connections than you – but at least he won’t have an ethnic advantage over you.

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  1. hiiv says:

    Maybe the way to defeat equalitarianism, White Genocide, et cetera, will involve abandoning ethnic tribalism and instead adopting an evolutionary humanist position where we emphasize the unsustainability of equalitarianism, and how it increases suffering for all and will cause the eventual destruction and mass suffering of, say, black people. Maybe the key will be to invent the successor to equalitarianism.

    • icareviews says:

      Whites are the only people who think this self-destructively non-tribal way, because they’ve been made ashamed of their race by their government, popular culture, and educational establishment for decades. This is the unfortunate thinking behind conservatives’ courtship of minorities who will never regard them with anything but suspicion and contempt. You can explain to the typical minority with charts and graphs and irrefutable logic how certain social or economic arrangements result in the betterment of all, but they still won’t care. They want that government job or that welfare check and that Obamaphone and that get-out-of-jail-free victim card right now. Idealistic abstractions like liberty are meaningless to them. Abandoning ethnic tribalism would mean abandoning the free goodies minorities get through collective bargaining. Embracing meritocracy would, for the vast majority of blacks and Hispanics, mean accepting perpetually inferior economic status compared to whites, even if it left open the possibility of a higher reward if they were capable of earning it. Finally, the abandonment of white tribalism is what resulted in egalitarianism and white genocide in the first place.

      • hiiv says:

        The abandonment of white tribalism is the key to saving the white race. If we embrace certain traits (traits which, between you and me, have a preponderance within the white, say, genepool) that are key in minimizing human suffering (nullification of the ego, increased cooperation, embracing of abstract ideals et cetera) then the practical outcome will be to champion the white race but under the pretense of saving humanity. Q.E.D.

      • Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

        icareviews, “Whites are the only people who think this self-destructively non-tribal way, because they’ve been made ashamed of their race by their government, popular culture, and educational establishment for decades.”
        Christianity obliterated white tribal cultures. When I was a child and interested in converting to my indigenous European tribal religion I could not because it had been completely wiped out by Christianity to the point where we don’t even know its real name.
        That’s why I converted to a Hindu sect instead.

    • Stealth says:

      The days of white people being able to bullshit their way around the issue of race are rapidly drawing to a close. Conditions are arising that will force us to deal with the matter openly, regardless of our individual beliefs. We can’t just run away from it forever. It will be fascinating to see what direction things will take. My hope is that whites will assert ourselves in a peaceful, productive way. If that’s the case, then I look forward to it because the completely dishonest approach we’re taking right now has to be unhealthy in just about every way imaginable.
      The insane liberals and globalists who currently run the western world believe they’re going to be calling the shots forever. I think they honestly imagine the future United States as present-day New York writ large, with an educated white elite in command of an ignorant sea of brown/black peasants and a technician class consisting of East Asians and other select foreigners. They really have no idea that the Frankenstein monster they’ve created (and think is so stupid) is shortly going to take the reigns and the whip. The elites will realize for the first time – to their great horror – that their money and connections aren’t going to save them from a government that they no longer control from behind the scenes. By that point, the government will truly be the final authority.
      Other than that, as the economy slowly worsens, fewer white people will have all that much to lose by speaking their minds about race, anyway. As the saying goes, the ladder of upward mobility has been pulled up, and you’re lucky to tread water these days. People who are broke and know they’ll stay broke for the rest of their lives don’t care nearly as much about criminal records as folks who are trying to maintain a middle class lifestyle. Therefore, they won’t mind getting a citation for hate speech.

      • icareviews says:

        America is uglier than the Frankenstein monster.

      • SFG says:

        You can’t get cited for hate speech in the USA, technically–that’s different from Europe.
        I agree with everything else you say, BTW–now that we no longer have a rising tide to lift all boats, people are going to become a lot more open about their feelings.
        I’m not sure if the final grouping will be whites against everyone or everyone against blacks, though. Some Hispanics do seem to be assimilating, and the Asians certainly seem to be.

      • hiiv says:

        Stealth, I very much like your post, and largely agree with it. However, I think we need to act affirmatively to change the direction of things instead of waiting for what may never come. I think the suffering may increase, but it may continue its existence as silent suffering.

    • Cannot Tell says:

      You’re not the first person to suggest trying to get whites to accept HBD by showing them the negative effects of egalitarianism on blacks. I think that’s probably the only way that egalitarian policies will ever be abandoned in the West.

    • oogenhand says:

      Christian morality, in particular the Golden Rule, is the problem. Christians make large families, Christians attack other countries, Christians feel guilty about it, Christians atone by destroying their societies. This vicious cycle has to be broken.
      The Golden Rule is the problem because you either allow abortion or you don’t. If you do, you are a murderer of the preborn. If you don’t, you’ll have a large family, and will invade someone else’s territory. Neither is allowed under the Golden Rule, so you can’t win.

      • hiiv says:

        There needs to be a morality wherein /all/ of mankind is encouraged to have 2 children, no more, no less. Those who defy this will be gently shamed and excluded from the dominant culture.
        This will end the breeding war between population groups. Yes, this is below the rate needed for population replacement, but I think this is the way humanity should proceed.

      • worx92 says:

        The whole idea of limiting the amount of children is rather silly. No one is going to do this but whites.
        The smaller family was geared at whites. When other races have a lot of children, it’s called “cultural” or other.

      • hiiv says:

        Au contraire. This would be in the context of a movement which explicitly seeks to end the special privileges of blacks et al. Populations which defy this rule would be economically and socially isolated. As it stands, such over-reproducing populations are only able to effectively do so because they’re permitted to do so with open arms by society.
        Furthermore, keep in mind that such a scheme would have white populations reproducing that, in the current scheme, are dying off.
        Not to mention, such a scheme would be a serious demonstration of “good faith” in the global community, and give the movement which seeks to end racial equalitarianism and white genocide a degree of moral leverage that it otherwise simply cannot, and will not, ever achieve. Not that I’m regarding such a policy as a concession in any way. Rather, it is a proposal for /ending/ these ‘race wars’ that you and I are all too unkeenly aware of.
        As it stands, I personally do not support any formulation of the ‘white survival, et c’ movement I’ve yet come across, at least not in any absolute manner. They are all doomed to failure for howsoever long they refuse to address larger questions that pertain to all people in this world and the long-term issues we face as a species. Why do I say this? Because I am like most people in refusing to categorically support any zero sum, morally retrogressive ideology. Only losers and pariahs see a game as a zero-sum game.
        There is currently an ideological bottleneck we are experiencing. Paleoconservatism, neotraditionalism, white tribalism, et cetera, will not make the cut. We all like to poke fun at ‘multicult sheeple’ for burrowing their heads in the ground like ostriches, but in all honesty: Pretending that our current demographic-political struggle is like any other in history, and that eventually people will wake up and start shooting their rifles like the movie Red Dawn is utterly delusional and blind to the complexities of our current situation, not to mention its grave urgency.
        The situation is very fuckin’ complex, and maybe that’s my main point: Don’t get comfy in your worldview.

    • toobrainy says:

      You’re thinking too much and using abstractions when you should be putting boot up the ass. Your whiteness borders autism.
      Your proposal requires either:
      1. that there exists some kind of cosmic referee to see that human created abstractions get rewarded, which does not.
      2. all other races in white areas adopt your suicidal ideology, which will never happen as only whites come up with such idiotic abstractions and truly believe in them.
      And what would you do to those poor black once you succeed taking power? Kick them out or give them wealth transfer from whites?
      Couple of first poster apparently haven’t yet figured out that the purpose of tolerance and multikulti is to destroy europeans culturally and biologically. Remember all those “xxx company is too white??”. How are you going to fool tolerant whites, jews and darkies not to see concentrations of whites? Does your plan involve blackfaces for leaders of corporations and politicians?

      • hiiv says:

        1. Those with a talent for succumbing to abstractions (such as the denial of the ego) /do/ get rewarded with mates, et c. This locus of values is omnipresent in human society if you look around, and will only continue to increase in importance as we continue our cosmic journey. The only problem is that our postwar equalitarian experiment tries to counter this evolutionary bias by romanticizes egoism, partly in order to champion those traits which remain inexorably characteristic of, say, sub-Saharans.
        Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Those who succumb to abstract thinking and Koolaid-drinking (without actually being retarded), they are the people we are crusading for.
        2. Everyone should be exposed to the same cultural pressures. Those who defy will be gently shamed and excluded from the dominant culture which issues out mating privileges.
        “And what would you do to those poor black once you succeed taking power? Kick them out or give them wealth transfer from whites?”
        There would be no geographically-delineated borders, IMHO. Racial discrimination would be legal, but a serious faux pas as it is now. “Race” would no longer be a privileged category, and discrimination on that basis would be grouped alongside discrimination based on physical beauty and wealth, et c. The fate of blacks would be the same as the fate of ugly people. Freedom of association would be re-introduced, as well as group rights. The existence of group rights would exist in place of geographically-delineated borders and the extrema of socialism.
        “Couple of first poster apparently haven’t yet figured out that the purpose of tolerance and multikulti is to destroy europeans culturally and biologically.”
        Yes, that’s why I’ve spent my entire life trying to think of a way to figure out how to end this war. There are unproductive mindtraps everywhere, even at the frontlines of this struggle. The revelation that genocide is happening, intentionally or accidentally, is like a toddler learning how to play with his own shit, IMHO. There is much more to what is going on.

  2. Lazlo says:

    Wow, there’s a lot of things to say here.
    First, let me begin by saying that I largely agree with the message of your post. Yes, I do, in fact, think certain ethnic groups have a tendency to back one another, and that whites have every right to have tribal solidarity as well as anyone.
    I also agree that there is a terrible habit by people coming from Hispanic/Latin American cultures to come to the United States, and assume that they are entitled to carve out ethnic enclaves where English need not be spoken, never mind that English is the main language of this country to which they have come. There is, I agree, a sense of entitlement among some of these groups that is improper for people who are immigrants (or aliens) in the United States. There should be, if anything, a sense of gratitude, and a desire to assimilate at least to some degree, as Italians, Jews, Irish, Chinese, etc. have done before.
    Agreed on all of that.
    I myself am of Cuban-American background, and I cannot express how much I regret the behavior of both the salesperson and the cop in the above described situation. Ironically, Cubans in the United States (as opposed to Cubans still in Cuba), are among the whitest of all the Hispanic groups.* For the longest time, when I lived in an area which was not majority Hispanic, I just thought of myself as white. After all, what made me any different than someone else of European Mediterranean background (i.e. what made me any different than the descendants of Italians, Greeks, Jews, or Slavs that came to this country)? I was fully assimilated and my cultural tastes were indistinguishable from any other white person… with the occasional exception that my family ate black beans and roast pork more than most, and hated Fidel Castro more than most.
    But having fairly recently moved to Miami for a job, I have become stunned at the level of tribalism here between the “Hispanics” and the people they frequently and openly call “the gringoes.” This is something I was never used to, and which I still do not agree with. So much of Miami and South Florida has developed into this ethnic enclave where you are defined by whether you are Latino or not. Ironically, I guess due to my demeanor and appearance (i.e. even though I can speak Spanish fluently, I don’t make it a point to speak loudly and emotionally at every possible opportunity), I am often taken for a “gringo,” which is fine by me because culturally I am more “gringo” than Latino.
    Honestly, I don’t know what to say. Part of me wants to say that there’s a lot of “Hispanics” like myself that as white and assimilated as anyone else. And there is another part of me that wants to regretfully acknowledge that yes, this tribalism is out there, and it bad. But what a strange situation to find myself in. The whole thing has actually caused me to become even more hard-line against illegal immigration, because having these foreign enclaves of non-assimilating cultures in the U.S. is not a good thing. Its a recipe for cultural dysfunction.
    Anyway, I wish the person described in the post the best, because (if indeed things occurred as it was described) he is the victim of a great injustice. The cop and the salesperson are an example of great cultural arrogance, and it needs to be fought. This is the United States, and if anything I’m on the side of my fellow gringoes in refusing to allow the importation of this corrupt Latin American unassimilationist tribalism. I wish I could do more, really.
    *The term “Hispanic” is often used as a racial category, when in fact, it describes a cultural/linguistic category. (I.e. “Hispanic” people come from cultures which have Spanish as the primary language.) However, racially, “Hispanics” are actually very mixed: some are black, some native American, some white, some mixed black-white (i.e. mulatto), some mixed native and white (i.e. mestizo), and some any number of the above. It is simply inaccurate to categorize Hispanics as a racial group. In fact, there are many Hispanic groups that are as white as any other people of European background, and who in fact behave and assimilate just as well. Many blacks of Hispanic background do indeed have the same traits as blacks in other cultures. Same with natives, mixed-race, and other groups. I just think it isn’t mentioned enough that Hispanic is really a wide category.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the insightful comment Lazlo. “Hispanic” is, to a large extent, an artificial category invented by the government in order to increase the ranks of official “victims” for their own nefarious political purposes.

      • Richard Nixon or his administration more or less coined that one. He also brought Affirmative Action into the lexicon, and saddled us with the EPA, Title IX, and all manner of other leftist wet dreams. But, the left hates him because he was Richard Nixon.

  3. Douglas says:

    Rule of law! I would day Obama and his enitre administration has proven that only exists for certain groups. Also, the failure of the GOP to hold Obama to the rule of law pretty much seals the deal.

    • The GOP is the same party. Both benefit from the cheap labor and the Balkanization of what is left of our country.

      • SFG says:

        Yeah, that’s kind of the issue (and something JAY might be interested in)–the immigration thing is not just Jewish billionaires with more leftism than patriotism (though it is that)–it’s also Democratic party bosses who want more blue voters, Republicans who want cheap labor…the fix is in, because it benefits the rich and the poverty pimps at the expense of much of society.
        I actually do think we can get away with large-scale immigration IF we make a strong effort to assimilate the new arrivals AND we shut it off periodically to allow time for assimilation–neither of which we are doing now.

    • Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

      SFG, “I actually do think we can get away with large-scale immigration IF we make a strong effort to assimilate the new arrivals AND we shut it off periodically to allow time for assimilation–neither of which we are doing now.”
      Do you mean anything besides just learning the language, legally working and paying taxes as “assimilation”?

  4. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    Blacks are notorious for not supporting black owned businesses. And they are notorious for supporting Asian and white owned ones.
    It would be hard for me to patronize only white owned businesses exclusively since all the stuff I’m into as far as food, music, movies, body, skincare and heath products, religious items/iconography and clothing are usually of Indian (dot, not feather) originated.
    I frequent Greek, Arab and East Asian shops too because I like their stuff.

  5. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    Most Cubans in the USA are white anyhow.

    • Tom says:

      They decidedly are not white. I know they like to call themselves white, but calling yourself white doesn’t make you white. If other whites do not accept you as white, then you are not white. If other Jews do not accept you as Jewish, then you are not Jewish. If other Latinos do not accept you as Latino, then you are not Latino. Ethnic affiliation, by definition, is dependent on group acceptance and not what one simply claims. As far as indigenous Europeans are concerned (which Spanish people are only part due to their Moorish blood), Cubans would never be considered “white” and neither would Mestizos (another group that often claims to be “white”. Cubans can call themselves white, but they are at best mixed and at worst only white in name.

  6. oogenhand says:

    Judeo-Christian morality forbids following the multitude into evil.

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