My Question Diversity t-shirt

I went ahead and customized some t-shirts online. Yesterday I wore one around downtown Portland and the PSU campus. This sort of thing will get a lot more people thinking than some post on an obscure blog. Thanks to Countenance for coming up with the slogan “Question Diversity.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the entrance to the university

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the university office of colored people and perverts*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ultimate goal of “diversity” on campus

Only one person confronted me about the t-shirt; most people are cowards. This particular individual implied that, since the U.S. was founded upon land stolen from Native Americans, we should let the Native Americans from the south flood over our borders. I pointed out to him that not all Native Americans are the same. That Central Americans are not indigenous to this land.

It’s also worth pointing out, if we take the European versus Native American narrative at face-value, that just as genocide was wrong then, so too is it wrong today.

About a week ago, a Christian group was protesting in Portland. They handed out flyers that stated:

RAPE AND ABORTION ARE WRONG FOR THE SAME REASON. They are both violent acts of aggression against other people’s bodies. Human beings who are conceived in rape should not be punished for their father’s crime…

Without getting into the abortion argument, I think most of us can agree that if we were to identify a specific individual adult as having been conceived through rape, that we shouldn’t go ahead and kill him.

Yet this is essentially the argument I encountered on campus yesterday. The man was saying that the United States, as a society, deserves to be murdered because it was conceived in rape generations ago. I think that even most Native Americans would agree that they’d rather live in our modern Western society than in the stone-age, as their ancestors did. I would venture to say that most Native Americans would not want the United States to be destroyed – and replaced by something like a cross between Brazil and Mexico, neither of whom have good track-records regarding their own treatment of their indigenous populations.

*Note that I have nothing against perverts; I’m one myself.

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  1. Ethan says:

    Agreed. Good work. But I think you might add the words “the need for” or “the value of” between ‘question’ and ‘diversity’. I wonder if people are understanding your meaning.

  2. “Question Diversity” is a coded phrase only used by militant white racists! What it really means is “Kill Or Expel All Non-Whites.” The phrase has just been repackaged to appear relatively innocuous by clever hate-mongers. The true intentions and meaning behind “Question Diversity” are far more sinister!

  3. cipher says:

    Good work! The 3rd picture says it better than a thousand words. Where does one go to get similar t-shirts printed?

  4. pete fairy says:

    “I think that even most Native Americans would agree that they’d rather live in our modern Western society than in the stone-age, as their ancestors did”
    Fact is that most native Americans are dead. There were 20+million before Europeans arrived. How many are there now? Less than 100k I think.
    Would you rather be dead, or living in the stone age?

    • BX says:

      Most died through introduced disease. Diseases that had already wiped out much of Europe long before. This is a tragedy for those who died and their families. But, unfortunately, it’s a natural consequence of human migrations. It has happened since over 100,000 years ago. Europe was decimated more than once with plagues, Black death etc, which came from outside Europe. But there’s no genocide there, nor with the native Americans. Just the natural ambivalence of the universe as homo sapiens’ instinctive migration ways, and their consequences, play out.

    • Daizinwolf says:

      According to the Census Bureau, there were 5.2 million Native Americans, including Alaskan in 2012, or 2% of the population. 11.2 million is projected by 2160.
      The Bureau speculates there are some that do not check Native American on the Census form.
      A few interesting tidbits.
      Of the 5.2 million, 19.6% are Alaskan.
      2 million claim tribal membership.
      Only 22% live on reservations.

    • avalon says:

      They’d rather be alive, running their multi-million dollar casinos.

  5. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    T-shirt sabotage. I’m lovin’ it.

  6. DD says:

    Hahahaha! The last picture especially is quite funny. JewAmongYou, sir, you are a gentlemen, a scholar and one hell of a comedian!

  7. john7 says:

    ‘Native Americans’ … arent. Celts and Danes were here before them ; this can and has been proven time and time again, however the fact is suppressed due to politics, the christopher columbus cult/myth and continued playing of white guilt. See the books ‘In Plain Sight’ , ‘America BC’, ‘Christians before Columbus’ and many others for verification.

  8. Jagdflieger says:

    You’ve got to give credit to JAY; he certainly doesn’t hide behind the keyboard regarding his pro-white beliefs.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is digging his own grave. If the hardcore WNs he supports ever get political power, they will treat him the same way as they treat the Blacks and Hispanics…instant deportation.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Sounds like you’re saying I shouldn’t stand up for my beliefs because some people, who hold somewhat similar beliefs, would do me harm. You can live your life like that if you want; it’s not for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        They will certainly do you harm. Some Jews voted for Hitler, thinking that he would only harm the extreme, anti-gentile Jews. But that is like feeding a crocodile hoping it will eat you last.
        The way I see it, the vast majority of straight White men are good people. However, there is a small faction who seek to kill anyone who is non-White, non-male, non-straight, and non-working class. As far as I am concerned, Blacks, women, gays, and upper middle class people are the enemy of my enemy. So while I deplore the behaviors that are commonly associated with Blacks, Hispanics, and bad mannered White women, they are not out to get me. They only want me to pay taxes to fund their welfare. The kkk is out to get me so they are more dangerous.

      • Jagdflieger says:

        Wow… just wow. You REALLY have drunk the Kool-Aid, haven’t you?

      • Tom says:

        That’s not true. However, we do need to work on a new paradigm for European-gentile and Jewish relations. There is just as much racial separatism sentiment in inner Jewish circles as there is in WN circles. When two groups remain separate and live in such close proximity, then cold-war or war results. We need to work this out or:
        1. The USA is going to become so terrible to live because of black/Hispanic immigration and increasing anti-semitism that Jews are going to deport themselves to Israel (probably in the world leadership plans).
        2. We’re going to repeat the same cycles of anti-semitism/progroms/mass immigration over and over again. Eventually, Jews will lose even if they win the short term game.
        What do you suggest? I hope that it isn’t the continued suppression of European-gentile identity. That’s trouble and will lead to one of the outcomes above. I suggest a new relationship.

      • Tom says:

        “However, there is a small faction who seek to kill anyone who is non-White, non-male, non-straight, and non-working class.”
        Sincerely, you’re a moron. You are also typical of a liberal robot who doesn’t think about the things that he/she writes nor thinks. You are so below cognitively competent that you are extremely dangerous.
        Yes, the straight white males are going to kill the women. Brilliant sentiment.Do they want to kill anyone who isn’t an adult too? Like babies? Are WNs now baby killers?
        Also, no one wants to kill homosexuals. Homosexuals are unavoidable. Killing people for being born is ridiculous and literally no WN advocates for anything that nearly approaches that. You’re spewing anti-white propaganda. Shall we get into some Jewish supremacist facts (in the form of direct recent quotes by your leadership) that can’t be refuted? Want to do that? Want to joust? No? You’re thoughts cannot keep up with the conversation, and you are outing yourself as a too-paranoid Jew whose paranoia is going to ruin him/her rather than save them.
        Killing non-whites in a legitimate race war would only come if extreme political pressure to give up indigenous European (white) identity and association is continually pursued. At that point, the people who die will have dug their own grave with their hostile actions. You’re casting them as innocents is disingenuous. A large portion of them would kill or otherwise eradicate white males if they could, and pursue their disenfranchisement at this very moment all while protecting their ethnic identity. This is soft genocide. You can’t expect to be hostile to your white male bogeyman and not get the result that you fear. Instead, you have to listen to his complaints and give him enough room to breath in his own lands.

      • Tom says:

        “So while I deplore the behaviors that are commonly associated with Blacks, Hispanics, and bad mannered White women, they are not out to get me. They only want me to pay taxes to fund their welfare. The kkk is out to get me so they are more dangerous.”
        Blacks and Hispanics are more anti-Semitic than Whites as a percentage of their respective populations. They are out to get you and they are more violence prone. Moreover, you will eventually have to live amongst a majority of them. Is it worth it?
        Last, American gentile white males stormed their own lands by the millions for you in WWII, killed their cousins and brothers, and you now admit to a hostile strategy using minorities and our own women that is meant to reduce our numbers and influence in our own lands. This admitted motivation and strategy sheds new light on the back-stabbing accusations of Germany against Jews after WWI, and it effectively confirms and justifies Hitler’s so-called anti-Semitic reasoning behind his actions. You also invalidate the ADL’s rhetoric and all other protests against any speech that claims Jewish conspiracy against whites.
        It only took a few lines. Good job.
        The KKK is a bullshit, fake organization, started by the Freemasons (Albert Pike). You can discern that they are fake by their extremely high visibility that only serves to have a net anti-white effect of reducing white influence and acting as a convenient straw man to justify any dismissal of white ethnic and political interests. All political entities need to be judged by their net effect. The KKK’s net effect is anti-white, pro-black, and pro-Jewish. So, f— you and your straw man.

  9. Pretty ballsy, Reuben! Right in the middle of the leftist capital of Oregon! LOL! I think you should try a tee shirt that says, “F$CK DIVERSITY!” and see how that flies.
    BTW, how are things over in Little Mehico? Beaverton is another one of those ‘culturally enriched’ cities that have way too many Latrinos.

  10. You are quite courageous to wear such a T shirt. Would you wear one in Ferguson? Question Diversity. Have a totally Black Ferguson police department.
    Will post about this soon, hopefully.
    I am shocked that this building exists in Portland, at U of O (?). Black , Chicano, Native, women and gender GRADUATE STUDIES.
    I wonder if there is a native European studies department at European Universities. Just joking, of course not.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks! Portland is still white enough that I feel safe expressing myself here in this way. But I won’t jump in a lion’s den and start intimidating them. Suicide is not my cup of tea.

  11. Did you read that, thanks to diversity, anti-semitism is becoming kind of acceptable in Europe? It is expressed by a protected class, Muslims, that are becoming very strong in Europe

  12. Tom says:

    This is fantastic, JOY. You’re the man. Looking good, too, btw.

  13. Tom says:

    …and Aztecs aren’t indigenous to New York State, either.

  14. Paulie says:

    The United States was not conceived by rape. The Europeans encountered violent, Stone Age tribes. Prior to European colonization America only existed as a geographical expression, as John Derbyshire and others have pointed out again and again there is a difference between settlers and immigrants. I am sure that if the Mongoloids of the Americas could have hopped in their little canoes and rowed across the Atlantic in an attempt to colonize Europe they would have. Aside from that it is folly to judge say, the 16th century, from a 21st century perspective.

  15. man aware says:

    Curisosity wise, the 19.2 % of 5.2 million are Alaskan quote by Daizinwolf. Surely that would represent and even larger number of “native” Alaskans (prior to European mapping, migration and geography, there was no such thing as “Alaskan” as the geopolitical entity of Alaska was invented by Europeans?) than the entire population of Alaska?

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