Can diversity training be fun?

Back in 2011, The Oregonian criticized the State of Oregon for wasteful spending at a time when it should have been pinching pennies. Harry Esteve wrote:

Reporters reviewed thousands of state contracts and identified nearly $10 billion in state commitments to outside vendors, some of which appear to contradict the penny-pinching messages coming from state leaders. Others simply show a state quite willing to pay top dollar when it needs outside help.
Examples include $100,000 to the pro-consumer group OSPIRG to drum up opposition to insurance rate increases; at least $100,000 for diversity training and other employee workshops; and tens of thousands of dollars to a headhunting firm to place help-wanted ads on the Internet and in local newspapers.

In 2013, Politifact reported, regarding Portland Public Schools, that…

The district has spent more than $1 million since 2007 for diversity and equity training in the classroom.

Though it’s difficult to find exact figures, there’s no doubt that the government of Oregon, at various levels, spends large amounts of money on “diversity.”
The above, Oregonian, article notwithstanding, few have publicly objected to this grotesque misuse of tax-money. However, when the white male attendees appear to have too much fun, that’s seen as a problem. A recent Oregonian headline read “The $56,000 question: Is a diversity training seminar for white men an appropriate use of the people’s money?” The article (not found on their website, but available in print) reads:

Once upon a time, spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to send 16 white guys – and only white guys – on an extended trip to a mountainside golf resort might have been considered a problem. These days, it’s a solution! To what isn’t exactly clear…

Portland’s mayor has defended the seminar. Another Oregonian article reads:

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and 15 other white male managers in city government are back in town after a lengthy diversity training retreat near Mount Hood, and the mayor defended the $56,000 training as “money well spent.”…
Hales pointed out half of Portland students are “children of color.”
“The leadership of [the] police bureau, particularly the white men, need to understand that community, need to understand the privileges we enjoy as white men – not through our own efforts, but just because of who we are,” Hales said in the KGW interview…
While diversity training programs are common for city employees and other public sector workers, an extended get-away at a Mount Hood area resort complete with a 27-hole golf course isn’t standard operating procedure.

You see, white males are supposed to suffer at these seminars; they’re not supposed to enjoy themselves. It’s not enough that whites are being deliberately replaced in the U.S. – as the mayor so kindly pointed out above – we are also not supposed to benefit from any of our ancestors’ achievements. At least no more so than those who are co-opting our civilization. This is why these 15 government goons were criticized in the first place. For white males to take a tool of oppression against whites, and turn it into a luxury vacation, is an abominable act in the eyes of the leftist elite.
Personally, I too think it’s an abominable act. They wasted money that was extorted from me and other hard-working Oregonians. The ruling class pampered itself at the expense of the rest of us. This makes me angry – but my anger has nothing to do with the fact that these leaches are white men. As for the Oregonian, and other detractors, they would have had few objections had the beneficiaries been black or Hispanic. This is clear from the wording of their articles.
For the record, I enjoyed my own company’s diversity training. When the instructor asked if any of us wished to share our personal experiences with diversity, I eagerly offered my own story. The other attendees were speechless. When I told the instructor that whites have every right to feel proud of their own heritage, she did not object. So you see, we can have fun at diversity seminars – but it needn’t cost $56,000.

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  1. Nationalist says:

    Still, you have to admire the way they managed to dress up a tax-funded vacation in such a way that it would be politically incorrect to criticize them. After all, who needs their privilege checked the most? White males! Send them all on vacations!

  2. dcanaday says:


  3. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    “You see, white males are supposed to suffer at these seminars; they’re not supposed to enjoy themselves.”
    How ironic that it sounds like just another example of white male privilege since I’ve never heard of anyone else going on a resort vacation for their “diversity training”. They probably figured, “if we have to sit through this, lets make it worth our while and party it up while we can!”
    When do I get my “diversity resort vacation”?

  4. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    JAY, check this out;
    “And Jews feel even colder toward Evangelical Christians (34) than they do toward Muslims (35). In contrast, the non-Jews that feel most warmly toward Jews (69) are the Evangelical Christians.”

  5. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Authentic,
    Because I’ve heard Jews badmouth Evangelicals on numerous occasions. But I’ve never heard Evangelicals badmouth Jews.

    • Stealth says:

      It appears that most Americans, regardless of religion or ethnicity, are truly stupid in some way that exists outside of IQ or other measures of intelligence. Too many of us seem to be living strictly for the sake of defeating some other group of people, regardless of whether or not that other group represent a true danger. It is laughable that secular Jews, who, like other Westerners, don’t even bother to reproduce themselves, should look upon redneck Christians as an existential threat.
      It’s also tiring to hear people go on and on about Muslims. No matter how many hopelessly impoverished people wash up on the north banks of the Rio Grande (which is an actual existential threat to the United States), anyone opposed to open borders always brings up the possibility that TERRORISTS from the Middle East are taking advantage of the situation. That’s apparently the greatest danger of the situation, not the rapid transformation of the nation into God only knows what. It’s truly an obsession with these people.

  6. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    I’ve heard Evangelicals badmouth Jews, and Catholics, and Buddhists, and Hindus, and Wiccans, and, and, and….

  7. Authentic Ethnic Convert says:

    As a lover of human bio diversity, but even more so human cultural diversity, I think both can be attained in schools, workplace and communities but focusing on the later.
    I converted as a young person to an entirely different religion than the mainstream one in my culture. I would have done so earlier had we had more religious, cultural and thought diversity in my schools growing up. I would have loved learning more about other cultures and traditions but we were white Christian dominated.
    At least my school should have invited speakers from a wide variety of religions and cultures to guest lecture in Social Studies every once in a while.
    Anyway, eventually I explored and learned on my own but I would have appreciated my parents getting their tax money’s worth from my education.
    More thought diversity will automatically bring more ethnic diversity so I say focus on thought diversity, and by that I mean cultural, religious, and philosophical diversity and the rainbow of united colors of Benetton will follow.
    If you focus on skin tone as “diversity” in this country you are likely to get just a wide color range of Christianity and Christian based agnosticism, with one or two secular Jews and a possible Muslim thrown in.
    They all stem from the same Old Testament myths so I don’t consider that diverse at all.

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